First Gears of War 3 Gameplay Details

Gears Of War 3 will feature a reworked cover system and underwater missions for the first time, Edge can reveal.

Developer Epic Games is set to evolve the franchise's combat by introducing Locust foes with tentacle-like appendages which are capable of extending to player cover spots.

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SnuggleBandit5180d ago

So wait, did they announce it then??

xXRight3yeXx5180d ago

No but they did announce how the gameplay is going to be like and it sounds interesting.

Eamon5180d ago

Uhh, I think Edge spilled the beans before Cliff did/could.

Well, here it is. Gears of War 3 has been confirmed.

EVILDEAD3605180d ago

LOL @ Eamon..I'm with you..Edge completely almost completely took the 'edge' out of Cliffy B announcing it on the show.

Why would they take a couple of extra days to 'polish the game'..unless Cliffy is doing a live demo on the stage.

Maybe they are re-doing the trailer for the announcement..

Either way..sweeeeeeeeeet!

'MAD WORLD' GEARS OF WAR trailer..easily one of the greatest commercials for a new IP in gaming history..

Life is good..cant wait till Monday



I'm having a sh*tty day at work and this definitely puts a smile on my face :) and also an OMG =O

Montrealien5180d ago

Can`t wait! Gears was the reason I actually bought a 360. I hope this ends on of this gens greatest franchises in style.

DOMination5180d ago

The game that's defined this whole generation is BACK.

Lightsaber5180d ago

This is just a rumor that they are trying to pass off as fact. If you read the whole thing you notice they said "our US publishing source told us." The source is a link if you go to it. It links to another page on their site. So their source is theirself.

JokesOnYou5180d ago (Edited 5180d ago )

"While the first two Gears games offered mobile cover in the form of objects like burnt out cars that could be pushed around, Gears Of War 3 will feature a heavy duty mech suit the COGs can utilise both for protection and to wreak havoc."

"All of these new features will be present in the singleplayer campaign and multiplayer modes, Edge understands."

-I think I remember some talk about Gear3 being on the next gen consoles, and last I heard some talk about it releasing in March or April 2011 I think that would be the perfect time for Gears3 and looks like thats closer to the truth with this news from Edge. Releasing Gears3 about 6mo after Reach should give me plenty of time to enjoy Reach multiplayer to its fullest as my main game. Damm more good times, thank the Gaming Gods 'cause I'd love more Gears this gen and next gen, Gears, and ME are easily my favorite new IP's this gen. The chainsaw machine gun(Lancer Assault Rifle) is the most iconic weapon of any game this gen, hell you could just show a pic of it and even the most casual gamers would know its Gears of War and the enemies in Gears reminds me of Bungie/Halo when it comes to variety and tactics, except of course Cliffy goes for the overgrown/gruesome effect vs the sci-fi style of Halo. Also the campaign/story for Gears2 was much improved. Great news today.


Inside_out5180d ago (Edited 5180d ago )

Here we go...Alan Wake ( E3 trailer dropped ) Crysis tomorrow...no doubt cliff wanted the last word...They want to see what Crytek has and will reply on Monday...I hope Cliffy demos an in game piece like Gears 1...This year just keeps getting better....Epic said Gears 3 would shock everyone... Crytek said the best graphics on consoles...Hmmmm...fighting words...Remedy drops their E3 trailer and it looks like a very serious contender....where the heck is Killzone 3, you have to be blind to not see what's going on...Sony better get off their butts and join the fun, I expect alot from guerrilla...the more the merrier...Bragging rights HUGE this year...CoD 7, MoH, Splinter cell, Lost planet 2, Brink, Halo Reach, KZ3, Gears, Crysis and Alan Wake...plus whatever surprises at E3....

Quick...somebody ring the bell...It's time to RUMBLE...

Government Cheese5180d ago

I bet some of these news sites had an embargo placed on them until today, because the game was set to be revealed last night. But since it got a last minute delay, they didn't have any time to delay the embargo either so Edge was within their 'right' to reveal the game lol. Sorry Cliff

GameGambits5180d ago

A lot of this doesn't add up. Hasn't Cliffy always said he wants the game to be a bit slower paced with stop and pop gameplay. If there is things that rip you out of cover, and other grenades that burrow in the ground to get you out of cover, then it seems kind of like a full on gameplay changer for the game series as a whole.

If this pans out being true Monday, then wow I'd be pissed as Cliffy B, because it lowers the hype.

sid4gamerfreak5180d ago

Has the game been announced already?

oh wait, this is edge?

Now everything seems to make sense...

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Fishy Fingers5180d ago (Edited 5180d ago )

Under water huh, they better be in some form of vehicle because if I see Marcus swimming about in that suit I'll laugh my ass off.

Edit: To those disagreeing, you can imagine someone in COG armour swimming? Or is it more like, "is he saying something negative about Gears, I dont know, better disagree"

The Time Reaper5180d ago

Yup. Logic be damned. You're a fanboy for saying anything.

Good ole N4G.

IaMs125180d ago

I didnt disagree but i do see what your saying but who the hell cares its a freaking game, if you want reality walk out your door.

Solidus187-SCMilk5180d ago

maybe its to drill a hole in the ocean floor and flood the locust holes.

Fishy Fingers5180d ago

My bad for trying to make a light hearted observation. Sometimes I forget gaming is serious business.

GameOn5180d ago

I have actually seen giant lumps of metal float. seriously though, we don't know anything about their armor except that they have a metallic finnish.

Godmars2905180d ago

You never know: the padding beneath the armor might be enough to counter its weight in water.

Greysturm5180d ago

It most be heavy as hell to explain the way they move and their limited sprint time.