Edge: Kratos The Chihuahua

Edge: Kratos feels rage. That's the essence of his brand: he's angry, he wants vengeance, he kills gods, he eviscerates centaurs. Everyone and everything pisses him off. Grrrrrrrrrr! His constipated anger-puss graces everything from the game's box cover to the back of the special-edition PSP. And God of War III is where the rage pays off – where he brings the fight to Olympus and wipes out polytheism.

Except nothing in the game enrages us. Yes, the backstory sets us up for vengeance, but the experience itself is polished smooth and gracefully paced. Big battles are followed by quiet searching; tricky puzzles are placed between the spectacles, making us work our brains before we mash our buttons. The fact that Kratos plummets from Mount Olympus to Hades and has to journey all the way back again helps to explain why the game is so long, but why does he stop for everything but a picnic and a crossword along the way?

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