Major Changes Are Coming To GTA IV And Episodes From Liberty City

The Steam versions of Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes From Liberty City are combining, and players who own one or the other are in for some changes.

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annoyedgamer482d ago

I woupdn't update the game. It doesnt have game breaking issues and I would lose one of the radio stations.

jeromeface481d ago

steam has removed this option

monkey602482d ago

"Thankfully, players will seemingly easily be able to update their game to the new version easily by simply installing "

What the fuck kind of sentence structure is that?!

GTA4 was the worst game in the entire series and the only one I've ever truly hated

SegaSaturn669482d ago

I really liked the tv stations on gta 4. Other than that, I agree. Horrible racing missions.

CrimsonWing69481d ago

I guess they can’t afford editors.

umair_s51481d ago

I loved 4 ...want a remaster for PS4 Xbox one

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Orionsangel481d ago

They'll never get rid of how slow and sluggish these games feel. Your character and vehicles feel too heavy. Even on the most powerful rigs. I love how GTAV fixed it though.

Profchaos481d ago (Edited 481d ago )

Your character was a mid 30/40 year old personally I felt like he controlled the way most people in that age range move.
And it had better driving physics than v did cars have weight and it felt correct compared to v everything drives like a sports car and turns corners on a dime

DerfDerf481d ago

The driving physics in GTA4 were far superior to 5. Everyone complains because of the physics engine used but it's one of the things I love about 4

Tetsujin481d ago

Original San Andreas > 4

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