The 10 worst PC ports that ruined otherwise great video games

From Xfire: "It's not unusual to see the occasional bad PC port, but these ones make the bad PC ports look great in comparison."

Kados1013d ago

To be fair with GTAIV, it was a very CPU bound game, released at a time when the vast majority of PC gamers still believed that the CPU was nearly irrelevant, and that you only needed a good GPU. 95% of "gaming" builds back then were using turds for CPUs.

Giblet_Head1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

Ya, 2005-2010 was an interesting period. Entry/mid level CPUs have come a long way since then.

RonsonPL1013d ago (Edited 1013d ago )

The "majority" is still just as dumb as before.The game was simply f...d.
It had micro-stutters and never ever ran properly. People who say otherwise simply couldn't see the microstutter because of their LCD display's blurry motion. It should fly in 85fps or 100fps on fastest CPU back then, but it didn't. It was a buggy, awful port. I had a CPU over twice as fast as what x360 had. A GPU 5x as fast. And I couldn't do anything to make it run perfectly.
I don't know who's fault was this. Maybe it was not the developers alone. Maybe it was because of the drivers and the fact nobody gave a flying f..k about stable, high framerate on a PC game. We've had two different OSes then, and as I pointed out, microstutters were not that obvious on an LCD. There was no Digital Foundry to point such problems out and not many people still played on CRT monitors to be able to notice the problem (in like 2 seconds of playing, seriously, you don't need any tools. It just hits your eyes like a speeding truck)

GTA V continued the tradition. It manages the CPU resources so badly, it basically cannot run at locked 144fps till this day, or even 60fps in stereoscopic 3D mode (so 2x 60fps per second) because it's so dependant on single core performance and because it's so messed up by either port devs or Nvidia (who said they will fix it, then 3 years of promises led to shutting the forums down, which solved the problem in their eyes - no one complains anymore ;)

GTA III port was never optimized for even 60fps, not to mention 100 or 120.
The port of GTA V was hidden in their cabinet for almost 3 years, during which PC gamers were bein lied to about it.

See the pattern yet?
Yeah. They don't give a shit about PC gaming or assume a buggy, stuttery mess is good enough, as long as people keep buying the games.

Actually... to think of it. They didn't make a proper Lemmings game for PC either. There was Amiga version and that's it. Only later on they mercifully released Lemmings: Tribes sequel. Until then PC gamers could only dream about digitized (real recorded audio) sounds and music. So this tradition of shitting onto PC gamers is now 30 years old ;)


6 Games That Genuinely Deserve A Current-Gen Upgrade

Games such as Mad Max, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Batman: Arkham Knight desperately deserve a modern-day revisit.

thorstein1d ago

Mad Max is underrated. Such a fun game.

Cacabunga6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

RDR2 still looks astounding on PS4 Pro. i cannot imagine how it could look with a next gen upgrade.

JonTheGod1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Probably not very different.

No idea why this article is highlighting recent beautiful graphically-advanced games and saying they need current gen makeovers. They already look better than most new releases; just compare Arkham Knight and Suicide Squad!

Yi-Long2h ago

It's obviously never gonna happen since Sony killed the game and studio, but Driveclub. Even in its current state, 10 years after release, it still puts many competitors to shame ...


Yoko Taro Passes Respect; Says Stellar Blade Is "Much Better" Than Nier: Automata

Stellar Blade's creative director, Hyung Tae Kim, has also claimed that the game is deeply inspired by Nier: Automata.

shadowhaxor2d ago

I feel like Yoko is downgrading Automata because he has expressed multiple times he'd like to revisit the universe, but Squenix hasn't been keen about it. We know he loves 2B and would love to take her out for another spin, so maybe this is how he gets the company to think about it.

gold_drake2d ago

u do realise that Square made Nier a franchise after Automata right?

Taro is downplaying it cause hes not a snob like most of the directors that think their games are gods gifts to the human race.

he said the same thing when being interviewed during the development of Automata too, that he couldnt have done it without the devs.

hes just a humble guy rly.

shadowhaxor2d ago

I mean, Neir existed before Automata with both OG Niers and Drakenguard. I don't count NieR Replicant, since it's a remake of the OG games. Sure, we have Reincarnation, which is still stuck on mobile devices (quite a damned shame). I just remember Taro saying he'd love to revisit Automata if Square Enix lets him. I do recall there was supposed to be a sequel to Automata, but it wasn't confirmed and I'd imagine it was just for Reincarnation.

Enjoy Taro, he seems like a cool guy, who loves the ladies and is humble. But damn, don't put down one of your masterpieces.

Cacabunga1d 22h ago (Edited 1d 22h ago )

I really liked Automata and cannot wait for Stellar Blade

isarai1d 23h ago

I get he's giving them some credit, but i strongly disagree based on the demo. I honestly don't think any aspect of it feels good, it's not bad, it's just kinda ok but definitely a little jank. Also the souls like formula it is adopting does not help it imo. I was looking forward to this for years, now im just kinda let down honestly 🫤

TheProfessional1d 22h ago

That's too bad its a souls like.

H91d 22h ago

Man exputer can you stop putting words like that after someone's name, i read Yoko Taro Passes and just went blank

Snookies121d 21h ago

Same... Awful way to word that title's beginning.

exputers1d 11h ago

Whoops. Sorry to startle you.

H91d ago

It's alright brother, maybe I am just slow

Hereandthere1d 22h ago

Thats because Sony had a heavy hand in funding and developing this game.

purple1011d 21h ago

They sent in XDEV one of their traveling support studios to Korea to lend a hand if I’m not mistaken, Sony pulled out the big guns to help this studio

jwillj2k41d 20h ago

(From the demo) Stellar has better direction in terms of stage layout if you like that ninja gaiden type feel. Nier is more polished by far.