Blur vs. Split/Second. It's time you learned the difference

GamesRadar writes: As the unofficial racing game specialist on GamesRadar US, I'm pretty sick of people confusing two of the biggest games of May just because they both happen to involve vehicles behaving dangerously. Instead, we should be applauding the developers behind Pure and Project Gotham Racing for actually thinking beyond the realism and licensed hype of recent racing titles. Both Bizarre and Black Rock are finally pissing a little adrenaline into a genre that desperatelyy needed a next-gen showcase for over-the-top vehicular mayhem.

BUT THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! Having played both significantly, I can assure you they're both headed for greatness in May, but for completely different reasons. Luckily, we've received two new videos today that highlight the differences.

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SupeerSteebbi3103d ago

Split Second looks more action packed.

NateNater3103d ago

Yea if I had to choose between one or the other it would definitely be Split/Second. However, they both look like quality titles.

kissmeimgreek3103d ago

Split/ Seond for me. It just looks nonstop insane.

I hope Activ. doesnt turn Blur in to a yearly franchise... They've already Ruined Guitar Hero, Tony Hawk, and COD. I personlally cant bring myself to buy an activision product again so i will be passing on Blur.

NateNater3103d ago

If Blur sells well, you can be certain that Activision will turn it into a yearly franchise and ruin everything...again.

kissmeimgreek3103d ago

Hom many ruined franchises does it take till activision realizes people arent as stupid as they think. Theyll catch on after 5 of the same games (GH and Tony Hawk sales have gotten terrible).

Blaze9293103d ago

Getting both games sooooooo don't really care.

IF i had to choose one though it'd be Blur. I played Split/'s not that hot. Blur however, MAN I am still enjoying that multiplayer demo!

NateNater3103d ago

Is the Blur demo available on PS3? Because I don't think I've seen it but maybe I missed it.

RockmanII73103d ago

blur because I enjoyed the demo