Metal Gear: The 10 Best Games In The Franchise, Ranked

Metal Gear is unquestionably one of the greatest video game franchises of all time. The series’ tactical espionage action meshes beautifully with Hideo Kojima’s utterly insane yet poignant, heartfelt, societally relevant, and thematically sound story. Solid Snake carries a franchise on his back, every arc narratively or thematically tying into the story he kicked off when invading Outer Heaven in Metal Gear for the MSX.

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mgszelda1705d ago

Shit. MGS4 is my favourite. I'm glad someone can acknowledge MGSV is very lackluster

BigTrain705d ago

Totally agree. 4 was awesome for me. Not a fan of 3, game didn't flow for me hated the stealth and the whole eating types of wildlife and I didn't like the boss characters. Felt like the game was too ambitious for the level of tech we had available in that era. 5 didn't feel like a Metal Gear game at all.

microgenius705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

After 30 years of playing to me MGS4 is up there alongside the half life 2 and the last of us as the best games I have ever played
MGS5 wasnt MGS

705d ago