Xbox Live Game Deals July 18th

OOG from STFUandPLAY writes, "With the new consoles just around the corner we have been seeing some great deals on games from both Sony and Microsoft. It always seems that most of the vocal people assume that Xbox Live doesn’t have deals or discounts on their network and that it’s unique to PS+ but, that’s not entirely true. In reality PS+ does have more deals because that’s what why we pay for PS+ but, I must say a lot of deals Xbox Live will have tend to go under the radar and are poorly advertised etc."

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coolbeans3722d ago

@writer of article (if you see this)

You're forgetting several of the AC + Lost Planet DLC deals.

OOG3721d ago

yeah thanks! I just put up the games for sale but yeah maybe I will make an edit to include dlc. Thanks though appreciate it!


Forget the PS5 For a Sec ! Let's Remember the Best Co-Op Games on the PS3

If you've come looking for great games, you are in the right place. Here are the best Co-Op Games you can play on the PS3

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Immagaiden121d ago

Why mention PS5 when talking about PS3

121d ago
Magog121d ago

The load times in retrospect are unbearable but I did have hella fun playing couch co-op with my gf on the PS3 and PS2.

anast121d ago

Couch co-op is the best alternative.

Rynxie121d ago

Resistance 2 co-op was amazing! I wish they would remaster resistance 1-3 and killzone 1-3 for the PS5.


Why fans feel a Resident Evil 5 Remake might not be a good idea

Though CAPCOM has been hitting it out of the park with their Resident Evil remakes, fans are rightfully skeptical about RE:5.

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-Foxtrot132d ago

I just think Capcom have finally got back on track survival horror wise and if they remake RE5 they will most likely make it a full blown co-op game again where they'd be repeating their mistakes with the original RE5.

The original RE4 came out and it was a universally praised game so when they announced a new one people thought they would add onto the good things RE4 brought in and maybe add a touch more horror as RE4 was more action like but still found a good balance. However RE5 didn't, they upped the action, got way more ridiculous and added co-op where if you played single plater you were forced to have a shitty AI follow you around and baby sit. It wasn't scary at all.

They even got rid of RE4s hub like areas (Village - Castle - Island) and had some sort of mission by mission gameplay where you could only buy/sell weapons at the end of the completed mission, it was very chapter select like. It just become so generic and action like, even the puzzles had been cut back, just replaced with a lot of "two people need to operate this, work together" moments which is not fun single player.

Also story wise, the fact we had Ada's betray at the end of RE4, something they doubled down on more in the remake where she decides to not give him the master plagas sample, we find out in RE5 that he has some form of it anyway, he just went to the Island himself and got a sample of Krausers body instead, you know the Island that blew up and most likely had Government officials crawling all over.

I'd prefer it if for the RE5 remake they go more off the RE4.5 concept art, change the story, keep it single player, deviate from canon and create a brand new RE5 featuring Barry, more Jill, Zombies, Tyrants etc like it was supposed to. If people really want co-op then ask for a Outbreak remake, its the perfect game for it.

RE5 is a good co-op game but it's a bad Resident Evil game

RaveTears132d ago

You should search up the history of RE5. It was originally a single player game that was more survival than action. But due to issue and controversy that Capcom had to make changes to RE5.

-Foxtrot132d ago

Oh trust me I know all about it which made me dislike the game more after I played it, like I said the RE4.5 concept art is a fantastic look inside the original version


Yeah the controversy really did shape the development. I mean picture this

The very first reveal trailer showed Chris in an African village, you had enemies coming at him and it pretty much set the game up like it was in the 4.5 info we have in the link above. This was 2005.

Then we had the whole backlash that a white man, in Africa was killing black civilians

2008 we get a new trailer, they have now added co-op and Sheva, a previous NPC character similar to Josh in the final product is now the second player, a main character.

I think it's safe to say they added her to try and downplay the racism controversy and they even added white / Asian enemies in the villages which made no sense. They were in villager clothing.

I do miss some of the survival elements they were going to add like sensitivity to sunlight or not staying in the sun far too long. Like if you rushed out a door and you had been inside for too long your screen would be blurred to adjust to the sunlight.

TallDarknWavy131d ago

If they're going to remake RE5, they should actually remake it completely and use the power of new hardware to take advantage of their original vision. We already have a remaster of RE5 and 6. Those are too recent to consider developing a remake this soon as they're only 2 generations old on PS3/360.
Co-Op takes all the fear out of the game as you now have a companion to always lean on. It takes the intensity and isolation away from the game. You need to feel like you're the last line of defense, that you won't have some companion always there to save your ass, it just takes away from any fear or intensity and you get frustrated with the shitty AI.

CrimsonWing69132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Man, I’m a massive old-school RE fan and I loved RE5. I will not understand the hate for that game while RE4 gets praised.

KicksnSnares132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Based on the ending of the RE4 remake, it looks like the RE5 remake is the next game, which I’m excited about. RE5 is my favorite RE game, and I could care less about all the hate it gets

thesoftware730132d ago

Yes it's an awesome game, I still play Merc mode lol.

RE 5 is my 2nd favorite,
REmake 1 is my favorite, and still holds up well today.

lucian229132d ago

they really need to just make a couch co-op +online mercenaries only game with most of the cast and all the best maps of RE history. Would be amazing

thesoftware730131d ago

Lucian, absolutely !!!

But it has to be very very similar to Mercs in 5, just expand, don't change the gameplay much, QoL and tons of unlocks is all they need imo.

Revelations Merc was not good, and 8 mercs was fun but single player, same for the others.

lucian229130d ago

oh i think re4 remake merc is very good actually too; only part i enjoyed in 6 was really it's merc also lol. game would be so amazing just plain merc

TheEnigma313132d ago

It'll be better than 6, that's all i know. RE5 was actually good, but not a real RE game. With the whole woke thing nowadays, this won't be able to be in Africa like the original.

jambola132d ago

That's not true at all
It will just be invaded by white men

chrisx132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

I love RE5 and I definitely want a remake! Updated controls and some changes here and there like the 4 remake. They should definitely keep the Africa setting. And Sheva is awesome 👍🏽

Tal169132d ago

I loved this game - especially the opening level, but it fell apart in the 'reeds' section.