Konami sees little PS3 price cut impact: Metal Gear Solid may come to other consoles

Kazumi Kitaue, the head of Konami's North American and European operations, told Reuters today that Konami may need to expand the target hardware for its blockbuster action game Metal Gear Solid, which has so far been developed for Sony's PlayStation machines, to other consoles in the future to recoup development costs.

"Since Metal Gear Solid was born for the PlayStation, we would like to keep it a PlayStation game. But we might have to take some steps," Kitaue said.

Konami plans to launch Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for the PS3 in the current business year to March 2008.

Bloodmask5807d ago (Edited 5806d ago )

It would only make sense that MGS4 will also come to 360. Publishers want to maximize their profits. PS3 is not selling well compared to the other consoles and Konami knows this.

The system with the largest install base always gets the games. This happened with PS2 last generation. It will be no different with 360 this generation. with the 360 install base at almost 12 mil Konami would be crazy to pass up the green.

Disagree all day long and take all my bubbles. That is your only defense Sony boys. To hide behind the feedback and disagree buttons. To attack someone personally bc you know it is true.
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Here is an article that actually says "MGS4" in it Desperado since I know you always look for your loophole.

Omegasyde5807d ago

Don't believe till after E3.

E3 will be where the 360 version will come out to play if there eve in one.

But then again Price cuts are about to roll worldwide for the PS3 so who knows?

Until it is said officially by Hideo Kojima Himself, don't believe anything.

DrPirate5807d ago (Edited 5806d ago )

Timed Exclusive Confirmed.

Either way, if it comes out 1 year after the PS3 version, no one will care about it then :\.

Edit: I only say timed because in the article, they imply that a 360 version isn't even in the works and that if the PS3 sales don't pick up, they may start working on one.

Edit: Bloodmask, I'm not trying to incite anything but no one DID care for those games when they ended up on the PS3. They sold well because there was absolutely nothing to do buy. Did you see anyone horribly excited for Oblivion's arrival to the PS3? I'll admit, even I bought Vegas (Despite I played it already on my cousin's 360), but I'm selling that game the second we hit August to buy a real PS3 game. Not me or any of my PS3 owning friends has their calendars marked for the glorious release of GRAW2 (which by the way, was excellent on the 360 I must admit, for the exception of Gears, it's the only game that kept me interested for a long period of time).People want new things, I don't know, do you agree?

Bloodmask5807d ago (Edited 5806d ago )

then I guess the same rules must apply to Oblivion, GRAW2, and Rainbow Six Vegas on PS3, Correct DrPirate?

I guess nobody is interested in those games for PS3 according to your logic. Seeing as how they came out on PS3 roughly a year later.
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Dr Pirate, if people want new IPs so badly then why are PS3s most anticipated games MGS4 you do see the 4 correct? , and FF13 ? You do see that 13 in the title don't you?..............and how about Gran Turismo 5? You know 5....the number that comes after 4?

DrPirate5806d ago (Edited 5806d ago )

Of course, I will answer your question. However, you must take note that this is based off my opinion, I cannot speak on the behalf of all gamers, however, I do implore you to see my way. Also, I gave you a bubble, you answer back in a mature fashion and that's rare on this website. Also, I ask you be more polite when you answer back, I'm not acting immature or pretending that you aren't intelligent enough to see numbers after a couple of letters so then why are you? I treat you with respect, I expect it to be reciprocated.

Quote: Regardlessly: Dr Pirate, if people want new IPs so badly then why are PS3s most anticipated games MGS4 you do see the 4 correct? , and FF13 ? You do see that 13 in the title don't you?

I'm anticipating Metal Gear Solid 4 because it was described as being the game to showcase the PS3's power. When this game is released, we'll finally have a good idea at just what is capable. Also, on a personal note, I need to find out how the series concludes :P. I've been playing original Metal Gear since elemtary school and I absolutely must find out the ending. If the ending is out there, it takes the surprise out of the game. Do you catch what I'm getting at? This is also the reason why I'm anticipating God of War 3.

Final Fantasy, call them sequels, none of the games are alike. All the stories are independant of each other and carry the same, but slightly altered gameplay mechanics in each one. Same goes for Gran Turismo, people just want the same old Driving Simulator with new graphics, more cars and more tracks, but Driving Games will be driving games you know? Don't worry I see your point with sequalities. This does work for all three consoles. Who isn't excited for Halo 3? Half-Life 2: Episode 2? Metroid 3? The next Zelda? Ratchet and Clank 5 looks like a reimagining of the series.

Lastly: New IP's do get me excited. Uncharted looks like everything I wanted an adventure game to be. Heavenly Sword looks like the action-adventure game to take the reigns OF God of War being so story driven. Lair doesn't look like my type of game, but it carries a great epic scale and depth. Don't be mislead by my statements however. I think Mass Effect is the IP that will be a heavy hitter.

Maldread5806d ago

We`ll see on E3 if it comes to 360, but i think it will be a timed exclusive if it goes this way. And if you look at the sales of MSG2: Substance on Xbox, i don`t seem to remember it did that great, so i`m not sure if MGS-fans are willing to wait another year to play MGS4 (i don`t think i will).

But as the 360 are cheeper than the PS3 and probably still has a bigger userbase, as the Xbox didn`t have over the PS2, maybe that would mean better sales for it. MGS-games usually sells better in the US and Europe than in Japan too, so it could make sense to port it to 360.

I see no reason to why it couldn`t run on the machine either, because it:
- dosn`t look all that great graphicly, of what`s shown so far
- dosn`t use CGI, which would require a lot of space

I guess it`s all up to Kojima and Konami, if we`ll see MGS4 on 360

jromao5806d ago

PS3 60GB model is selling very well and price cuts will help that sales as also will reorder the 60 and 80 GB models inside the top price limit of $599.

This news about MGS4 going to other consoles is normal as studios/procducers want to cash as much as they can and that is prefectly legal, I'm PS3 fan since ever and in my opinion that's very good other consoles have this game, the Gamer above all will enjoy the fun and then can decide what console want to buy/use.

The only problem about multi-platform games is the game beeing builded at "same time" for all the consoles will not push that specific console features/power to the limit, that usualy give us games with bad gameplay or graphics or both.

But there is one "small" detail at this moment about 360, we know its getting ptoblems with CPU heat and that red lights, I guess if MGS4 is ported to 360 it will make a lot of xboxes to fire that problem again or for the first time, heavy games seems to pull the triger.

ericnellie5806d ago

Developers have to make money too. What, do fanboys think a company is going to go under to remain loyal to another company that will remain in business after the developers demise! NO!! If the PS3 install base isn't large enough for them to make a profit why would anyone think they would be willing to take a massive loss to remain true to anyone. A business must make a profit - that's the simple fact.

DrPirate5806d ago

Anyone with a brain agrees MGS4 won't be solely exclusive to the PS3 forever. I'm just going to say: A simultaneous multi-platform release of Metal Gear Solid 4 is impossible.

If I'm wrong, I'll eat my words, simple as that.

Morbius4205806d ago (Edited 5806d ago )

I hope this stays a PlayStation 3 exclusive. This lack of competition is troubling. It's not good for fans of either console. I'm sure that by Metal Gear's release date the PS3's install base will be big enough for MGS4 to turn a profit especially with the price cut and other big games coming out.

hazeblaze5806d ago

This confirms that their currently no 360 version in development. MGS has always been ported to other systems later in it's life cycle... I don't think there's been much doubt that it would eventually end up on one of the other console's in some form or fashion. But there were a lot of rumors going around that it would release day 1 with the PS3 title. This confirms that they are watching the PS3 situation before they even decide on making a 360 version.

i Shank u5806d ago

i gave you a bubble cause you have 3 and thats gay bro i see ppl making fan comments with more then that. you certainly arent saying MGS4 has jumped ship yet, you give a realistic scenario where MGS4 would jump ship to make more money.

To everyone - Imagine Konami spending all this time and money(is MGS4 costing $30mill to make?) to release a game exclusively for the system w/lowest install base and break even on their investment. No smart business would do that; they are in buisness to make profit and furthermore, to GROW that profit. If this game sold 3 mill copies on PS3, thats a good chunk but Konami will want to sell more then that, especially considering what games like this cost to make. come on people.

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kingboy5807d ago

I strongly believe Metal Gear will go multiplatform today at E3 some how.If not then Tekken might be the one to go

Blankman5807d ago

so you solely believe msoft purpose at e3 is to take away at least one more exclusive from sony. tisk tisk

Blankman5807d ago

360 hasnt even shipped 12 million 1st of all install base is more like 10 and with the recent price cut if sony can some regenerate public interest in their product i have no doubt they will at least reach 3-5 million units in u.s. this yr alone unless msoft counters with a price drop. It will definetly be intersting to see sales reports for this week since i have been hearing a lot of ps3 sold out in stores stories. Regardless mgs4 might hit the 360 a yr after it hits the ps3 which by then i will be singing been there done that.

DixieNormS5806d ago

ala, Ninja Gaiden Sigma. LOL 3 years later.

SuperSaiyan45807d ago (Edited 5807d ago )

You know this thing keeps coming up, I personally am not gagging for MGS4 on the 360 but IF it comes to the 360 what will I need my PS3 for? Only DBZ games and FF games and perhaps the odd 1 or 2 exclusives as well and 1st party games.

Konami need to advise at E3 what their plans are, if they dont say anything about a 360 version at E3 then its either a no no or could be a last min thing 2 months before the game comes out or something.

Either way I personally want a developer out there to finally exploit the PS3's so-called 'untapped power' come on let me see why I parted with over 400 notes!

xfrgtr5806d ago

...and if MGS4 come to the ps3 what will I need a 360 for?

JUSTaGAME5806d ago

Mass Effect
Too Human
Ace Combat 6
Alan Wake
Fable 2
Project Gotham Racing 4
Forza Motorsport 2
Splinter Cell

Just to name a few

hazeblaze5806d ago

:-( Not a very good answer. Not only are only a couple of those titles worth getting excited about... a few are multiplat & a few won't be available til sometime in '08. And then there's the fact that the PS3 is getting much more this year in terms of blockbuster titles. Mass Effect & Lost Odyssey will probably be worth owning a 360 for though... I hope.

masterg5807d ago

This is complete BS.
This games is not coming out until march 2008.
By then the PS3 could be the leader.

gta_cb5806d ago

"could be the leader"

which means this isnt complete bullshit. plus its not saying its deff comming to Xbox 360