Like RemedyVerse, Gaming Needs More Shared Universes

Shared universes have taken movie fanfare up a notch. It's time gaming adapts to this element and makes mutual game worlds for popular IPs.

sadraiden129d ago

Or... you know.... compelling game play. Just because it's a shared universe, does not mean I'm going to enjoy it more. Look at the MCU. Most of it is hot garbage, with just a few stand out, actually entertaining entries.

Between NFTs, blockchain, MTXs, loot boxes, battle passes, slot machine mechanics, and gacha trash, it's a wonder that we even remember what games are supposed to be. Let's focus on creating games that people want to play. Control did very well for itself without being mentioned in the same sentence as Alan Wake, a game that almost no one played.

AirRevenant129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

I think what RemedyVerse needed though, is less screwing with the customer on Pricing and Upgrades.
Oh Ultimate edition...

Inverno128d ago

Was thinking how awesome it is that they've done this. I always found the idea interesting, and it also opens up possibilities to bring characters together or pull them into other worlds. I can imagine Control and Quantum Break coming together and Jesse being confused about Jack.