'Portable Ops: Metal Gear Solid's Missing Link

The problem with Portable Ops is that it became a missing link despite being critically important in understanding the direction the series adopted with Guns of the Patriots.

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PhoenixUp1165d ago

I can’t stand people who try to say MPO is not canon when it’s an essential entry in the series narratively and gameplay wise

FallenAngel19841165d ago

“Big Boss shouldn’t be inheriting anything from Gene because his desire to establish Outer Heaven was already solidified at the end of Snake Eater”

It was implied but never outright stated why Big Boss would go on to create Outer Heaven. He didn’t even accept the title, it was clearly handed to him and he wasn’t happy with it. It was reasonable to see Big Boss not instantly become completely evil after MGS3 and that we see a gradual process of it happening. Plus you have to explain how Big Boss received the funds to make Outer Heaven in the first place.

“Gene shouldn’t be modeled after The Boss because it means his character lives in the shadow of two of the series’ most important antagonists.”

Every antagonist in the series lives in the shadow of Big Boss. That includes Liquid Snake, Solidus Snake, Volgin, The Boss, Liquid Ocelot, Hot Coldman, Senator Armstrong, & Skull Face. They were all in some way modeled after the original Metal Gear villain in some way just with some nuances to make them stand out. That’s the entire point that was even hammered in during MGS4’s ending monologue. You really can’t single Gene out when he’s just following series tradition. In fact Big Boss fighting against what he’ll eventually become by Metal Gear 1 is a recurring theme in his timeline.

“Elisa’s prophecy adds a mythological element that feels horribly out of place in Metal Gear”

Really? You’re really saying that? The previous game even had a guy who could commune with the dead and even communicated with Big Boss from the beyond the grace, the game before that had a woman deflect bullets at the end of the game through sheer force of will, and the game before that had a shaman give Solid Snake a similar prophecy, but a person who can see into the future is where you draw the line on your suspension of disbelief?

Sam Fisher1164d ago

Gene was my favorite antagonist in the mgs universe

franwex1164d ago

I couldn't get into this game due to the controls. I was hoping they would have brought over portable ops along with peace walker to consoles, but that never happened. Maybe if Konami releases another MGS collection they can port it over.