Poison: Is she a he?

The topic over Final Fight’s Poison has been debated over the years. Many have noted that the pink haired slapper is not all woman.

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Megaman_nerd3015d ago

I bet Poison is KayoPolice's favorite character in the Capcom universe.

izumo_lee3014d ago

Poison's a chick but cause of weak sauce censorship in the west cause beating up a women is bad she was changed to a dude.

So this debate is all cause of p***y bureaucrat...go fig.

BubloZX3014d ago

If that's the case then I guess android 18 in dragonball z was a guy in the US by your reasoning too. Did you even watch the video? Japan even labeled her as a tranny long before a US release.

izumo_lee3014d ago

If you read these parts Akira Yasuda 'stated' Poison was a tranny....well of course since he is sitting in the same room with a playtester who complained. Like he was going to reply she was a girl for it may prevent the game from releasing in the west.

Android 18 is a robot, that was made very clear so there is a difference not a lot but still a difference. Hitting a 'robot' is easier to digest than 'hitting' a flesh & blood girl if you describe it as that.

My point is that occasionally so called 'bureacrats' get involved in stuff that they should mind their own business that is all.

BubloZX3014d ago

Actually android 18 is a Cyborg. A android is completely mechanical, she and 17 were still capable of breeding just like all other organic life form. They where humans before they where robots

Dasteru3014d ago

@BubloZX: Not quite but they are similar. An Android has a biological exterior and living brain but has a mechanical skeletal structure and all mechanical organs. Basically a living machine that started out as a real person. A Cyborg is almost entirely biological with the exception of mechanical additions grafted onto the pre-existing body. an example of a cyborg would be Will Smiths character in I-Robot because of the hydraulic arm. A robot is entirely mechanical.

Dasteru3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

@izumo_lee: Did you even watch the video? The original concept art for the game listed Poison as transgendered long before the game ever even came out or became a controversy. In order for you're argument to be valid, Capcom would have had to travel back in time to make the changes.

Android 18 is an Android, Not a robot. There is a difference. In one of the episodes she reveals that both her and 17 used to be a real people and that Dr. Gero TURNED them into androids. Cell is the only android that is completely artificial.

JoeSchmoh3013d ago

Yup, censorship pretty much. so they changed the character into a guy when it came out here in the states. Same with Shen Long who was originally an April Fools joke in a videogame magazine back in the 90s called EGM. Saying you can fight him if you get all these perfects and super finishers. LOL

JohnnyMann4203014d ago

Capcom already answered it. She/he is both and neither. They have created a paradox and don't want to offend anyone so they officially said he/she will never be revealed as either.

LX-General-Kaos3014d ago

If Poison is a man.. Then that is the most beautiful man I have ever seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.