PlayStation Store Preview – 04/15/10

PSLS writes:

Want to know what is coming to the PlayStation Store this week? Find out in our weekly PlayStation Store Preview, complete with confirmed and rumored content, as well as a look into the future in our coming soon section.

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user94220775154d ago

GTA DLC. Can't wait to try em' out.

harv7115154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

The New GTA episodes have some good reviews so I hope they are good.

Chubear5154d ago

GTA4 DLC is on PSN right now.

Sev5154d ago

According to this thing I got at PAX East, it is.

Redempteur5154d ago

well they said it that this was this week on several sites ...

frankymv5154d ago (Edited 5154d ago )

Cmon Sev...........

your killing me. When the Heck are we going to see Hardware 2?

I mean.... you confirmed Hardware 2 would release 2 years ago....

Sev......ohhhhhh Sev?

blusoops5153d ago

Not everyone can be right all the time, not even the bigger sites. Cut Sev some slack, i happen to enjoy reading his site and the news he brings.

frankymv5153d ago

Cut him some slack?



unknownhero11235153d ago

we have this thing called having a life, try getting one. It's really nice.


Dead Space Isaac Clarke: Every Cameo in Other Games

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Xbox 360/PS3 Ports That Would Be Great on Nintendo Switch

Here's a list of Xbox 360/PS3 games that would be great on the Nintendo Switch (at a modest, reasonable price of course). These games could really flourish if given a new lease on life, introducing a new generation to their greatness.

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MichaelKnight83682d ago (Edited 682d ago )

I'm sure R* knows the Nintendo Switch install base and probably dont really care to port over more R* games to the Nintendo Switch tho i gotta say playing GTA4 & RDR1 on the go on the Nintendo Switch would be dope

Knightofelemia682d ago

I would buy Lollipop Chainsaw, Alice Madness Returns, Enslaved, Splatter House, Brutal Legends, Dante's Inferno, and Dead Space for sure if they were ported to the Switch.

Mobis-New-Nest682d ago

Deus Ex Human Revolution would be a great title to The Holy Grail of All Consoles aka The Nintendo Switch*. Also Haze Remastered, Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5 Remastered, Silent Hill HD Collection, Max Payne 3 Remastered, Call of Duty World At War Remastered, The Orange Box Remastered, Halo Master Chief Collection, Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 Remastered, Metal Gear Solid 4 Remastered, Afro Samurai Remastered, Demons Souls Remastered, Xmen Destiny Remastered, Jack and Daxter Collection, Def Jam Icon Remake, Folklore Remastered, Spiderman Edge of Time Remastered, Persona 5 remastered, the list goes on. (*Best Selling Console of All Time)

MontyeKristo682d ago (Edited 682d ago )

Can we just get a Bully 2? 😒

iplay1up2682d ago

Seriously? Isn't it time Nintendo make a Switch successor? I mean they have the sales and money.

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A New EA Skate Gaming is Coming, For Real (Interview)

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Toiletsteak1435d ago

So the one time I don't bother watching EA's conference is the time they actually announce Skate 4, the only reason I ever watched their conferences for.

monkey6021435d ago

They haven't even started working on it yet. You missed nothing

sourOG1435d ago

I hyped! Been waiting on this for years! I have a feeling they didn’t show anything because they just approved it yesterday after looking at the comments. We literally willed this into existence lol.