N-Philes: God of War III Review

N-Philes writes: "The God of War franchise has always been one that, until very recently, completely passed me by. Following the release of the God of War Collection and the impending release of God of War III however, I took it upon myself to play through the first two games. Once I'd managed to import a copy of the Collection and played through them both, I started to see glimpses of why the series is held in such high regard. The pleasant mix of visceral, brutal combat and puzzle solving made for an enjoyable pace, with the epic scenes and boss fights keeping my jaw sufficiently dropped. By the end of God of War II I was anxious to see what the final piece of the trilogy would bring to the series, and with the experiences of the first two games quite fresh in my mind, I couldn't wait to get started. Fast forward to now and, well, I've finished it, so let me tell why God of War III is the best game in the series."

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