GTA 4: Episodes From Liberty City PS3 vs Xbox 360 Screenshot Comparison

In that screenshot check Videogameszone compared the new PS3 version to the Xbox 360 version of GTA 4: Episodes From Liberty City.

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DrRobotnik3647d ago

...don't care any more. Where's GTAV already.

Jaybad543647d ago

Where's GTAV : London already

DrRobotnik3647d ago

It also would be bad ass if they got some the cast from snatch to voice the characters. And use that same kind of story telling as well.

Jaybad543647d ago

A similar storyline to snatch or lock stock would be amazing! Vinnie Jones cameo for the win :)

Red_Orange_Juice3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I dont want GTA to go Europe, Vice City FTW son!

Chubear3647d ago

A year later and R* not only can't make the PS3 version look better but they can't even make look as good as the 360 version from a year ago.

If you're a gamer that's up on news about the gaming industry and you willingly go out and buy these games at full price on the PS3 then you are a sucker.

bnaked3647d ago

Same game, same engine, same old comparsion. Booooring!

Ocelot5253647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )


gtfo and get a life, you guys hate GTA4 , but you shouldn't post this on every freaking gta article, jeez...

u guys are worse than that PC-fanboy pandamobile who bashes the consoles in every goddamn article

I advise you haters to buy saints row 2 instead.

ProjectVulcan3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

Dynamic weather cycles makes these sorts of comparisons difficult. The difference between the two versions is miniscule as it was two years ago with GTA4. The Pc version might have been nasty to run if you didnt have a quad, but if you did/do, it looked amazingly better than the consoles

gtamike1233647d ago

GTA4 was really bad, I even liked the GTA PSP ports to PS2 alot more...

Vice City and San Andreas are the best!!!

Tony-A3647d ago

I would've been more satisfied with a remade San Andreas for the current gen console than I was with GTAIV.

DOMination3647d ago

Looks noticeably crisper on 360

corneliuscrust3647d ago

who said they WERE "trying to make it look better on ps3"?

It's an expansion pack. They're not going to upgrade much of anything if at all. It's GTA 4 with new characters and missions. That's it.

They did make gameplay improvements regarding checkpoints and the like...but they're not going to overhaul the engine for an expansion pack.

It looks JUST LIKE GTA4 did for ps3... shocking!

Alvadr3647d ago

I always had such a hard time deciding which was the best version of this game.

PS3 has lower res but more aliasing but the higher res 360 looks more dirty, jaggy and fake. PS3 looks great at night, evenings, early morning and when its raining. 360 looks best at high noon and mid afternoons. Frame rate is alot better on the 360 but theres tonnes of pop in.

Everything is a trade off and I still dont know between the two. Luckily trophies decided it for me.

vhero3646d ago

it uses GTA IV game so you might as well compare that game as you will get same results this is really clutching straws.

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THC CELL3647d ago

did a test me self the guy has not got ps3 on full
and both look same

Wrathman3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

im not sure if wot your saying is butt hurt or damge control?maybe a bit of both.

im just messin with this point does anyone actually care?

i just looked at the screens.they both look very good.

THC CELL3647d ago

ya no what i cant wait to see if the getaway is coming

Only e3 can tell

Official General3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I clearly remember IGN and a bunch of other gaming sites that stated the PS3 version of GTA 4 was slightly better than the 360 version a good while ago, way back when the game was first released and reviewed. I'm sure can't it be any different with the Episodes from Libert City. And before anyone thinks I'm starting a war, just go back and check the IGN GTA 4 review.

From these screenshot comparisons, I think the PS3 version looks slightly better anyway.


Yeah, this definitely depends on what brand of goggles you where, Sony or MS. But with your low bubble count I would assume you wear MS brand, no?

Anon19743647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

He felt the color palate that they used on the PS3 and the smoothing affects made if feel more real if I remember correctly.

I understand the 360 version had some terrible pop-in problems but some sites liked the brighter colors. I'm sure that, like usual, the differences between the two were so minor that you'd never notice while playing the game.

You can kinda see what Sam Houser was talking about in these shots above. The 360 version has a higher level of contrast and feels more like a video game. When you look at the colors of the PS3 version, the way the light effects things you can certainly see it feels softer and more natural. I think both versions of the game did a great job though. Despite all the haters, I agree with the critics. GTA4 was an amazing game that I think was worthy of all the praise it received. That being said, by the end I had invested so many hours into Liberty city that it was starting to get a little old at the end. I might pick these levels up one day but it'll most likely be at the bottom of a used game bin.

Megaton3647d ago

I've done two 100%'s on the PS3, 95.25% on the 360 (installed). What are the differences? Way more pop-in on the 360, but a better framerate there too. That's about it.

WetN00dle693647d ago

I dont know man the Lighting in the 360 version looks better. Just take a look at the second picture and you will notice that the street lights on the PS3 are almost non-existent.

Hanif-8763647d ago

You must be on crack. The PS3 version is Sub-HD and also lacks anti-aliasing.

Gue13647d ago

That's true man... A couple of sites said that the PS3 version was better but it wasn't true.

Chubear3647d ago

OP is right. If you're disagreeing then you're full of it.

The GTA4 was generally better quality on the PS3 but it's DLC is clearly not to the same standard on the PS3 and I have no clue why gamers would support R*'s DLC of GTA4 on the PS3 when it is obviously not even on par with the quality of the 360 version from a year ago.

Official General3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

I read the reviews of GTA 4 and IGN, Games Radar, 1UP and a few others all stated that the PS3 version looked slightly better in their opinion and thats a fact. I'm not gonna provide you with the links for proof, you all should know how to google something by now. However that dont mean the PS3 version is necessarily better as a general matter of fact. You guys have personal views. If you prefer the 360 version and think it looks better then thats fine, there is nothing wrong with that. You dont need to get all emtional about it when people provide you with documented facts.

I thought GTA 4 looked very good on the PS3 and thats all that mattered to me. I'm just looking forward to this PS3 Liberty City episodes and from the reviews I've read about it so far, I'm told that the PS3 Episodes are graphically fine and on the same level with the 360, I have not heard otherwise. If anyone has then let us know. These screenshot comparisons dont always prove anything, unless you've played them and seen them for yourself.

EDIT: Or maybe the 360 crowd in here are feel betrayed and hurt by the fact that PS3 owners are now getting ther precious so-called "exclusive" GTA 4 episodic DLC/content that they boasted and bragged about for so long. How do you make yourselves feel better? You bash the PS3 DLC and you aint even physically seen it play. Well dont blame us guys, blame your masters Microsoft for not paying more money to Rockstar. It seems like even $50 million werent enough, sorry ;-)

EDIT: Check out this comparison, it's better than this one, much better. I dont think there is much difference between the two versions after seeing this:

Solidus187-SCMilk3647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

and that is a fact.

Ocelot5253647d ago (Edited 3647d ago )

debunking of the 640p lie:

look at the screenshots yourself, it's the same resolution, even rockstar stated the pS3 is 720p NATIVE

those guys @ beyond3D can't be trusted

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SephireX3647d ago

Gamespot said the 360 version of GTA 4 was better and from seeing screenshots, it does seem that way. This dlc is brilliant and I recommend it to anyone who wants a great sandbox experience.

Tarasque3647d ago

Just as the reviews stated the 360 version was better and as these screenshots show. I could really care less though, GTA sucks anywho.

SephireX3637d ago

In your opinion it sucks but imo, GTA IV is one of the best games ever made. Look at the average scores of all GTA games starting with 3 and they're all above 9.5. If that's not impressive. What the hell is?