GOW3 sells 25% more than GOW2 despite PS3 installed base

PSUNI: God of War III sold over one-million copies worldwide just a few days after release, but with the game's US March sales now out, we can finally see how well it has done in comparison to its predecessors.

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LordMarius3935d ago

This game is a beast, very well deserved sales

Joule3935d ago

Playstations exclusives dont sell?

Myth confirmed.

thereapersson3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

I constantly see commercials for God of War III on TV, and they have translated to epic sales for this epic title.

On a somewhat-related note, I'm impressed to see how well MLB: The Show did; It sold 349,000 units, which is excellent for a non-Madden-related sports game that is exclusive to the PS3, no less.

FFXIII also sold nearly double the amount on PS3, despite constant advertising here in the states from Microsoft, acting as if it's a 360 exclusive game.

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AKNAA3935d ago

as soon as I get my New 60" 120hz sharp hdtv in a couple months, I'm definitely going to Replay this game again!

execution173935d ago

not day one though, didn't have the money bought it 4 days after it came out, but didn't get to play it 4 days after that lol, i love it just 2 trophies away from getting my 3rd platinum... anyways anyone know how to beat the giant scorpion on titan mode? fyi i did everything legit no glitches to get any trophies

-Alpha3935d ago

I can't believe how well it sold, very surprised. I fully expected lower sales in comparison to God of War 2. Sony really did a fantastic job with the advertisements. Good for Santa Monica.

kanetheking3935d ago

the most selling sport game is Fifa.lot's of us in eu buy it.cos u know football is the best.

thereapersson3935d ago

Yes, but FIFA is not exclusive to the PS3, and right now it's baseball season in the US, so The Show did quite well. Even if it's not the most followed sport by everyone, The Show is a fun game even for those that aren't really into baseball.

Though, I've always been more of a soccer fan than most other sports, I have a soft spot for baseball thanks to growing up with it around me.

el_bandito3935d ago

ps3 exclusives not selling well is getting too old...

thereapersson3935d ago

Yeah, seriously.

Thankfully things are turning around, with games selling a decent amount now, as well as the PS3's install base growing month after month at a decent rate. This isn't 2007 anymore, though some people still like to live in the past...

VINNIEPAZ3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

[email protected] El Jugador

Sony fanboys still making recurrence comments?

Myth confirmed.-

But to be on topic, yes I'm surprised it did that much better than GoW2. I had a lot of fun with GoW 3. I'm kinda upset after I got the Ultimate collection for $100 on day one they are selling it for like $80 NEW at Gamestop. WTF lol

@El Jugador

Easy, becuz I call out fanboys (which this site is full of)and they cant stand it. I'd rather stay 1 bubble and tell it like it is then have 5-10 bubble and be a babbling fanboy droid.

Joule3935d ago

And you have one bubble why?

kanetheking3935d ago

i thought you was talking about sale's (which was highest and all that).yer 380,000 is very good.

-Alpha3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

The only people living in the past are the PS3 fans who keep bringing up that argument. Nobody says PS3 games don't sell anymore, yet PS3 fans keep turning to that argument for ownage when its been dead for years.

Only the most delusional 360 fanboy or a complete troll would say that today, so really, people who bring that up are living in the past just as much as those who make that argument.

As for PS3 exclusives don't sell, that's the argument 360 fanboys will more commonly make. It's true on some level (don't sell as well as 360 games), but it's just false to think games aren't enjoyed on PS3. Personally, I find that there is much more diversity in PS3 games whereas the 360 crowd is full of Halo and Gears fans.

@El Juggador

Actually, he's right. Why bring up an argument that was valid from 2007 when nobody uses it today? It's like 360 fans taking every PS3 shooter and saying "haha, it didn't kill Halo". Nobody makes those arguments anymore, it's rather irrelevant. If you disagree, please explain, I'd love to know why. The point we are making is why beat up a dead horse that's beating up another dead horse?

GiantEnemyCrab3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Alpha you make some great points but you constantly stereotype 360 gamers.

I love my 360 and I like FPS but I am far from a Gears and Halo head. I like them both and play them but I enjoy everything from a simple XBLA puzzle game to a great RPG or even an RTS and so do the the gamers I will with on XBL.. You don't think the 360 has diversity when it's shown it has more varying genres represented than any of the other systems? More RPGS, RTS, etc.. FPS/Shooters are the most popular genre and it's that way on BOTH systems. Highest selling game on the PS3.. Modern Warfare 2.

You want to talk about living in the past, some of that sounds like a PS2 fanboy straight out of the Xbox1 generation.

I do agree let's move on and agree the PS3 does sell games and the Xbox 360 is far from just a shooter console like the Xbox1.

@N4BmpS: This stereotyping you are doing. So I guess every article I come across here with someone talking UC2 or KZ2(funny both shooters) I guess they do the same? Or does your logic not apply to this?

N4BmpS3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

I would have to agree 100% with what Alpha said(well there are one or two things) anyone who still brings up the argument that PS3 games don't sell are stuck in 2007 or simply the past. By now all PS3 owners with common sense should know that PS3 exclusives do just fine Prime examples are MGS4, Uncharted 2 and GoWIII; now the 360 owners continuously bring up an argument that PS3 titles don't sell as well as their 360 titles, they may be right with some of them. 360 titles are selling like how PS2 titles sold back in the last gen although not as well some of them. Now I want to point out that the only reason why it would seem that Alpha Male is "stereotyping" most 360 owners is because a lot of them make it easy, this is very unfortunate though many may not realize it but the 360 is more than just Halo and Gears of WAR but you wouldn't know that by reading the vain and shallow 360 owners who only play those two games(and they don't even play the campaign, I know such a shame). I know not all 360 owners play the "we have Gears and Halo" card but a good, sad majority do. This doesn't mean I don't respect Halo and Gears but when certain fanatics constantly talk about them like gifts from God it waters down the product credibility at least for those whom haven't played it. I hope that didn't sound retarded or made me sound like a snob.

@ GiantEnemyCrab actually yes it does apply to those that talk about U2 and KZ2 but like you(Being a 360owner) there are PS3 owners out there that know that's not all the PS3 has to offer. I'm not stereotyping I'm telling you what I've observed; you know that are games like Fable on the 360, I know there are games like inFAMOUS on the PS3, both are very solid. And since you replied back to me I want to correct you on something PS3's best selling game is still Metal Gear Solid 4.

sikbeta3935d ago

Ah... what everyone was expecting?

God of War 3 is Just So Epic...

-Alpha3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Point taken: I wasn't trying to stereotype 360 fans, but I was pointing out that one of the reasons I find PS3 games don't sell as well is because PS3 games are very grouped with fans. Not everyone is an MGS fan, God of War fan, etc. They appeal to very specific groups of PS3 gamers. I tend to find that it is the case with a lot of PS3 games as opposed to 360 gamers where nearly everybody has played or enjoys Gears or Halo. There is NOTHING wrong with that, but that's how I always perceived the PS3. Maybe I'm wrong.

Additionally, the 360 sales are superior simply because its the more popular brand here in North America. Anyways, the point was that the only real argument 360 fanboys make is that PS3 games don't sell well as 360 games. That's a fine argument, though somewhat flawed.

I find that shooters are the most popular genre on the 360. The PS3 tries with its population of FPS's but they simply don't click like Halo or Gears which leads me to believe that either PS3 fans don't like shooters as much or the games aren't as liked.

However, nobody in their rational mind says PS3 has no games. That argument is dead yet PS3 fanboys keep going back to it for ownage as if people still make that argument. PS3 fans are talking to ghosts.

Rainstorm813935d ago

The PS2 Install base argument dies here....

Sevir043935d ago

its a bit interesting to see where most 360 fans gaming heads are. its in the shooter genre... just look at Feb top seller for the 360... Bioshock 2, look at the month before, Mass effect 2, shooter/RPG, and look at this months best Selling 360 game, you guessed it, battle field bad coimpany, clearly Sony's console base isn't soo shooter ish, their was a wealth of choice to choose from for both and you see which games sell the most... RPGs wont sell nearly as well as a shooter unless it has guns, IE MASS EFFECT and Fallout 3 so go figure, the stereotype is as prevalent as Ever, the 360 is a console packed and over run with popularity in the shooter genre and these games sell the most and gross the most on the 360. Final Fantasy 13 was way more hyped and anticipated and even went on to be advertised as a 360 exclusive game in the States, and the game was largely ignored on that platform. id say it's the second fastest selling RPG on that platform being Mass effect and Fallout but we know why.

The PS3 is simply the console that has too diverse of a fanbase so they will buy various games and the ones that shine are the ones that define what the system is all about. :-)

GiantEnemyCrab3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

N4: Well then we are not disagreeing. I am a PS3 owner as well and I never said the PS3 doesn't have a wide variety of games. But I also recognize as a 360 owner that is not just a shooter console and has a wide variety of game types. Where did I say anything to the contrary? Just because I am defending the 360 and using the UC2 and KZ2 games as examples doesn't mean I agree. I am actually using that example to point to how false it truly is.

MGS4 is the best selling exclusive but not title. I hate using VGChartz but here is the list I could find without digging deep.

Alpha: Great post once again. I see where you are coming from and I can agree with your point about Sony gamers having a wide taste in games. No argument there, Playstation is responsible for actually getting some of these genres popular in the first place. I recognize that and I'm glad you recognize that the 360 has more than just shooters, I wish the OP did.

Sev: You make some valid points but then I look at a game like Oblivion and how well it did on the 360 or something like Fable or PGR/Forza I just can't agree with you on your assessment. Like I said above look at the top selling PS3 games, they all have guns.

badz1493935d ago

and here's to Sony marketing and advertising their games from now on! granted that GoW3 is a phenomenal game, but without the aggressive marketing by Sony, I don't think it can achieved what it did last month! you hear that Sony??

thief3935d ago

Alpha Male, great logic there
You say
"Nobody says PS3 games don't sell anymore, yet PS3 fans keep turning to that argument for ownage when its been dead for years. "

And then you add
"I was pointing out that one of the reasons I find PS3 games don't sell as well "

Thats exactly the kind of rubbish that the PS3 fanboy club derides - and righly so

Incidentally, try comparing sales of Heavy Rain to Mass Effect on 360, ratchet to Banjo, MGS4 vs Splinter Cell, FF13 across platforms, or WKC / Demon's Souls to 360 JRPG
Or sales for multiplats adjusted for install base

The only games that sell 5 million or more on the 360 are brainless, generic and cliched shooters: Gears / Halo

Tachyon_Nova3935d ago

While I never played the first two GOW's (hope to pick up the PS3 bundle when it releases this month), I find it hard to believe they could possibly be better than GOWIII. So having said that, the rise in sales over I and II is well deserved.

Good work Sony Santa Monica, hope to see some more great games from you guys this generation!

vhero3934d ago

Just more proof that hype can sell a game...Like every Halo after the second game wasn't enough proof.

DaTruth3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

360 games sell better... IN THE USA!!! and only when it is a shooter. 360 games don't sell at all in Japan and worse in France and any other place that brings out statistics once in a while! There is no seems, unless you want to generalize based on one part of the whole world!

And again, USA is not the whole world!!!

Even VGChartz has a 2-1 ratio for PS3-360 game sales. I realize that's not saying much, but they generally favour the 360.

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Lord_Ranos3935d ago

GOW franchise is such an epic sucess!!!

Lucreto3935d ago

GOW did really well. I wonder it the collection played a part to get new people into the games. I never bought the first two games buy I got the collection and then GOW 3.

TheTwelve3935d ago

..., imo. Not quite sure why.


RememberThe3573935d ago

I'm sure since Sony was more focused on the catastrophe that was the PS3 launch that they couldn't give GoW2 the attention it deserved.

Sunny_D3935d ago

Probably because the next generation of consoles were relesed by the time GOW2 was made, so people had their attention diverted.

TheTwelve3935d ago

True. Even I skipped it at first, then played GOW2 this year and couldn't figure out how I waited to play it for so long.


cmrbe3935d ago

there is so many games comepting for you attention plus other factors mentioned by others really ate into GOW2 sales.

This is why i always laughed at the idiots that were using its sales plus the PS2 installbase to claim that GOW 3 will flop sales wise. LMAO!!.

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el_nene_lindo3935d ago

God of War III sold over one-million copies worldwide just a few days after release

Wrathman3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

whos playin it 1!! bought,played,finished,traded in.

@the glue stiffer below me..last i checked 500,000 people playin MW2 on the ps3 every selling game on the ps3 to-date..yeah thats rite..have a tissue.your tears are soo sweat,they are sickening me.

logichurtsfanboys3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Sorry to break it to you, but you need to own a PS3 to play this. Which I highly doubt you do.

Again @ the retarded fanboy above me. Why should I care how many people are playing MW2 on PSN? I don't own stock in any of these companies. You most likely don't own anything as your stuff was probably bought by your parents. Also, if you really have a PS3, how about some pictures of it, and a PSN ID that ACTUALLY HAS TROPHIES. And why the hell would I be crying over people enjoying a game? Lol...Guess that's bot logic for you again.

Edit: "your tears are soo sweat,they are sickening me." Lol, so you like sweet tears, yet they make you sick? Even more evidence that 360 fanboys are idiots.

playstation_clan3935d ago

yes, right on brother, ps3 users buy good games while 360 users play their halo and modern warfare with the stimulus package

GiantEnemyCrab3935d ago

Logic: Goes right for the 360 guy but ignores the original dipsh!t droid who actually started it.. Let's see if that Logic hurts you there fella..

logichurtsfanboys3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Aside from the fanboyish way he stated it, it was in fact true. GOW3 did sell faster then both of those games. And as I stated in another post, I really don't like 360 fanboys. They treat games that aren't exclusive like they are. They talk about sales like it actually made them money. I highly doubt anyone on this site even owns stock in a single game company. And besides, bots make it a lot easier to use logic against them.

Edit: But I do agree with you, the guy at the top is a "dipsh!t". But then again, most fanboys are.

playstation_clan3935d ago

do you ever wonder what the bottom of an avatar shoe looks like?

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