MS Can't Wait for Gears of War 3 Reveal

Ok, so the surprise got ruined thanks to the xbox live monkeys not getting their memo on time that Cliffy B appearance on Jimmy Fallon was rescheduled for Monday. Now we know that Microsoft is obviously planning (or was since the leak ) all this Gears of War 3 TV announcement . The exact same day that designer Cliff Bleszinski was supposed to appear and rock everyone's socks with his sick new game a little oops went online on the Xbox Live dashboard celebrating the Gears of War 3 announcement and letting us know that Microsoft is indeed driving the hype train.

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mjolliffe3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

He said he wants to watch Cliff rather than Gears 3 :P And they would be excited because it'll be exclusively on their platforms :)

I'm certainly looking forward to it, and I'm glad I'll be home on Monday to watch it!

AAACE53111d ago

I don't think they need to put much hype into it! I mean, people will buy it just because. Hell, I already plan on buying it and I don't know anything about it yet! I liked the past ones and it seems like they had enough time to make significant changes to it so i'm sold already.

I imagine Ps3 owners feel the same way about Killzone 3 am I right?

Anyway, can't wait to see an official vid or something.

WhittO3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Looking forward to seeing it.

Has ALOT of competition to stand against so it will have to "Bring It".

When you think how many great games we have now compared to when the first Gears launched haha, might aswell have been a different generation! lol

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Lord Vader3110d ago

Wonder if BulletStorm is going to be Multiplat or exclusive... that game sounds really cool (in the Newest Game Informer)

OpenGL3110d ago

I already own all 3 previous Gears of War releases(Gears 1 & 2 on 360 and Gears 1 on PC), so I'll probably end up buying this. Right now I'm not that excited, but I imagine when they actually start showing the game my excitement will grow.

captain-obvious3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

i still wonder why its not on E3
why the hell did they reveal it at some show and NOT E3 ??

it would be alot better if it was on E3

NateNater3110d ago

Because they got too excited and couldn't wait that long?

van-essa3110d ago

Because their E3 press conference[s] is already crowded as it is and they probably have other "AAA" softwares, prjects left to announce at E3.

Inside_out3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I can't wait for the reveal...Gears set the bar this gen and was one of the first blockbusters this gen...While Sony was talking, Gears was blowing everyone away...KZ3 is suppose to make an appearance this yr...Hmmm...should be interesting...As for ALL the other shooters as well as KZ remember this...When the cats away, the mice will play....Setting the PVR for Monday, gotta see this on the big screen live....

Lord Vader3110d ago

Good News: BulletStorm is going to be Multi !

SpaceSquirrel3110d ago

I wonder how much will they show?

Cevapi883110d ago

fix the bugs, online and glitches of the 2nd and GeoW3 will be a major success...improve upon the story and give a grand finale at the end....

diverse enemies and some awesome set pieces will set it apart from other TP shooters

my two cents...i hope the game does end up doing should be a fitting conclusion to the series

MmaFanQc3110d ago

...kinda obvious since MS have only 5-6 games.

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Zero 0073111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

and i cant wait too watch FoolStation Kids sells FS3 soon ;)
See you all on Xbox Live ---> SOON :)

BOOM on the way.. keep eyes open Fools

mrv3213111d ago

You would see me on xbox live if I was willing to throw money at P2P games, luckily I get dedicated servers for free.

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xaviertooth3111d ago

because there is no other games to expect except disappointing games like splinter cell which is 576p

midgard2273111d ago

hopefully they make the story actually somewhat good, improve the acting, make more than 6 players online, wait fix online in general, make a better cover system, i hate feeling stuck to walls like they r humping it.

hopefully they add more than just meat shields because really, the first one wasnt all that and the 2nd one was super bad.

AND PLZ PLZ a real boss fight this time, the last 2 games boss fights were so anti climactic. really bad,

honestly i think people only like it for the blood and because its exclusive, no other reason

Boody-Bandit3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

I was so disappointed with Gears 2. When the credits rolled in the single player campaign I was like "WTF, that's it?" Then I took it online and couldn't believe how long it took to get into a game. When you did the lag was unplayable at times and you couldn't quit a game without going back to your dashboard and only to take a huge hit in your ranking.

I want Epic to take it back to the way Gears of War was set up for online play. Dedicated servers would be sweet too but I know that wont happen. I am a Gears fan and not some hater spreading FUD. Gears 2 was a step in the wrong direction and dedicated servers couldn't hurt.

@below hamoor
Yes because it obviously needs it. Anyone that doesn't have a Gears of War tattoo knows the game has seriously issues online and lag is one of it's biggest problems. Do you know a thing about Epic and their online code? I use to be a mainstream PC gamer. The group I hung with had 3 dedicated computers running 3 to four different games at any given time (Quake 2, 3, Counter Strike and Unreal Tournament).

Guess which one was the most taxing? Unreal.
The code Epic uses never changed. The game needs more bandwidth because P2P just doesn't cut it. Sorry you don't understand that and take offense to it.

hamoor3111d ago

first its 10 player online not 6
And why you want more than that?
This kind of games doesn't need 12vs12 to be good
Even uncharted 2 is 5 vs 5 but no one complains
On topic
I wish they release a beta for MP because the online in gears 2 is crap before the patches

hamoor3111d ago

dedicated servers for 10 players online???

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