Battlefield: Bad Company 2 PC Patches Due This Week

EA and DICE have announced client and server patches will be released for the PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 this week.

Revision number seven of the client and ten of the server are currently in the testing phase and are expected to go live on Wednesday morning European time. Some weapon balancing tweaks have been implemented although the developer is unwilling to reveal what has been changed as it wants "unbiased" feedback from the community.

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Dorjan3493d ago

every fix is a welcome sight!

Leord3493d ago

"Unbiased", does that mean no patch notes when it comes out?

catguykyou3493d ago

hope they nerf medics....

evrfighter3493d ago

ah well no more dominating 45-10 rounds with the m60. Well I doubt they'll be adjusting the scar-L or the ak74 so I'll be good.

Fyzzu3493d ago

Won't those weapon balance tweaks show up anyway, though? I mean, if people compare the stat graphs in the game, before and after the patch?

AndyA3493d ago

Depends, really. You might not be able to discern subtle differences on the weapon charts.

Fyzzu3493d ago

Considering the popularity of the game, I'd be really surprised if there aren't people getting screengrabs of every weapon right now so that they're ready when the patch hits. Never underestimate the fanbase.

Chaotic_Lament3493d ago

All I run into these days. Also, they need to beef up anti-air.

AndyA3493d ago

Agree it would be nice to see the back of the M60 medic.

Revvin3493d ago

Medics are not so much a problem as the recoil on that wepon does require some skill to use though its long range capability could be reduced. I agree about the recon's with the M1911, its too powerful though I don't see the problem with mortars I think the reload time is about right. I definately agree on the anti-air needing improving. Atacama Desert is a nuisance if you get players continually circling your deployment area the AA doesn't fire quick enough before the helicopter has a chance to circle and blow you up. It gets even worse if while the enemy does that their team manage to get in and steal your helicopter too. Perhaps adding more AA guns which have a better firing rate and giving the engineer a new missile launcher based on a Stinger ground to air missile would help.

catguykyou3493d ago

Oh heck yes, server filter options and gadget selection options are now remembered!!!

Lasikiewicz3493d ago

MP – Kit/gadget loadout saved between sessions

Finally :)