Crysis 2 platform teams "always in competition"

VG247: Crysis 2 producer Nathan Camarillo has told VG247's Patrick Garratt that the two separate teams handling the shooter's PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are racing to create the best SKU.

"If you think 'the internet' are going at each other about this, internally our developers are doing this as well," Camarillo said. "For a week or two PS3 will look better, then the 360 guys go, 'No, no, no, we won't have that,' and they make the 360 version look and play better."

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chanto233500d ago

Way to make everybody happy...

nycredude3500d ago

These guys (developers and journalists) needs to STFU! If there is so much competition then why is both identical?!

x8003500d ago

i hope the team A that worked on crysis 1 not warhead works on the ps3, crysis warhead was team B.