Crytek: 'Crysis 2 Console Versions Identical'

NG: This weeks demonstration of Crysis 2 was shown on Xbox 360. Those hoping to see whether the game could push the PS3 past recent benchmarks such as God Of War III and Uncharted 2 will have to wait. The demo was on 360.

We can only assume that this is because the 360 version is - impressive as it is - arguably running on the least powerful hardware...

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Shaman3112d ago

Well they said its will be the best looking game on consoles,and that it will eclipse everything to date,now both look identical?Does that meant that 360 version will look better then KZ2 and UC2??:)
Yes it does...

jimmins3112d ago

Yes, I was at the demo in NY and it does look pretty darn special. Even on 360 ;)

Icyhot3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Why not wait for the game to actually show ingame footage of the 360 version and then compare it to GOW3 or UC2 or KZ2? It's PR of course they are gonna hype it and say it. Not saying Crysis 2 won't look amazing on consoles, but you guys tend to hype things way too much and when it blows in your face (ala alan wake pre rendered upscaled vids shown in trailer and the fanbase goes nuts lol.), some people lose their cool and get butthurt cause PS3 fbs then tease them.

Shaman3112d ago

Im just stating what they and people who saw it said.Heres what this site says...


"Crysis 2 is the best looking game on console. Boom."

The other day they say that they still have to add extra details and they are in pre alpha,they also stated they will deliver visuals that will not be easy to excel,and they are both identical,but they showed only 360 version so...

"Yet picking and listing the ingredients does a disservice to the overall coctail of visual splendour. It's the way everything hangs together that made us want to check round the back of the screen to see if the leads were running to a 360 or a nuclear-powered PC."

thereapersson3112d ago

All the talk they do about the PS3 version, and they demo the game on the 360.

aceitman3112d ago

ms in there pockets again .

dangert123112d ago

so we know the guys who dev crysis can do graphic's but why has that got them a hype train? lets have some game play info

bnaked3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

I don't trust CVG.

We will see, how good the PS3-version really looks..

And we know this side by side comparsion from the GDC, and the PS3 version looked much much better there..

Shaman3112d ago

PS3 version looks better because its not in engine mode.Its finished stuff while 360 and PC are running in editor,thus BOTH looking different.You can see that 360 version looks like PC,while ps3 has better lightning,textures but is not in engine,hence gun in it.
They will be identical,one site(vg247)said they looked it EXACTLY the same.

bnaked3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

They have a really strong engine and i don't care about which version looks better. But the PS3 is still more powerful, and if Crytek really uses the technologie, then the PS3 version should look better..

madmonkey03112d ago

square enix also said both versions of ff13 would look the same.

raztad3112d ago

SE said FFXIII was to be identical on both platforms and it ended up running at 1024x576 on the xbox.

Platinum said Bayonetta was to be identical but it resulted total crap on the PS3.

Take those words as PR stuff and wait for something more solid. For example info about resolution, is game vsynced? loading times, framerate. At least it's a good idea to wait for some HD gameplay videos.

Commander TK3112d ago

so much about all the fuss and PR talk about the PS3 version...

sikbeta3112d ago

It doesn't matter anymore when you know the Devs are saying that the Consoles are Gimping the PC Version, so this no go anywhere cuz in the end there is a Gimped Version after all...

Nishka Fa Fa La Boo3112d ago

this is Crytek, not two washed up game developers like square and sega. both versions will be the same like they said. if not, who cares, wont be totally different.

StanLee3112d ago

I was at the demo in NY too. It looked impressive but so do most games until you see them running side by side with games that truly set benchmarks. Still think Uncharted 2 looks better.

xXRight3yeXx3112d ago

Yup. It's official. 360 dumbed the graphics DooooWn. I am so pissed off at 360.

Anon19743112d ago

Square said Final Fantasy was identical on both consoles as well. We all know what happened there.

Face it. If one version is inferior, the company isn't going to come right out and say "Yeah, we didn't get it to run quite as well on console X." Right there your risk word of mouth ruining your project before it even launches.

It's weird. Last gen the Xbox was the superior hardware over the Gamecube and PS2. Developers and gamers had no problems with games looking better on the Xbox.
Why the pressure this gen for pariety between versions. Just make the best damn version you can on whatever console you release it on. How hard is that?

TheTwelve3112d ago

Eventually, people are going to have to accept the fact that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". If a fanboy or some other biased viewed wants to imagine a game looking the best for them, it will look the best for them.


DOMination3112d ago

Well this game hit the graphical ceiling for PS3, so just goes to prove that this myth about PS3 exclusive games being so much better is just that - a myth. In fact, it would seem judging from Crytek's comments that the PS3 is holding back the 360 and PC. Thanks a lot, Sony.

HolyOrangeCows3112d ago

"Yes" doesn't answer what resolutions, what fps each has, and what anti-aliasing each uses. THAT's what I want to know.

UnwanteDreamz3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Lets wait and see. You fanboys claim the same thing over and over and when the game releases it never stacks up to your claims of superior graphics unless its some average multiplat.

If Crysis 2 looks better running on the PS3 than KZ2 then I would be excited for better looking games.

Little kids like Dom and shaman won't be around to comment if this ends up like all the rest have. I could list all the games that were supposed to make PS3 exclusives look like crap and didn't. but who has that kind of time.

Omegasyde3112d ago

Sorry both games equal? Unless the game is running at 21 frames per second this isn't going to happen nor crush UC2, Gow3.

It might crush killzone2, But I doubt it.

Omegasyde3112d ago

I guess everyone forgot that EA owns crytek, and that EA has one of the biggest PR machines.

Both game will look good, because EA is multiplatform publisher. I think a lot of people will be disapointed in the end.

Fishy Fingers3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

In content? OR visuals?

Because if he's referring to visuals we have a problem. Crytek have iterated several times that each console have their strengths and weakness'. So what, they've reduced to 360s strengths to match the PS3 in that area and done the same with the PS3, reducing what it does well to the level of the 360?

This better not be the case, because they've already admitted the PC version has seen cuts because of the consoles, I dont want certain things each console does well cut back to compensate for the other.

@ Omegasyde, Crytek are not owned by EA, they just publish their games.

UnwanteDreamz3112d ago

I read the article in your link and found this.

"But however you react, Crysis 2 is what it is. It's the best looking game on console. Or rather, the best looking game on 360."

Ouoted word for word he never says it is the best looking game on the PS3. Learn to read.

FlameBaitGod3112d ago

That was all PR talk about maximizing the ps3.


We should wait, we don't want people looking stupid again like they did with FF13 and Alan Awake, so if I was you i would shhh. Because its probably gonna happen with this game again and your all gonna look dumb.

Redrum0593112d ago

if both versions of the game are identicle then it has no chance of being best looking game on PS3. ive seen the videos and the two dont look identicle.

BattleAxe3112d ago

If it looks the same on both consoles, then it wont look as good as Uncharted 2 or Killzone 2. This is all PR. Having said that, I'm still looking forward to this game.

DaTruth3112d ago

Alan Wake trailer day all over again!

These guys never learn when to shut up!

cobpswii36003112d ago

Take you fanboy goggles off!

Consoldtobots3112d ago

wasn't I just saying the other day that we should ignore developer boasting about besting PS3 exclusive because ultimately money and politics would put a stop to that. Well here you go. :/

vhero3112d ago

Looking identical?? Well PC gamers know who to blame for the PC game looking bad then.. Only takes a bit of figuring out there..

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FangBlade3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

In other words, Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 are graphically superior than Crysis 2.

Graphical ceiling my ass. PR talk FTL.

Fanb0y3112d ago

Are you going to say that after Crytek's statements that Crysis 2 will hit the PS3's graphical ceiling?

Therefore, Crytek must be lying, right?. There's no way an Xbox game can match a PS3's. Even though Crytek is the LEADING DEVELOPER in developing graphics engines and tools, right?

ipe3112d ago

remember square talk about ff13

"ey ll be the same except 360 version ll be on more discs"


Foxgod3112d ago

What does Crytek have to do with Square enix?
You guys are so butthurt that your console isnt the strongest out there, that you make links that dont exist.

Maybe next time dont go out and buy a console with the idea that it is the most powerful thing ever, cause thats just PR.

heroicjanitor3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

You are going to get loads of disagrees, and rightly so.

"What does Crytek have to do with Square enix?" That was an example of pr talk.

"You guys are so butthurt that your console isn't the most powerful out there you make links that don't exist"
Crysis 2 hasn't been shown yet but you pretend it's fact that it looks better than uncharted 2/killzone 2? Makes me think that you are so butthurt that your console isn't the most powerful out there you make stuff up.

PS3 spent two years longer in development, was out a year later, has blu ray, standard hard drive and a processor that is used to build supercomputers. Stop being in denial.

[email protected]: Naughty Dog said blu ray was hugely important in getting such detail in uncharted 2, and the hard drive was there for caching. They are important. I never said the ps3 was as good as a pc, this is about ps3 vs 360 and judging by age and the amount of time they spent in development, plus blu ray and hard drive you have no case.

authentic243112d ago

ps3 has more power than xbox, its not even debatable. Just like gaming pc's are more powerful than both, which means if both consoles are identical they can obviously do more on ps3. Either way there are always ways to manipulate hardware to do things that wasn't possible early in a systems life span. I don't believe that crysis will be the defining game for either console, I do however believe that the ps3 has a longer life span than 360 due to hardware specs.

Foxgod3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

So are intel processors, and AMD processors, guess what is inside the 360....

That ps3 processors are used in super computers is again PR crap.
Besides, the cell processors used in super computers are modified versions of the ones in the ps3.
And blu ray is nothing special, just another optical format.

You guys bought into PR when you bought your ps3, and now you guys are butthurt that it doesnt pull off more then the competition.

And specs doesnt give a console a longer hardware span at all, if you buy the strongest pc you can find right now, its outdated after 4 years, so dont kid yourself, consoles age even faster then pc's.

Besides, ps3 will have a shorter lifespan then the 360, when MS delivers the next Xbox, Sony is gonna have to step up and release the ps4, then the ps3 will move to the bargain corner for the casuals en the late adopters.

authentic243112d ago

specs always matter from data storage size to power. The comparison with the pc was only bought into play to show that certain things aren't debatable. You obviously don't know anything about game history or what it entails, if you did you would know that final fantasy was supposed to stay with nintendo but due to storage restrictions it couldn't. Data storage format will always be a issue since game developers are always trying to push the medium to true immersion. I have a ps3 and a 360 so being butthurt as you say does not apply to me. The only games that I enjoy on xbox is shooters. I have much better experiences with single player games on my ps3. Your the one thats butthurt as you obviously only have one system. And as I always do I'll leave my Gamertag and my PSNID.


Omegasyde3112d ago

Foxgod, you are delusional.

"That ps3 processors are used in super computers is again PR crap.
Besides, the cell processors used in super computers are modified versions of the ones in the ps3."

No they are not modified LOL. The PS3 used for Super computers, are just PS3 using Linux.

WOW, Your worse than Cold 2000.

catguykyou3112d ago

While I get the point you are trying to make and agree with it to a certain degree, the example you gave is wrong when given with your reasoning. Final Fantasy did move to Sony's system because of storage benefits however this was due to the fact that you couldn't have multiple cartridge games. As the PSX, PS2, and 360 have shown, Square has no problem releasing a game that spans multiple disks. I can only assume that if there was a way to have multiple cartridges, Square may have stayed with Nintendo. Or at least would have left for different reasons.

catguykyou3112d ago

I would love to help you put an obvious fan boy in his place (as I love doing) but in this case, the guy is right.
See the above article for more information. Reading about it does a lot more than just spouting "IT'S TRUE". You would benefit to remember that as well.

*wonder what happened to the professor after the latest firm-ware update was released....

catguykyou3112d ago

Speaking of cell processor. I was looking through the internal resources here at work and found some tidbits on the PowerXCell 32iv. It is in concept now but the planned revealing of it is in 2011. It features SW compatibility between current and next-gen Cell
100% backward compatible
Performance on PPE significantly better
Performance per SPE equal or better
– Significantly better on applications that benefit from new instructions
Better inter-SPE latency
More on-chip memory
Better main memory latency and bandwidth

IBM PowerXCell 32iv (4PPE’+32 eSPE)
~3.8 GHz
1 TFlop (est.)

More info is shown here in the Cell "road map"

heroicjanitor3112d ago

I spoke facts in response to a fanboy so don't call me a fanboy... Oh and nintendo were willing to make a special 128MB cartridge for ff7, but ff7 on ps1 was something like 2.1GB :P Would've taken like 20 cartridges when you allow for content duplication

DaTruth3112d ago

Wow, these guys are gonna do it again! Not one day after pure Alan Wake ownage!

You guys got a hurt on for butt hurtin'!

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DigitalHorror813112d ago

The PC and PS3 run the game at the highest specs. The 360 at the lowest. But hey, droids don't buy games. /s