Final Fight: Double Impact - XBLA Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature XBLA review:

"Nostalgia always brings about the best gaming experiences. So it comes as no surprise that a large number of releases of Xbox LIVE Arcade (XBLA) are games that bring back memories spent at the arcade. Final Fight: Double Impact is no exception to the ever growing list of nostalgia-powered gaming experiences, but it certainly isn't just in it for the cash, Double Impact is all kinds of awesome. The game gets its name from the fact that it contains both Final Fight and Magic Sword, both of which were released as arcade cabinets as well as numerous releases on various platforms. As most know, Final Fight is one of the best brawlers ever created, while Magic Sword has you scale 51 floors, using melee and magic attacks to fry demons, sorcerers and the undead."

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UltimaEnder3109d ago

Another instant classic, game looks good - will be downloading tonight!