SCEA Producer: PSP 2 Is Not Needed Now

" has Vernon Mollette, Producer of ModNation Racers (PSP) at San Diego Studios. They talked about the upcoming mobile racer, ModNation Racers, and dug deep in what all was involved. They also discussed the idea of PSP having a successor and Vernon had some pretty interesting things to say."

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Christopher3111d ago

Not until they find a way to fix all the problems from the first. Personally, go all flash drive with it and a built-in memory of 32+gigs. Oh, and how about a more integrated PSN system including trophy support?

HolyOrangeCows3111d ago

I say it IS needed. Piracy is killing third party efforts and we've seen enough games suffer from its lack of a second control stick.

blitz06233111d ago

They have to find a way to kill piracy first. Seriously, 3rd party devs will stop making PSP games if all their games are just being downloaded for free.

Noctis Aftermath3111d ago

Of course he would say it's not needed, his studio is releasing a new game on the psp soon.

Wait until E3 and i bet his attitude changes.

kraze073111d ago

You guys keep mentioning piracy, but it's more rampant on the Nintendo DS and we never here about how it's hurting the 3rd party DS devs. It's the perfect time to launch a new PSP. It just needs a reasonable price, second analog stick, better marketing than what the PSP had, Apps, and PSN integration.

Pillage053111d ago

It may not be needed at the moment but I think PSP2 should come sooner than later. I do think the PSPgo was a mistake on Sony's part (mainly due to the price, and the fact that you don't have access to the full yet already limited games library.)

Sony has made now like 4 different iterations of the psp? Its obvious their testing the waters for features that people will want. I do hope they take their time and get psp2 right from the start. Piracy prevention will be a necessity to get all the 3rd party developers back on board for a psp2, along with the other obvious additions gamers have been clamoring for...dual analog sticks/full psn integration.

sikbeta3111d ago

Wait until E3, When Kaz Hirai appear on Screen Showing a New Portable device...

Brklynty13111d ago

But at E3 you can expect them to announce it for a next year release.

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Nick2120043111d ago

I agree that the PSP has a ton of untouched power, but I feel the PSP is in need of a rehaul! I want full interaction with the PlayStation Network.

sinncross3111d ago

I think a PSP2 sooner may be the best route (especially if they can cut out piracy).
Personally, all I would want from a handheld is a stronger PSP with 4 shoulder buttons and 2 analog nubs.

I don't need touchscreen and 3D effects (though they are very nice additions): I just prefer the simple stuff with some good power to boot.

AndrewE3111d ago

It's nice seeing more PSP games getting the 'full feature" treatment. PSP definitely has the power and developers are already featuring games around that. Just look at the new metal gear solid peace walker game.

Nick2120043111d ago

I agree with you completely! I am tired of all the torn up ports. Games like ModNation Racers prove you can deliver "feature rich" titles on the PSP.

Daze3113111d ago

With games like M.N.R. i am glad to have a psp again and its cool that great games like this are coming to the psp and working with the ps3 as well.

chase1673111d ago

psp needs trophies
psp needs a friends list
psp needs custom soundtracks
(Because my custom firmware psp has this already)
psp needs to be online all the time

Nick2120043111d ago

I couldn't agree with you much more. Once 4G kicks off, it would work perfectly with the PSP 2.

FragGen3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

A next gen PSP should also have bluetooth, GPS, and 3G data support and will almost certainly have a touch screen and accelerometer. Totally agree with the idea that the next Sony PSP or PSPphone should be on PSN ALL the time just like a PS3.

Backwards compatibility with the prior model would be a requirement, also.

PS2 compatibility would be nice, also.

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