Crysis 2: Very first InGame Shots released

PC Games published the two first InGame Screenshots of Crysis 2.

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kaveti66163113d ago

The first two screens are in-game. And they don't look very impressive if you ask me. The art-style is non-existent here. The shots look okay. The textures are somewhat lacking. I don't know what to say. I don't want to judge the game from these two shots alone because from the gameplay I've seen, the game looks certainly better on both 360 and PS3 than what these two shots look like.

Maybe if Crytek added some kind of contrast in color or some kind of unique art style like Killzone 2 has, the eye would be more drawn to that than to the textures.

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FangBlade3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

So this is the "Graphical Ceiling" Crytek were talking about?
This is not even Uncharted 1 level.
Crytek should go a take a few lessons from the big boys aka Naughty Dog, Santa Monica and Guerrilla Games.

OrganicMachine3113d ago

there is art style and that is "real-life" realism.

Killzone 2's artstyle was more in the lines of Oppressed, Isolated, desolated, war-torn, depression, a grim reality.

HolyOrangeCows3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

The flat textures....they buuuuurrrrrn!

They either epicly screwed up the console versions, or this is the PC version on the lowest settings on some weird small resolution. But surely this isn't the "Graphical ceiling" they mentioned.....right?! O_o

Darkstorn3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

The screens look a little low-res, but I'm sure Crytek will fix whatever technical shortcomings there will be. Since my computer will never be able to run this (Dell XPS 3gb w/ 256mb GPU), I think I'll just get it on PS3.

That reminds me, I gotta upgrade from my 27" SDTV before this game comes out...

Microsoft Xbox 3603113d ago

Forget the artstyle. The textures are just awful.

ChineseDemocracy3113d ago

To be honest I'm not overly impressed, mind you it looks decent, but for me graphics seem to be particular selling point of this game (i.e. graphics "king").

Obviously, this isn't the final product. Just sayin'

BobDog3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

these graphics are not even as good as the first crisis...


must be the console versions they have been stating will surpass kz2 graphics... which they failed at

incogneato3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

crysis is overrated crap. it only got attention because it was such a poorly developed game that no graphics card could run it at the time. the gameplay was mediocre and crysis 2's graphics will be dumbed down. its a crime that this game got so much buzz when it was poor development skills that caused the commotion.

the fact that they said this ugly piece of crap was going to "push ps3 to the limit" is proof of how mediocre these developers are.

Inside_out3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

What the heck is going on...From the amazing tech demos to the crappy trailer and now this...Is this some sort of joke???...I don't think I want to even RENT this after those screens...They better delay this to next year...Put some work on that engine...Some big games releasing this year, they're gonna get hammered...Look's like a PC game on low settings...Greatest graphics on consoles, yeah right, maybe PSP...That tech demo was definitely PC....

FlameBaitGod3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Not very impressive, floor textures.... pretty bad .


"Well they said its will be the best looking game on consoles,and that it will eclipse everything to date,now both look identical?Does that meant that 360 version will look better then KZ2 and UC2??:)
Yes it does... "

"The other day they say that they still have to add extra details and they are in pre alpha,they also stated they will deliver visuals that will not be easy to excel"

Shaman this is y I said you should of stopped talking because you would look stupid when the pics arrived. Not saying you are you know.... cus then my post would be deleted :)

We can do 3 bubbles right :) Lol

HolyOrangeCows3113d ago

Even Crysis 1 on its lowest settings looks better than this....

Redrum0593113d ago

i just hope the ps3 version doesnt look like this, but ive seen crysis1 on top pc power and it looks tons better than this

lowcarb3113d ago

I'm not to impressed myself but will wait for some actual game play footage before calling it ugly.

Mo0eY3113d ago

Why are there jaggies all over the place? Man, turn on the anti-aliasing guys.

shadow27973113d ago have to admit, the gun looks good.

But I'm having serious trouble believing this is real. This looks worse than MW2.

Perhaps it's just some kind of visual glitch or really low PC settings.

I'll wait to see it in motion (E3?).

Oldsnake0073113d ago

Crysis 2 coming to the Wii. Confirmed !

Darkfocus3113d ago

there's already plenty of hands on impressions by joystiq,IGN,gamespot,etc. and they're all impressed by the graphics on the console builds so I wouldn't worry about this.

xXRight3yeXx3113d ago

Unbelievable. Yeap. It's the best looking game on 360 all right but to say it's the best on PS3? lOlololololololol. Can i laugh more? HAHAHAHA. Textures look bland. Maybe it was low-res. That was awful. This can't be it.

sid4gamerfreak3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I bet those are the console versions, thus they look quite crappy.

Yet another reason why not to get crysis 2 on the consoles...

sid4gamerfreak3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Crysis 2 should have remained a pc exclusive. Then it wouldnt be dumbed down by the consoles and would look 10X better.

But still, I want to look at PC screens and then get awed by its graphical might.

Endless_X3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

These screens are from the GDC '10 CryEngine 3 trailer ...

ThanatosDMC3113d ago

Wow, this looks like sh!t compared to Killzone 2... best console graphics my ass! Maybe the 360 but it's not even close to top PS3 games.

Shaman3113d ago

People just want this game to fail?So the Crytek wont deliver...i got to disspoint you,this is from GDC trailer,the guy who saw real deal at event(from in crysis) said that it is not even close to real deal.

Lol PC games always have the wrong shoots.This isn from Crysis 2,its from GDC 10 tech demo,you can see it here...pathetic,trying to bring it down,using low quality video from tech demo...

UltraNova3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Crytek was sure quick to claim things werent they? I dont want to judge a game with just 2 ingame shots so I will reserve my thoughts when we have a demo or the final code.

If was going to compare them with KZ2 i think Crytek needs to do a hell of job to reach KZ2's level. Let alone UC2 or GOW3! Hell even H:Reach looks like it has a more atmospheric environment than Crysis 2.

What strikes me is that these two shots get released in just a couple of days after Crytek claimed they will top ps3 capabilities and that Crysis 2 will be the new graphical bench on consoles...they are clearly of the mark..

Anyway I have some faith left on them so I will wait for the final verdict..

MrMiyagi3113d ago

Srly, by the looks of things are going Cysis 2 won't reach any amazing feat on the ps3.

whats up with the textures o.o ?? are they not using blu-ray the right way...

HD textures are what make Uncharted 2 and God of war 3 what it is.
tips and tricks of Sonys first party, only on PS3 exclusives

like many have said again and again and AGAIN "a multi-platform game will never beat ps3 exclusives in the graphics department." because the devs are out to make both version as EQUAL a possible

WhittO3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Hey, I called it! haha

Obv Crysis 2 wont look as good on PS3 or 360, they have had no experience with them, how can they expect Crysis 1+ level graphics from them?!

Killzone 2 = Best looking shooter on any console (and even excels Crysis 1 in some respects)

Blaze9293113d ago

This is from the CryEngine 3 tech demo and not ACTUALLY Crysis 2 (Game) running. They did this before with the other tech demo - was that Crysis 2 in game as well? No

Shepherd 2143113d ago

I highly doubt that this is anywhere near what the finished product will be. the game is still a year away, and these shots look like the game is at the lowest possible settings.

Crysis 1 looked way better than this, Crytek wouldnt let Crysis 2 look that bad. They've been in the industry too long to let that happen.

ProjectVulcan3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Errrr......did anyone really truly expect a console crysis no matter what fancy optimised engine it runs on to look as anywhere near as good as the original crysis on medium settings on PC? Cos i didnt.

Uncharted 2 is the king of console graphics sure and its stunning how much performance was pulled from PS3. Looks superb in its own right and division. But in truth, it doesnt look as good as ye olde Pc crysis does it? Be honest. Not really close especially in motion when you start to stick some higher settings on which is easily possible for modern cards now. How was this ever going to get close either?

Fanb0y3113d ago

You can pretty much guarantee that the environmental textures are placeholder. Crytek confirmed that they're at pre-alpha.

However, textures on the weapons and props should be finalized.

Cm on you Sony fanboys. Even Halo Reach's environments improved greatly over pre-alpha.

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Noob3113d ago

Something isn't right.

FangBlade3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

What did you expect?
Did you believe to that PR crap?

theEnemy3113d ago

there's something wrong when the final in-game graphics is a mile behind the PR Screenshots.

Pandamobile3113d ago

Lmfao. I hope to god those are console screenshots, cus those look like ass.

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StarScream4Ever3113d ago

Those AA are un-PC like. Perhaps the dev don't enable it or its a pre-Beta built model. We'll know later as the year goes by. :)

mal_tez923113d ago

There is no "the PC version" it will look different on everyones system.

Sure a PC like mine will leave consoles looking outdated by years, but others won't. I know a lot of people whose computers would have graphics that are far inferior to consoles.

What we should say as PC gamers, is that "running on high" the PC version will look better. Something that doesn't say that all PC's are the same, unlike consoles which ARE all the same.

As for the screenshots, I am a bit dissappointed. I know it will look better on MY computer.

Kratos Spartan3113d ago

Crysis is nothing special. Never was. Great graphics? Good for it. Nothing wrong with that. What else? Nothing. LOL at you PC boys acting like it did something for the industry. And yea those screens do look like ass for 2010. I'll buy it anyway, cuz I like shooters.

"best graphics ever" is the only argument I've heard for this game. Am I hating? No. Sh!t I wish I could afford a top gaming rig to max that game out on top settings, just so I could stare at them. I love good graphics, but nothing beats gameplay.

champ213113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )


any pc with a 100usd gpu as of today will out do whatever the consoles can do. I am sure anyone who wants to be gaming on the PC will be getting one of those at the least. That should be enough to run crysis @ 1080p (somthing no console can claim).

So unless someones playing on a PC with Intel integrated graphics and has no clue about gpus, then only will it look equal or worse to what is there on consoles.

CellularDivision3113d ago

"I love good graphics, but nothing beats gameplay."

Finally, somone agrees with me.
That was the reason why I chose GTA4 over Killzone 2.

Mo0eY3113d ago

For once, I know the bots will agree with me: this looks like Gabe Newell's ass.

ColdFire3113d ago

Crysis was much more than a game with good graphics, it a HUGE levels, a sandbox way of completing your mission objectives, stunning set pieces. The nanosuit powers, and on the fly gun attachments gave it gameplay that extremely fun, and not seen in any other game. I loved the game before I could play it with good graphics, I even downloaded many many modded extra levels to play. Only a bit after the game when I upgraded could I see why people were so blown away by the graphics.

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Klipz-Wish3113d ago

Looks really linear but cant really tell from only two screens

Biggest3113d ago

How does what you said make any sense?

Chris_TC3113d ago

Look at all the debris blocking the streets. It doesn't seem as if there are more than one or two ways to continue at any given point.

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