Crysis 2 PS3 'performs better than 360 version'

CVG: Crytek has admitted that its getting "slightly more performance" out of the PS3 version of Crysis 2 than the Xbox 360 edition.

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Shadow Flare4675d ago

Then if they are going to make the ps3 version hit its "graphical ceiling" then there's no way the two versions should be "identical"

commodore644675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

The actual quote was somewhat less impressive:
"... We took our time and worked out the right way to approach it (ps3)."
"At the moment, we're getting slightly more performance from PS3 compared to 360"

It sounds like Crytek simply has invested the time to maximise the potential of the ps3.

I just hope they invest the same amount of resources in maximising the 360.

It seems silly to invest 2-3x the resources in squeezing out marginally extra performance from the ps3, when the same is never afforded to the 360.

sikbeta4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

PR talk FTL! so, There will be 2 Different Versions instead of an "standard" vesion


I was expecting an "Standard" Version for Both Platforms, even if Crytek said they want to Push the Hardware on every platform, but seems like it'll be like FF13 with 2 Different Versions...


Maybe Crytek is Pushing the Hardware but the Versions are still Different, something like a Superior PC Version and the PS3 with the Better Version on Consoles and that can end up like the already metioned game I posted

bnaked4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

"I'm very confident that products using CryEngine 3 are going to come out as the best looking, or at least in the top three, on every platform."

This statement is ok.

And that the PS3-version is superior is no surprise..


Of course they won't be identical when both consoles do things better than the other. You people can exhale now...

Ocelot5254675d ago

cry-engine 3

deutsche qualität

thereapersson4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

For one, how do you know they invested 2-3 times the resources on the PS3 version? Do you have financial records and concrete evidence from the development team, or are you going to dig up an article from 2007 about how the PS3 was still a difficult platform to make games for to suit your blind assumption? Crytek isn't some n00b developer; they've pretty much created the best-looking PC game engine of all time, and it's just that much more impressive how they can scale it down to work on consoles with such positive results.

What's even more impressive is how a primarily PC-driven development studio has had such good luck on the PS3 on their first go-around. What's Valve's excuse, you wonder...

You're spinning so hard, I'm surprised the Earth hasn't been knocked off its axis.

Shaman4675d ago

Thats very good if they tell it straight forward like that.If it runs like that,then ps3 is slightly stronger because engine pushes system to limits.Only think that brings doubt about this is that this is for ps3 magazine and that they showed 360 version to press.Gamespot also quoted Cevat saying ps3 will look nearly identical to 360 version,however it is we will have to wait,but as i said.Which ever platform looks better then its only one reason,that console is stronger,if thats ps3 so be it ;)

BrutallyBlunt4675d ago

Well I would hope so that a console that came out a year after the Xbox 360 and costs more to make would perform better.

Chaostar4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

It's about time that a developer utilized the best aspects of each console. Everyone who isn't in denial knows the PS3 is superior graphically, not that Xbox games look terrible but PS3 just has the edge. I'm glad that they aren't holding out on that edge so the people who care about graphics can pick up the PS3 version (if they don't have an insane gaming rig) and everyone else still gets to play if they only have an Xbox. It's win-win-win. Edit: Of course other factors besides graphics will come into play but thats all we're discussing here right?

It seems like they REALLY want that 'graphics king' title but they are gonna have to make something extra special to knock UC2/GOW3 off the top spot for PS3.

edit:@commodore64 using 'placeholders' to keep your comment up top before you even write it is not a popular practice.

Edit: I realize that this comment may make me appear fanboyish in the eyes of some, and I really was hesitant to post it, but is it not true that the games with the best graphics are PS3 exclusive? Top 3 in most peoples opinions would be Uncharted 2, GOW3 and Killzone 2 (in no particular order) and this is just my opinion also so please don't dump me with those types.

Sitris4675d ago

PR bullshots, and i reckon Crysis 1 will be better, as the consoles will limit it. Heres hoping i will pick up the super superior version on my PC :)

LoVeRSaMa4675d ago

I have yet to see a multiplat beat MGS4 in gfx yet, so I don't believe the quote about 'pushing PS3's Limits to the ceiling'.

Obviously if it was to push the limits as far as they said then looking at the game titles out it would probably look better on PS3.

They sound like they struggled with the PS3's development which is another reason for me doubting there claims.

We will have to see I guess, I hope it pushes both consoles! =]

Dance4675d ago

At the moment, we're getting slightly more performance from PS3 compared to 360. I'm very confident that products using CryEngine 3 are going to come out as the best looking, or at least in the top three, on every platform

fox024675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

we'll see when the game is out.

champ214675d ago

Whats the point of debating on "SLIGHTLY better performance" when it will be barely noticible. You are better of buying it on your console of choice.

However if you would like to see a clear difference then PC is obviously the way to go, be it a 3yr old rig or a mid range PC of today.

thereapersson4675d ago

Because it's the only thing that people on this site have to worry about, even though when they are playing the game at home, only the worst of the worst are actually sitting there saying "Man, I'm glad this version outperforms the xxx console's version!".

Stupid moronic behavior...

Ju4675d ago

Slightly ? We shall see what that means. 576p vs 720p ? LOL.

Still a PR statement. For once to make the PS3 gamers happy, and to make sure not to offend MS too much...

120FPS4675d ago

Before fanboys start getting giddy, remember the Ghostbuster fiasco.....

I like how the statement has changed from "best graphix on consoles to top 3"

iFLOWLIKEWATER4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

What I never understood was how the PS3 was the lead platform for Ghost Busters, but the 360 version trumped it in almost every single way.

On topic: I really think the most loosely used term in gaming nowadays is "identical". Its just no way its happening nor has it happened. And yes, I've seen all the comparisons. But I suppose I am nitpicking a little bit...

raztad4675d ago

[email protected]"marginally extra power"

You guys should be more than happy than the xbox is capable of producing good looking games like AW and Crysis 2 w/o worrying so much about it being "as powerful as" the PS3.

I'm quite interested about more tech details, for example native resolutions on both platforms. I can tell from the video the xbox version has few to none AA applied. BTW, where is the PS3 version?

Icyhot4675d ago

Even Square Enix said both versions looked identical giving 'SLIGHT' edge to the PS3 in the interviews and look how that turned out o_0.

Lol hope we aren't looking at 576P vs 720P all over again.

Lol hey Shaman where is your 'Crytek performs better on 360' crap talk now?

@Shaman: "Gamespot also quoted Cevat saying ps3 will look nearly identical to 360 version".. They even quoted FF13 version looked identical -_-

WhittO4675d ago

They both look awful.

Such BS about "Maxing out" the consoles to their full potential etc..etc..


I'm not worried about what the 360 is capable at all. I haven't seen anything out there blowing its games out of the water, only slightly better graphics, meaning a little more attention to detail.

kancerkid4675d ago


Technically, Xbox has the advantage when it comes to implementing AA. So if the Xbox does not have it, or has very little, don't expect the PS3 version to have any. I hope they both have it though, even though it won't be more than 2x if you ask me.

thereapersson4675d ago

There are actually effective ways of implementing effective AA solutions on the PS3 that don't involve a taxing impact on the overall performance of a game. God of War III is a perfect example.

The weird thing about the PS3 is that you can't look directly at its raw specifications and automatically know what you're going to get from it.

frankymv4675d ago

Nobody gives a crap about the PC anymore.....

Stop ignoring the warning signs, especially when the biggest PC graphical dev (Crytek) is now squarely focused on consoles.

Strange_Evil4675d ago

@Kancerkid- What if they implement MLAA like that of GOW3? That technique gives a much more smoother AA than MSAA (gives about 8x equivalent) which is much more superior to the usual 2x which the 360 gives. Crytek always comes out with "we are maximizing the PS3" talk, and I always feel that devs should take up MLAA for better results. Maybe that is the way Crytek is going.

It's really funny to read the comments here now. Just a few weeks back we had talks about Crysis 2 on 360 looking better than anything and 360 fanboys jumping on the hype bandwagon and saying Crysis 2 will beat KZ2. And now they come out and say PS3 is performing better. OUCH. That's gotta hurt.

sid4gamerfreak4675d ago

But if you want the best performance, you might wanna get the game on the superior pc version

MNicholas4675d ago

then they've failed to get the most out of it.

As many developers have shown, the Cell has more than lived up to it's promise and enabled the RSX to render visuals that are at least 50% better than what the GPU could have accomplished by itself.

GT5 Prologue is the most obvious example of this.

It's only because of the Cell that the game isn't limited to 720P or less. Instead it renders 50% higher resolution than competitors with approximately similar GPU capability while also rendering up to 16 cars with, easily, the most realistic lighting in any racing game.

Christopher4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

Would you mind showing me the break down of time spent on developing for each console, since you seem to have this information at hand?

I'm not saying that the PS3 didn't require a bit more effort, because they said it did, but 2-3x the resources? Yeah, I'm calling BS on that one.

Also, I think people are using the term 'performance' to mean 'graphical quality' when in reality it may mean improving framerate by 5fps on average or something like that.

The most important note from the article is this: "Our man Ryan saw just a snippet of gameplay running on PS3, and said it looked exactly the same as the 360 version."

champ214675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )


Steam says NO :P

To each is their own. Ill be getting the PC version at 33usd along with my buddies, if steam has a the usual 4 pack ;-)

What Would Kratos Do4675d ago

I'll start taking bets now.
I accept PayPal.

PC version will look the best:- 2/7
PS3 version will look the best:- 3/1
360 version will look the best:- 5/2

iFLOWLIKEWATER4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

Strangeevil, whats your point? Crysis 2 will be on the 360 and yes it will look way better than KZ2. Do you see whats going on there? Most of the PS3 extremist propaganda says the 360 is a weak console and that the PS3 is vastly superior. But that opinionated superiority is only "slight". I mean, only 2 games from Sony's 1st party studios look "slightly" better than the games on the 360, 3rd party games at that! Now the first Crysis game on PC, thats vastly superior than anything out there. People are using the word superior a little too loosely...

Edit: Disagrees, but no rebuttal? Figures, people can't deny the truth and if so, I'm all ears...

Edit: Strangeevil, once again there is that propaganda that rears its head. Maybe you think you're talking to someone who doesn't have access to a PS3 and its games. Crysis on PC=vastly superior to other platforms, PS3(1st party exclusives)=Slightly better than 360(multi-plats not included). Now, I'll agree with anyone who says that MS doesn't have anything out yet to compare to Sony's 1st party games.

Hellsvacancy4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

Crysis 2 will b crap anyway, no matter wot console its on, so y care

bnaked4675d ago


no, have you seen the cryengine tech trailer from the GDC??? I have watched it on my Bravia in 720p and it looked awful. It looks like 576p without anti-aliasing.. Or look at the first two screenshots! The textures are mediocre at best and the aliasing is just awful.. Thats just my opinion about the tech demo but maybe it was just the 360 version and the PS3 version will look much better, i don't know. I want to see Crysis 2 PS3 footage..

OmegaSlayer4675d ago

Actually, whatever version is better doesn't bother me, but this Crytek bullying that I read every day is becoming ball breaking.

Strange_Evil4675d ago


"Crysis 2 will be on the 360 and yes it will look way better than KZ2"

Hold you horses and lets see some gameplay before we pass the verdict right?

"Most of the PS3 extremist propaganda says the 360 is a weak console and that the PS3 is vastly superior"

There are nuts on both the sides. Do you want me to pull out all the comments by 360 fanboys saying PS3 GPU is weak, Blu-Ray is useless and CELL was doomed from the beginning? The fact is, all the current AAA exclusive on the PS3 look better than anything 360 has shown till now be it KZ2, UC2 or GOW3. At least PS3 fanboys have something to show as proof. And please 'SLIGHTLY' isn't the case here. See UC2 or GOW3(which even hits 60FPS) and it's A LOT better looking that Gears 2 (current best from 360) (Oh and also pulling out more FPS in GOW3's case).

Besides, I agree, PC version will be superior, but it's great to see the dev putting in more efforts to optimize the PS3 version. Crytek has said it time and time again that "THEY WILL HIT THE PS3 CEILING".. Never heard them say the same about the 360?? Even EA always say "WE LIKE TO MAX OUT THE PS3".. Why not the 360?? Major devs have agreed PS3 is the benchmark with it's exclusive in graphics hence target it.

The Wood4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

we'll see if it looks better than killzone when it comes out.

This we're the victim crap is annoying (we can exhale now huh).. When gears 1 and bioshock were the best games from graphical standpoint there was no end to the chest thumping by many 360 fans and fair enough it was true BUT the ps3 has proved on many occasions spanning different genres that IT is the console graphical beast this gen and now SOME go on like they dont care about graphics anymore....until, of course, a game gets hyped to be better than a ps3 exclusive.....thats when you see em ALL come out...The FACT is when a multiplatform game has a pixel difference people scream from the hills but compare exclusives and its.....'teh gameplay' or 'sales'...bullsh!t. people reap what they sow and its all fair in love war and console wars;)

an example of the fact that 360 guys DO want great graphics and wannt to thump their chest again like the old days...

lol....victims my a** :)

only 2 games huh

wheres ur mlb 09/10

wheres ur LAIR even....yeah i went there technically

wheres ur wipeout forget it

I know that the 360 has points where its better than the ps3.... its just better games from a graphical/technical standpoint isnt one of em... You'd think after 4 + years there would be more of a fight but a lack of studios can do that

Fanb0y4675d ago

Note the words 'performs better' used over 'looks better'.

Crytek is striving for some level of visual equivalence on the console versions.

Most likely, the same textures will be used. The PS3 version likely has a much more consistent framerate, and possibly a differend kind of AA that utilizes the Cell.

CrazzyMan4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

PS3 is more POWERFUL, than x360.
This was proven MANY times with games like MGS4, Killzone 2, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3 and other PS3 exclusives, wich outperform in graphics department EVERY x360 game.

Recent x360 attempts:

FFXIII doesn`t run in HD on x360.
Alan Wake(2010) can`t match Uncharted 2(2009).

PS3 is just superior. <- This should be common knowledge already and not questioned ever again.

raztad4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )


"I haven't seen anything out there blowing its games out of the water, only slightly better graphics, meaning a little more attention to detail."

You got to be kidding me. Just go to GT5P vs Forza3 DF comparison, it's pretty enlightening.

Regarding Crysis 2. Crytek has been trying to hype their tech saying they are reaching the PS3 ceiling. If the xbox Crysis gameplay is how the PS3 will look I'll safely say they failed very hard at maxing the PS3 out.

@guy above saying xbox does better AA than PS3

You havent played GoW3. Enough said

Steffl3r4675d ago

Of course that how its going, 1 PS3 has the graphical edge, so Microsoft will have the edge over Sony in PC, while PS3 has the edge over Microsoft in consoles. Sounds like theyre being fari to both companies and as long as they put the atteniton and care they do into the 360 port as they do the PC and PS3 I'll be happy. Because although they wont be the "best" the 360 graphics will probably still be something to drool over, because its not like theyre gonna kill the graphics just because its on 360, 360 can handle it, it certainly hasnt been maxed out yet. In fact that excites me about both consoles because just when you think it can be done they push the boundaries again and again =)

Persistantthug4675d ago

and which developers gave them help.

Would be interesting to know.

EvilBlackCat4675d ago

Funny how PS3

"Slightly Does Everything"

IaMs124675d ago

This does not confirm it will LOOK better. Something can look the same but not run the same. EX: 360 may run at a solid 30 FPS, which is acceptable but the PS3 may run it at 60 but produce the same visuals. Which, this can indeed make the game look better but in the end will it? dunno...

pixelsword4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

He's been talking so much junk I expect Crysis 2 on consoles to out preform Crysis 1 on the PC; since people have been comparing Killzone 2 to Crysis 1; plus, people are comparing console and PC games to Killzone 2 and not Crysis 1.

MGRogue20174675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

The Apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all.. eh? :)

The truth is now revealed to us all now, gentlemen.. May we all raise our glasses to a glorious victory for the amazing PlayStation 3! :D

JustTheFactsMr4675d ago

PS3 is way ahead on graphics, physics, HD 7.1 audio and putting them all together at the same time.

Memory that runs 4.5x as fast as the 360 is just one of the reasons it competes with all but the highest end PC's.

There are reasons the Cell DESTROYS those high and mighty PC based machines for things like [email protected] Fact is it's number crunching leaves them in the dust.

Now waits while all the PC fanboys claim physics and graphics aren't based on number crunching.

HDgamer4675d ago

Getting both versions, PC and ps3. Pc will be mainly for the Cryengine 3 editor if it's released along with it.

DOMination4675d ago

This game will prove how much rubbish Sony was talking when they said Killzone was only possible on PS3. As for the headline in this article, it's pure science fiction.

r0s3b0wl234675d ago

Doesn't matter which one is better because Crysis is a crappy generic shooter anyway.

Pika-pie4675d ago

Awesome, guess I know which version il be getting

fullmetal2974675d ago


LOL, PS3 beating the PC in anything is just as delusional as the xbox 360 fanboys saying the 360 being better the PS3 hardware wise. If your all powerful PS3 can "DESTROY" high end PCs then why isn't the majority of its games are in 720p and plays @ 30 frames. And just for the record, my PC also has [email protected]

dc14675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

I am a fan - Very good "thereapersson" very good.

Commodore64, I said it before,.. you have the best handle (I love it),. but,.. you need to enter into the world of the PS3,. it's safe, it's fun, it's engrossing,it's apolitical and it saves small babies and kittens simultaneously... yeah it does that.

Heisenberg4675d ago

Worst attempt to spin something I've ever seen. You should be very embarrassed, cause that was sad, and desperate. Not to mention a flat out lie.

Spin it any way you like, at the end of the day, you know as well as the rest of us that what they were saying was they're getting better performance out of the PS3 than the 360.

HolyOrangeCows4675d ago

While it's nice to hear, the console footage we've seen still looks stinkin' awful. The textures look like something out of a last-gen game.

huzzaahh4675d ago

The PS3 exclusives that are vastly superior to the 360 exclusives are all 1st party (with ONE, MGS4, being 3rd party). Get your facts straight.


Anyway, I believe that all three versions will look great, with PC leading, PS3 in second (although not much better than the 360 version, since it's a multi-plat), and of course 360 in third.

I do honestly wish that those idiots at Crytek would just shut up and finish their game, though.

mikepmcc4675d ago


Ever heard of tech specs?? The 360 is inherently underpowered compared to the ps3, so why wouldn't there be a different? 360 fanboys, stop being in denial, and PS3 fanboys, quit touting the obvious.

huzzaahh4675d ago

Hey! The major 360 butthurt fanboy is back! Accept that the PS3 is technically superior, because thinking otherwise is futile. You just make yourself look like a complete idiot.

Nobody should take your opinion seriously since you said that God of War III had "okay" graphics. Spoken like a true Xbot. How's denial treating you?

Lightsaber4675d ago

Not to say its not true but given that its a ps3 site what you think they are going to say.

Mikeyy4675d ago

You raise and awesome point.

What IS Valves excuse for struggling with PS3?

BWS19824675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

it took a long enough amount of time, but Commodore finally has most of his communicative capacity reduced to where it should be. Let the Gods of normalcy rejoice in the pure joy of reduced ignorance and insanity.

I can't state whether I will buy Crysis 2 on PS3 or PC, but I never wanted it on my 360 only because I try to reduce the usage of it. I get the 14 exclusives I have on there and enjoy those, but if I can add one more game to the other platforms so I don't have to worry about malfunctions and design flaws showing, I'm all for that.

It doesn't surprise me at all Crysis 2 will eek out a bit better performance from the PS3, as we already have precedents for the platform, all we needed were devs with balls and know-how to ensure we stop getting shoddy ports and versions slapped together (and asshat publishers who push said devs into a time crunch, because that is also a problem, it's not always the devs' fault).

vhero4675d ago

Well, well, well 360 fans excuses will all be coming out now commodore was the first eh?? But you can't think of anything it's rather funny.. This was obvious really why can't people admit the PS3 is more powerful than the 360 and move on?? We all know its true.. Sick of it all to be honest.. Who cares about this anyways?? It will still sell millions on 360..

Hill_billy4674d ago

I just want it to look good no matter what platform I play it on. I personally play more on the PC and PS3 but will buy any port on the 360 if it is the better game. In this case, it sounds like the PC will be my choice but glad to hear that the PS3 is looking great.

ThanatosDMC4674d ago

But the sad thing is if it does look like the released screenshots it still looks like sh!t.

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DaTruth4675d ago (Edited 4675d ago )

Honesty is the best policy!

In before all Hell breaks loose!

RedDragan4675d ago

Bet you the 360 version will still get the highest Meta score of the 3 platforms.

These days I have lost faith in reviews. It seems they have hidden agenda's.

DelusionalMsBot4675d ago

why does just cause 2 have a higher metascore on the ps3 than 360 then?