Why you should buy a PSP GO

Games4M: PSP Go, probably the gayest name for a device since the Nintendo bumlove, and one which I instantly turned my nose up at. Of course the PSP Go's name isn't the only thing that is making people want to pelt it with shit like some kind of medieval witch.

So with all the hate flying around why do I find myself with a brand new PSP Go in my pocket?

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Nicaragua3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Your right it is definatly more of an adults device.

Im gonna get a psp for MGS:Peace Walker, i'll probably get the "go" if i can find one cheap enough.

-Alpha3196d ago

Adults device, lol.

Sorry, immature.

I see no reason to buy a GO. Here's a better idea: By another PS3 for $50 more.

Method3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

More expensive than a PSP-3000
No UMD drive
Smaller screen
Still unplayable in sunlight
Still has interlacing problems
Three hour battery life
Can't replace the battery
Digitally distributed games cost the same as physical copies
Can't play older PSP games
Can't buy used games
D-Pad and analog nub are positioned awkwardly
Impossible to do "the claw"
Shallow D-pad/Buttons
Edges dig into your hand

No thanks, I'll stick with my vastly superior PSP-3000

The PSP Go is Sony's biggest gaming related mistake they've ever made and anyone trying to glorify it is only lying to themselves

darthv723196d ago

I set a limit for myself of no more than $150-ish. Seen lots of them selling for 170 to close to 300. Thing is about the 300 ones, they claim they are loaded with all sorts of games. I dont doubt that but if you try and change the user access to the psn store it will invalidate the games.

I like it. It is small yet manageable in my big hands. So far if have killzon liberation as the only UMD based digital game. I also have a couple of RTYPE ps1 classics as well as stardust. Oddly, the guy I got it from was an ex wwe wrestler. It still has pics of him and various other celebs/wrestlers like steve-o, hulk hogan, iron sheik and more.

He said he didnt want it anymore so he sold it to me for $150.

raztad3196d ago

@some guys above

If you read the article all you posted is irrelevant to the writer.

PSP Go portability and slick form >> everything else, was his point.

I tend to agree with him. The slick PSP Go is something I wish I could to afford w/o remorse. I so want one, the bulky psp-2000 of mine doesnt make the cut anymore, but I'm not rich and it's hard to justify $250 buying a device I already own.

Games4M - Rob3196d ago

Ok so its not far off the cost of a PS3, buts its also around the same price as an Ipod touch

They both play music
They both play video
They both have wireless for internet browsing.
They are both a similar size.

The only difference is that the PSP GO plays quality games and dosnt force you to use the digital torture of itunes.

Now apple sell lots of Ipods and nobody rants about them being insanely overpriced. I think the PSP GO is a better device and so am happy with its price.

-Alpha3196d ago


Perhaps. I'm not going to argue with you man, those are good points. I dont really care much about the PSP anyway. I just think that it's not worth it, especially for existing owners. Why buy a PSP Go if you own the original, especially if the best it offers to them is digital distribution and a new design?

As for new owners, I think only die hard portable gamers who, for some reason haven't got a PSP 3000 yet, would buy the GO. Casual portable users could just pony up $50 for a full featured console if they don't already have a PS3.

Anyways, again, not much of a PSP user, but that's my thoughts. The article is nice though.

SeanRL3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

Your posts are usually very intelligent, but that was just stupid. The psp GO is a great device that is great for adults. I can put movies, music, games and pictures. I see adults carrying around laptops, portable dvd players, and mp3 players and I think "the psp can do most of what those devices do, as one device".

-Alpha3196d ago

"The psp GO is a great device that is great for adults"

I didn't say that it wasn't man.

"I can put movies, music, games and pictures"

Can't you do that with PSP 3000?

"I see adults carrying around laptops, portable dvd players, and mp3 players and I think "the psp can do most of what those devices do, as one device"

But my argument isn't that PSP sucks, it's that the GO has a limited appeal to:

-People who already own an existing PSP
-Hardcore portable gamers

It's a very expensive device and that's the greatest fault: It is nowhere near the amazing capabilities of a PS3 yet it's priced just $50 below it. It seems like a waste of money in comparison. Now, like I said, a hardcore portable user should totally buy the GO, but if he's so hardcore he should already own a PSP 3000. And if he owns a PSP already, what's the point of a small update that isn't even a new PSP machine but just an updated revision?

Couple that with the rumors of a PSP2 coming out and the GO becomes a questionable buy.

SeanRL3196d ago

I agree that the rumors of a psp2 do make it less appealing, but it's still great and I would rather buy a psp go than a new ps3. It has a long way to go but with the right support it could be a great console, and I still stand by my belief that it is an adults device.

gamingisnotacrime3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

What i learned from the PSP and PS3 is Dont Buy At Launch!
Library is limited and/or poor
Price is ugly

1-2 years down the road
Price is acceptable
Strong library

true, is just that i never considered getting a 360 at launch just my opinion. I like the go design Bluetooth connection etc, but the lack of support is what ruins it. I dont mind paying more for my games, or not being able to sell them afterwards because i knew this before getting the Go. What i didnot expected was Sony's lack of support. Crisis Core missing from PSN speaks volumes of what the real PSP Go experience is like, a crippled PSP experience at a higher price

-Alpha3196d ago

Gaming: You can say that about nearly every console. Imagine those poor RRoD suckers at launch. I don't even think the 360 has a good launch line up. When Did Halo 3 come out again?

The PS2 had one of the best launches though.

And PSFan, I'm sure the GO is great, but again, for non-PSP owners. Otherwise it's just an overpriced revised device of something you already own. Money that can be better spent elsewhere, especially towards a PSP2. That's the only problem I see with the GO: Pricing.

wicko3196d ago

I'll stick with my PSP 2000. Mainly because I can play PSX games and other emu's on the go :D But honestly I would have seriously considered a PSP Go if it had 2 thumbsticks and a UMD drive (or at least some way to transfer games I own to the Go).

IdleLeeSiuLung3196d ago (Edited 3196d ago )

I agree!

The minor advantages that the PSP Go brings is negated by it's weakness. In fact, it's weakness far supersedes any advantage it may have and is in turn just a crippled device.

The lousy game support alone kills it let alone anything else. Even the employees at the retail store recognized this and recommended the PSP-3000!!!

SeanRL3196d ago

True, and that's exactly why I haven't bought a GO yet. I'm hoping for a psp2.

N4g_null3196d ago

So he bought it for porn, adult device my azz. Problem is the iphone does the same and has cheaper games. Hell i may even get a droid just to watch the iphone and droid fight it out! the go is not a console its a better zune that's all.

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NotSoSilentBob3196d ago

I still have a 1001 that works fine. I have a carry case where I can fit 4 UMDs and 1 in the psp itself. I don't like the idea of DD for the simple fact just about any UMD I can go buy for half the price of the game on the PS store and lend it to my friends or sell it if I don't use it anymore. I guess it is a matter of personal choice.

Games4M - Rob3196d ago

Oh yeah, if you do a lot of trading in with games then its clearly not for you.

Personally though i love the digital downloads and having the games tied to your PSN account means that they are transferrable between devices.

Hopefully when the PSP2 comes along it will be backwards compatible with all the current PSP games and so its not like the downloaded titles for the PSP GO is dead money.

I love it :)

GeoScore3196d ago

look... if you can't speak proper english then don't write articles you moron..

Games4M - Rob3196d ago

errr.... thats absolutely perfect English, you can find it in pretty much any dictionary.


look, if you don't know proper English then dont comment on articles and make a twat out of yourself - moron.

PotNoodle3196d ago

Regardless, it is a very juvenile writing style. The last time i heard someone describing something or someone like that, i was in secondary school.

GeoScore3196d ago

I didn't say it wasn't a word, but the context is off and you know it... It makes your article come across as very immature..

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