Gears of War 3" Video Game World Premiere Trailer : "Ashes to Ashes"

Cliff Bleszinski from Epic Games stopped by the show tonight to give us an exclusive FIRST LOOK at the hotly anticipated Gears of War 3 video game. Cliff brought a trailer, "Ashes to Ashes," especially for us and now for all the world to see:

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KingKionic 5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

Sick !

I just noticed there`s a double barrel shotgun in there .

Where`s dom ?

Whats great about this trailer is it showed new enemies and the enemies came from all angles .

clixx335184d ago

Lol...what's with all the black/gray coloring? Reverting back, are we now?

HolyOrangeCows5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

I see a third enemy type.

Other than that, just sort of a boring teaser trailer. Better than a lot of other teasers, though (Since it at least introduces new things).

LordMarius5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

Atleast they didnt make it CGI... i think, couldnt tell it was too gray but not graphically impressive

Eidt: @ the disagrees: So it was CGI, damn thats a shame

MerkinMax5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

They really made everyone look like they've been through hell.

@ KionicWarlord222 - I think Dom was the first character shown who fell. He's got some scruff now. Or it could be Adam Fenix.

KingKionic 5184d ago

That cant be dom...he doesn't look nothing like him .

MerkinMax5184d ago

Notice how all of the characters have new looks.

Blaze9295184d ago

I think that was dom. seems like some kind of time skip - was it me or did Cole look balled to anyone else? Seems the game will be set a few years after Gears 2? Maybe a 'few' isnt the corrent word.

And if that's true, that was Dom on the floor then with the beard and all that.

Anyway, can't wait! Gears of War 3 is going to rock 2011! April too? Too sweet

-Alpha5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

1) The title of the clip is Ashes to Ashes. It's supposed to be gray.

2) Gray? Should I bring up Killzone 2?

3) It's an artstyle

4) Graphics don't make a game and the graphics will be just fine.

The jealousy coming from all the disagrees to a simple "the game is looking great!" comment is hilarious (look at KionicWorld).

On topic:

The embedded video is a trailer of a guy winning the Wii. Click the link for the trailer.

The trailer was great. MS/Epic really knows how to set the tone for Gears of War. Mad World was an excellent use in their Gears ad. The trailer served its purpose and got me hyped, I need to really play the first two now.

Fanb0y5184d ago

Love the 'dead' atmosphere.

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

the first guy is adam fenix, marcus's father. I bet thats him.

Also, why did kionicwarlord get disagrees for what he said? wtf ... the guy was expressing his feelings for gears.

StanLee5184d ago

Fcuking nice!!! A whole year we have to wait?!!! A whole God damn year?!!!

Natsu X FairyTail5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

I'm watching it right now on TV.

ALRIGHT! saw the trailer.

This was a good Teaser. We got to see new characters and new enemies. battles will be bigger in this title I expect.

good stuff in my eyes.

tatotiburon5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

he's dom, everybody have new look, look for the bold black guy, see?...looks like a lot of years pass after GeOW 2

-MD-5184d ago

Dom was the one that fell down at the start and got handed the gun by Marcus. Great teaser! Watched it twice. Love the song too.

KingKionic 5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

Ok..ill side with you guys . I guess that is dom .

He just looks very different . But i see Marcus,baird,and cole do too .


Cole is balled and he has a captain`s cut . I wonder what that means .

Years and years must have pasted by .


Those mini locust werent wretches,tickers, or those things that were inside the giant worm .

They look like locust spiders .

deadreckoning6665184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )


Edit: Marius, what the hell is with you and graphics? The game right now looks FINE and its a whole YEAR before release. Its not supposed to look that good yet.

As far as it looking "gray"....its ONE sequence in a TRAI-LER of a game thats in its Alpha stage lol.

Man, the insecurity from the PS3 fanboys is mindboggling! They come here just to hate lmao.

@Marius- Its ONE YEAR AWAY, the graphics arent supposed to be impressive. Dude, Halo 3 and COD4 are the 2 most popular/most well received shooters this gen and they don't look nearly as gud as KZ2!

Lionhead5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

Awww no gameplay :(

Oh well, E3 will obviously have something I bet.

Wow at disagrees, madd much? Don't say anything close to negative or positive or you'll get disagrees! w00t

5184d ago
LordMarius5184d ago

ok, since i was getting too many agrees and disagrees, I watched it again, I had to lighten up my screen because it was still too gray, and Its definitely not CGI, then I watched some KZ2 footage after Alpha-male mentioned it, and I can confirm the graphics are not as impressive.

iNcRiMiNaTi5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

lol wtf happened to dom? its like he found a time machine and tried to use it and try to save maria but it backfired and made him old.

watched it again and cog armor also seems to be missing shoulder pads and cole is wearing a headband or something. still wanna see some gameplay and hopefully the host advantage isn't as bad in this one and the glitches and bugs are ironed out before release.

qface645184d ago

am i the only person who thinks his show is among the lamest of the late night shows?

Solidus187-SCMilk5184d ago (Edited 5184d ago )

Cant wait to try this.

Edit-- What I saw of the JF show was HORRIBLE.