Amazing new in-game Alan Wake images emerge

Gamersmint : We have some amazing looking new Alan Wake screenshot which confirms the fact that this is going to be one of the finest titles to be releasing this year. Enjoy them below.


UPDATE : Lots of NEW IMAGES added. Enjoy!

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Nathan1233496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

WTF is wrong, look at the muddy textures, look at the mountain's base on the right ewwww. Look at the character model so blurry (look at the waxed hair).

The only thing great looking is the lighting. No wonder they are using night scenes to mask the textures.

EDIT: Disagree lol? See another shot

See the jagged edges, see the blurred out tire texture, the hair texture actually don't overlap lol or maybe it's due to screen tearing either ways lol. Best looking console game my ass.

Joule3496d ago

of the epic "What resolution is Alan Wake" saga.

BTW I think the game looks fine.

hamoor3495d ago

wait until the game is released
am sure it will look very nice in HDTV
and about the graphics king BS
1.uncharted 2
2.killzone 2
3.god of war 3
4.alan wake
in my opinion

LordMarius3495d ago

cant wait for the season finale of this saga, hopefully there is a twist

deadreckoning6663495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Whether ur right or wrong, I question why ur so desperate to point out its flaws? To me the game looks great. As Alpha Male said, what notable source ever said Alan Wake was set to be the best looking console game?? Its a shame really, while we're all anticipating what will likely be an awesome game....ur stuck pixel counting.

JokesOnYou3495d ago

These pics are blurry so they are obviously not the best quality captures....have you never seen poor screenshots of ps3 games, are they definitive proof of what the game actually looks like?


-Alpha3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

"Best looking console game my ass."

I don't ever remember it being called that, nor should it be.

The car textures on that second link do look really bland. These shots do look less than what I expected, but I think the game looks fine overall. I'm also not 100% sure if I should trust those screens, but I've never properly looked at AW anyway. Graphics I find are always the shallowest way to judge a game. It's not as if AW looks horrible, nor does it look like God of War 3, and quite honestly it doesn't have to. I ultimately care about gameplay. Though this is being hyped to look great, so if it fails then it fails, but I think AW looks just fine.

ryhanon3495d ago

Oh come off it. It does not look that bad. I'll agree it's not the best looking game ever, probably not even the best looking game on the 360, but it looks pretty damn good and you know it. I think we've all seen much better shots from Alan Wake in the past though, so I don't know that I'd jump to any conclusions based on these.

WhittO3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I wouldn't say they were "Amazing" at all.

But I do like the art style to the graphics, the game still looks good.

Plus, I'm guessing most of the game/action takes place at night, so the textures etc will be mostly hidden.

The only thing is, every video/screenshot seems to be all the same, there isn't much variety in environments at all!

Godmars2903495d ago

The game looks fine, but people are trying too hard to say it looks great, because in the next breath they want to say it looks better then "the other guy's game."

mikeslemonade3495d ago

No it doesn't look better than Gears 2 or Mass Effect 2. Of course this game will get a free pass just because it's survival horror.

Joule3495d ago

The damn game looks fine. Thats it. This game doesn't even look better than Gears of War 2, let alone ps3 exclusives.(we all know ps3 games look best)

ProjectVulcan3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Its still a bunch of shots we have seen from areas many times now. It should be a fine looking title, if a little brown again in places. This generation developers have really excelled themselves redefining the meaning of high definition brown so hopefully alan wake has many areas of non brown-ness which would suit me just fine

lowcarb3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Looks simply amazing!

edit: Looked at the pics a 2nd time and although not the best quality this games art style and graphics were well worth the wait. The world looks more believable then anything I've ever seen. Not sure why you guys keep on saying it looks ok as if you don't want to give it to much credit.

soljah3495d ago

yep more sub hd goodness. listen i could care less about the game and whatever resolution it is until a bunch of fans started with best thing since sliced bread. all i see is sub hd blurry graphics

gta28003495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Looks to me like they have been releasing bullshots all along. Either that or everything that was being shown before is actually all PC. These screen shots look more like a actual console version and if that's what it looks like then I guess back to the drawing board in attempting to surpass PS3.

xTruthx3495d ago

lol y am I getting disagrees or agrees, I accidentally posted on the wrong article xD

gamingisnotacrime3495d ago

i know people that think Halo3 has no match in the graphics department for their own tastes, and that is all right. there are many games that are great looking and top of the line experiences without showing the best technical graphics around. I think AW is one of those games where the sum of its parts delivers the goods and that may well be one of the best 2010 games, just like ME2 does with its ok visuals.
Not every game can push the technical boundaries, and for many reasons. For the graphics whores, go to Uncharted 1 and 2, GoW3, Heavy Rain, Crysis on PC. i wont mention any 360 title because i honestly dont think there is any 360 game that deserves to be touted as graphics king (gears 2? nah)
I see that Remedy is doing a very good job with AW, and for me as a gamer i can only hope for AW to be awesome and keep the awesome games coming.

IHateYouFanboys3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )


God of War 3s water looks nice in screenshots, but when you play the game youll notice that the water is not dynamic and has no interaction with the player AT ALL. that was one thing that shocked me in God of War 3, as God of War 2 and even God of War 1 both featured dynamic water. how they could not do it for God of War 3 is quite puzzling.

Im not sure if Alan wakes water is dynamic or not, but that question only comes up if you can even get in the water. static water is fine for un-playable areas, like they appear to be in Alan Wake. not so good when you actually swim around in them like in GOW3.

Alan Wake looks AMAZING in action, and thats all that matters. i dont care if it doesnt look that great in screenshots. uncharted 1 looked great in screenshots, but then you play it and every 3rd frame is torn and the framerate is all over the rather it be good looking in motion than in stills.

solar3495d ago

game play > graphics. when will you console turds realize that?

hamburgerhill3495d ago

I think the graphics look rather impressive especially the water and cinematic immersion feeling of the world. To each his own but to try and write a game as nice looking as this off as not a great console achievement is just wrong.

HolyOrangeCows3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

While it certainly doesn't look "bad" it does look a bit blurry.
And Anti-aliasing doesn't seem to affect all surfaces.

Tell me; do the "fake" images look so much different from these?
"Real" ones:

Nicholas Cage3495d ago

im in a perallel universe surrounded by idiots and you are their leader.

Lich1203495d ago

My favorite Survival Horror game this gen was SH: Shattered Memories, a Wii game. It goes to prove that graphics are not necessary to create an engaging experience. Also the graphics look pretty nice, the AA is a good touch. Even if at lower resolutions AA can give a blurry look.

You guys need to stop arguing about freaking pixel counts. If you want the best graphics get a gaming PC. If you want the most diverse games library get the consoles. I happen to have all of those and can say graphics don't matter that much for me on consoles because no matter what they will never live up to the technical feats of a PC. That doesn't mean I enjoy them less, just like Im sure AW won't be bad just because it can't push as many pixels as say GoW3.

HolyOrangeCows3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

2nd panel down is 576p.
3rd down is 720p.

The "fake" images should look SEVERELY (over 30%) worse than these "real" ones if the claims that they're so unreliable is true.

fear883495d ago

I think I was overly excited that this game would look exceptional but I think that may have been a premature perception based on the fact that there are few and far 360 exclusives (IE NOT ON PS3) that have come out.

I don't think this game is going to wow anyone on graphics but that also kinda concerns me about the gameplay making up for the shortfalls of the visual presentation.

I'll wait and see what the reviews are like but it might just end up being one of those games I will pickup when I have extra cash to burn on a rainy day (Maybe if it ends up 25% off somewhere too)

sid4gamerfreak3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Here we go again....

gather pc gamers, now as you can see, this is called console 'fanboyish' behaviour, so lets eat popcorn and see where this fight goes

OT: I dont know, to be honest after playing crysis all games look rather bland to me graphic wise. Dunno about you guys but im not focusing alan wake's graphics but gameplay to see whether it engages me or not...

Ju3495d ago

HolyCow, you are not the only one asking these questions. But, it's alright, because we compare it with Wii games now, because graphics don't matter. Didn't you get the memo ? /s

I would certainly agree to that, the game (art direction, style) looks phenomenal, and that's why it's OK we are getting lied at. And because M$ gets a rain-check for that, as usually.

Lich1203495d ago


I wasn't comparing it to a Wii title, I was pointing out that even a Survival Horror game with graphics as poor as Shattered Memories can be extremely fun. Additionally, Im not a 360 fanboy who posts on here pissing on other games and raving about 360 titles so my choice in comparisons shouldn't be taken as the consensus of 360 fanboys on here.

edhe3495d ago

Which is more important for the experience of the game:

- Atmosphere
- detail of character's hair.


Here's a fact people: Halo3 engine sacrificed resolution to enable much deeper lighting. If this game has dropped resolution it's so they can make the graphics *better* by having more depth to the images rather than more pixels on the screen which is catered for by scaling anyway.

JsonHenry3495d ago

Looks good I guess. Although I have to say that after playing PC games for the last year it is hard to go back to consoles low-rez textures and lack of decent AA.

Christopher3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I'm guessing it's because of the screen capture tool used or something else, but those screenshots don't make the game look very good. Lots of jaggies, lots of blurring around the edges, very muddy textures, etc.

Inside_out3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

AW looks at all the PS3 kids loosing sleep and crying...LOL...AW is a bad game, please listen to me, I'm begging you, PS3 is the best if you start at the BOTTOM...What a bunch of losers...SC C was amazing, incredible game play...they tried to hurt that game too...NOW, look at the threads begging for it to come out on the PS3....Couple more wks 360 gets another huge game...E3 after that...starting to feel sorry for these guy's....Don't worry guys, you can READ about when it comes out and sells millions...

Nothing on PS3 will come close to AW...A true Hollywood like blockbuster...wait and see or should I say wait and READ...cheers...

3495d ago
frostypants3495d ago

Sorry fellas, but Nathan is right...funny he has one bubble despite having a 2-1 agree-disagree ratio on his post.

It is clear now how they approached this game to pull it off on the 360: they muddied up the textures on certain objects, especially items in the distance. Everything looks like they put vaseline on a camera it the "Barbara Walters" effect.

I mean, sure, it looks very good. But it isn't even remotely close to the bullshots they've been feeding us for the last couple of years. To those saying "so what?", well, the article calls them "amazing", so that's why people are jumping on it. Pretty, yes. Amazing, no.

I'll still give it a fair chance though. Any big-hype game that isn't another FPS deserves special attention.

TROLL EATER3495d ago

dis looks better than uncharted 2 in graphics and storytelling.

exnihilonihilfit3495d ago

The people who are talking down this games graphics aren't talking to the people who care about gameplay, they're talking to the Xbox fans who said that this game was going to have the best graphics on a console. Many of the people who said this are now denying they ever said it, but they said it time and again, and they said that it would specifically be better than uncharted 2. Even when the only shots of the game we saw were the doctored shots, that wasn't true, but clearly these people had never seen UC2 so they didn't know what they were saying.

Unfortunately, it's come time for a reckoning, and considering that even some of the most vehement supporters of this game's graphics have changed their tunes, I'd say the Xbox fans were wrong, and PS3 fans were right. All the PS3 guys want is an admission, and a little more humbleness in the future. Sure, AW may have the best gameplay ever, but it's doesn't have the best graphics. Xbox fans wouldn't have to eat their words if they wouldn't say this every single time an Xbox exclusive is announced.

Mr Pumblechook3495d ago

I've seen good screenshots, and not so good, but I can't comment on Alan Wake's actual quality until I judge for myself until my pre-order comes through.

But don't you think it feels like the developers are fighting a PR war?

lovestospoodge3494d ago

"1.uncharted 2
2.killzone 2
3.god of war 3
4.alan wake

oh no he didn't...

HolyOrangeCows3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I KNEW there was a reason for the blurry-ness; Low res textures/geometric resolution.

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kaveti66163495d ago

That's what she said when you showed her your package.


That's what I said when I saw your bubble count.


That's what every college/university said when they received your SAT scores.

Michael-Jackson3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

Yip, 5 years worth! after juggling with M$ and the superior PC version. But now we have this.

avengers19783495d ago

Just thinking to myself; Red Dead Redemption, Split Second, Lost Planet 2, UFC 2010, and Mod Nation Racers all also come out the same week as AlaN Wake or the week before or after... Just wondering if Alan Wake will be able to hold up against these titles.
I'm pretty sure most of these games will out sell AW.

Ninjamonkey823495d ago

Just like a race car game on a track this aint good looki8ng its on tram lines.

Nicholas Cage3495d ago

ughh! i hear these comparisons too many times, alan wake dosent need to have the graphics of uncharted 2, it does well on its own. and for all of the people saying killzone 2 owns the title, no way, its uncharted 2.

but come on guys! this game looks really cool, im going on craigs list and getting a rrod360 and gettting it fixed so i can play this. it looks good.

Immortal3213495d ago

not better than mgs4......burn
I so didn't have to go there.

the game looks good, shouldn't be the only thing that matters at this point, I mean you guys act like you played it.

and another thing stop bullsh*tting about this game is on par with any other game, except uncharted1 or ratchet. Better yet folklore.

vhero3495d ago

Honestly are we gonna need an article everytime a site post images on this game OMG!!! Alan Wake overlode!! I really wanted this game to succeed at first as it looks good and the devs have worked so damn hard and long on it they deserve a critically aclaimed game but OMG fanboys are ruining the game by this constant crap posting of OOOOOH LOOK AT THE ALAN WAKE VIDEOS AND PICTURES DON'T THEY LOOK PRETTY?? Sick and tired of seeing these articles...

SKUD3495d ago

Well, That's as good as its going to get. =(

inveni03495d ago

IMHO, this doesn't even compare to inFamous...and that's a pretty huge city, all freeroaming, all looking awesome.

swiftshot933495d ago

Im not trying to downplay the game but we've seen this part of the game on n4g here so many times...

Darkfocus3495d ago

that everyone's already seen. whats the point 7: