Crysis 2 PS3 Will Hit Graphical Ceiling

NowGamer: Crytek has claimed that it's NewYork-based FPS sequel Crysis 2 will bring an unbeatable new visual quality to the PS3

The console has been spolit in recent months with Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 and God of War III each setting new graphical standards. However, lead Playstation 3 programmer Michael Glück is confident that Crysis 2 will exceed anything that has gone before. "With each generation of game titles on PS3, usually every 2 years, the games improve significantly in its quality, mostly showing off in graphics. I think with Crysis 2 you will see the quality bar being set at a very high level that games will struggle to excel. We're aiming to set a whole new benchmark with that game for all PS3 games..."

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FangBlade4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

Sounds like pure PR talk.

vhero4677d ago

Agreed especially if they port it to the 360 aswell and try to keep them "on par" like many multi platform developers.

Cold 20004677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

Yeah, it may just end up looking better on the 360 like many multitpat games.

Just the guy hyping his game.

Bereaver4677d ago

Well, let's just assume, since they haven't lied yet.....

That it was true.

Crysis, is still the graphics king, but there still isn't a PC that can run it at 60fps in every part.

And if there is, it will cost over $3k. lol

Anyway, I hope they are right.

Red_Orange_Juice4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

no it will not, its not exclusive, there is no way to maximize PS3 in multiplat game, sorry

Consoldtobots4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )


there's no way to maximize a multiplat game on PS3 without pissin off M$.

p.s. LMFAO @ blind fanboy like "Cold2000".

oh and last but not least, this guy may have the ability to exceed previous PS3 titles but he will quickly get an education on how politics controls game development.

Cold 20004677d ago

Yeah its very fanboyish to say many multiplats look better on the 360.

Chaostar4677d ago

It might be just PR talk but i'm still happy to be getting this game on the consoles. Not gonna upgrade my PC through the roof again lol.

It will be interesting to see which console handles this better if they develop individually with each one and optimize for both platforms. Xbox is known for its similarities in PC architecture so will it run better? Or will they really spend the time needed on PS3 to make it better than Uncharted 2, GOW3 etc?

Can't wait for the lens of truth on this one :D

AKS4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

I don't see Crytek as being a typical or average developer. They've spent years just getting their engine working on the PS3. I remember them stating they had a "secret project" they had been working on for the PS3 quite a long time ago, which evidently was getting CryEngine3 to run well on the system.

What I am interested in seeing is how Crytek handles having a cap on their computing power. Crysis and Crysis Warhead and the best looking games I've ever owned, but they were certainly resource hogs. I had to spend a lot of time tweaking settings to get it to run at 30 fps on high and very high. But even though my PC was powerful enough to run it at high to very high in 720p or medium to high in 1080p, dropping it to medium or lower didn't instantly guarantee 60 fps and 1080p. It would run on a lesser PC at lower settings, but I certainly wouldn't say CryEngine2 was well optimized at the lower settings. I could drop it to where it looked worse than console games and it still wouldn't give me a consistent 60 fps. I can run just about every other PC game I own on max settings and 1080p and get 60 fps. So I'm interested to see what they can do with a definite limit on computing power in the console versions; CryEngine3 is supposed to address these issues.

I'll be buying the PC version, but I'm interested in seeing how the console versions turn out. I'm not sure if CryEngine 3 on the PC will have as high a graphical ceiling as CryEngine 2, but since I don't have an absolutely top flight PC (I don't upgrade constantly; I'll wait until I see either a great deal on a mobo and parts or when I feel my setup is getting too dated), I am hoping Crysis 2 looks as good or better than Crysis 1 at the settings I use and runs even smoother. I may benefit from CryEngine 3 even if it's top end is lower.

heroicjanitor4677d ago

That it won't be all that. Being multiplat, it will not look as good as the ps3 exclusives. And I wouldn't be surprised if the 360 version runs better since they are pc devs.

AKS4677d ago

@ heroicjanitor

It could turn out that way, but it doesn't have to if Crytek doesn't want to do it that way. I hate to use Final Fantasy XIII as an example because Squeenix didn't do such a hot job on the 360 version, but my point is that the PS3 version is one of the best looking PS3 games even though it is multiplatform. The PS3 version looks and sounds like an AAA exclusive because they made sure they took advantage of the hardware they best that they could. But unfortunately they kind of ruined my example of how both versions could be optimized for individual systems by not doing this with the 360 version. It is theoretically possible to make all versions the best they can be for each platform, though. I hope Crytek does this. I haven't read anything about the audio for Crysis 2; I hope they give the PS3 version a high end audio treatment.

ico924677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

"Yeah, it may just end up looking better on the 360 like many multitpat games. "

From what we've seen both versions look just about the same, so like FangBlade said its just PR talk, and besides from what i've heard crytek seem to be favouring the ps3 alot more than the 360 in the development of Crysis 2 for consoles, so if any versions gonna look inferior its most likely gonna be the 360 version.

sikbeta4677d ago

@Cold 2000

Say thanks to the similar PC architecture, If it wasn't for that...


Crytek can do Amazing Stuff on PC and they'll do Good stuff on Consoles but at the same time I think M$ will don't want another [FF13] situation again, so this is just PR talk and there will be an "standard" version for Both Consoles or there will be 2 Different Versions ala [FF13], who knows...

Syronicus4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

And then when Crysis 3 hits the consoles, it too will hit the new graphical ceiling based on the code they use. Each game utilizes hardware more efficiently and the truth is, we will not see the best looking games that the PS3 can produce until the final days of the PS3's existence. Let's not forget the PSone and PS2. The same fate belonged to them.


Look at Cold 2000 in a PS3 thread already with his XDF damage control. Wait, weren't you just in a 360 thread complaining about PS3 fanboy trolls? Oh look at the irony.

t8504677d ago

But wont most of the PS3 owners be buying the superior PC version?

As thats what they do when a multiplat hits the PC and 360.

Though if the game doesnt max out the PS3 as PS3 fanboys here like to believe then why isnt the PS3 version running in 1080p?

Its not hard to render the game at 1080p if the system can handle it. Oh wait even the PS3's own much talked about exclusives like UC2, KZ2 only run at 720p.

PS3 has obviously hit a wall with its own exclusives. Was it as powerful as Sony likes all of you to beleive then it would have been running eveything in 1080p, its not hard. PS3 just doesnt have the juice.

captain-obvious4677d ago

didn't any of you wondered before why when Crytek talks about Crysis 2 on consoles
they focus on PS3 + graphics

i mean it feels like its a PS3 exclusive some time just hearing them talk
no love to the 360 ?

piroh4677d ago

Crysis 2 will be another 7-8 GB game because it's multiplat
or will it be 50 GB ps3 game with amount of details seen in MGS4? i don't think so

Cell and Blu-ray laughs at this article

Raf1k14677d ago

The peope at Crytek are good at what they do. I'm inclined to believe this guy but I think we should wait and see for ourselves before we start saying they'll be the same on consoles. You never know, Crytek might surprise us and use the extra space on the Blu-Ray.

piroh4677d ago

Crytek isn't sony 1st party studio, they are too lazy for doing that

in some interviews they said every version will be the same which can't be true otherwise the game will be gimped for ps3 due to dvd limitations
in some interviews they said the game will use 100% power of every platform which can't be true because ps3 has Cell and Blu-ray capacity

schizophrenia? i don't believe Crytek

HolyOrangeCows4677d ago

If he claimed that the 360 version was so, you'd never question it.

Redrum0594677d ago

judging from all their videos, i can easily say that ps3 and 360 version of the game arent on par. just look closely at the videos and you will see thhat the ps3 version looks more polished than the 360 version.

Meryl4677d ago

here is how the cryengine performs and looks on each hardware pc> ps3 > x360, at least they got it right with this engine unlike the unreal engine lol

Syronicus4677d ago

I will be. In fact, I might buy it for both depending upon the reception the game gets on my PS3 friends list. My PC only buddies loved Wars and if this is as good or better then it will rock ont he PC. But many playing MW2 ont he PS3 might want to check out the PS3 version and if that is so then maybe I will invest in two copies eventually.

commodore644677d ago

I wonder what will happen if Crysis on consoles looks better than all exclusives on ps3, yet runs just a little better on 360?

Pennywise4677d ago

I think it's PR talk, but if Crytek makes a multiplatform game that looks better on the PS3 than the 360 because they use the SPU's you can just color me impressed. But I highly doubt they will shoot themselves in the foot with 360 version.

vhero4677d ago

@Cold 2000 multiplats aint looked better on 360 in general since mid 2009 the times have changed you need to move with the times but of course you are biased arent you green ring of life?

champ214677d ago

I dont see the need to compare the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

The differences will be minor at best. Let the game come out, just ike every other multiplat the difference will be minor.

If anyone really wants superior version of the game where a difference can clearly be seen then the PC is where its at.

morganfell4677d ago

Crytek has stated behind closed doors and even openly on the show floor at the recent GDC the PS3 is easily the more powerful console. I am not saying they will but if any company is going to disregard the parity marketing rule then it is Crytek.

radphil4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )


That's because the optimization of the game is bad.

In simple terms, they threw memory usage out the window when creating that game.

I'm not bashing on them, as Crysis is still one of the highest graphical games to date, but I'm just saying one of the reasons why the ORIGINAL game can't run at 60fps easily.

nveenio4677d ago

...between Microsoft, Sony and Crytek; the difference is that Crytek has an awesome record of delivering on its promises. Honestly, I think that Crysis2 will definitely be one of the prettiest games on PS3, but only when it comes to photorealism. I don't think it's going to attempt to accomplish everything Killzone2 attempted (like volumetric smoke and hit detection), but I do think there's a lot it's going to do right that other multiplats don't. Having seen the comparisons that already exist, though, I have to say that all three look the same. But that doesn't mean it's not going to be a showcase title for every platform, does it? Can't a title be the best looking on game available on all 3 platforms? Of course it can....that is, when you have a developer like Crytek...a developer that has a reputation to uphold.

SDF Repellent4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

"Crytek has stated behind closed doors and even openly on the show floor at the recent GDC the PS3 is easily the more powerful console. I am not saying they will but if any company is going to disregard the parity marketing rule then it is Crytek."

Yea, just like you had access to a closed door viewing of Gears of War 2 running on PS3 a couple of years ago. :)

raztad4677d ago


Or it perfectly may end up like FFXIII: running at 576p.

I cant help but wonder why every devel out there always talk about "pushing the PS3 to its limits" but I never see anyone saying the same about the xbox360.

AL Faris4677d ago

.. by how much unearned praise crytek get. Sure they've built a great looking engine for their pc games but in all honesty i think the engine is rubbish. The mere fact that it still cannot be run at the standard 60fps constantly on its highest settings on todays best cards is ridiculous and testament to really bad optimization.

That and in my experience while playing crysis i've honestly never said "wow". Cant even remember thinking the game looked nice since i was too busy trying to optimize my graphical settings and playing hide and go seek with soldiers in cloak mode - the alien parts were rubbish. This as opposed to UC2 which I've only played it recently since i wasnt buying into the hype. I hate to admit it but it had me saying "Wow did they accomplish this with the ps3 in only its 3rd yr. Amazing". If a game can make a cynic like me say that then its a great game. Crysis... meh

MNicholas4677d ago

They better deliver or they'll never gain credibility with console, particularly PS3, fans.

Simon_Brezhnev4677d ago

i have to see it to believe it at the moment i dont believe it. You know devs 1st game on the PS3 usually are especially a multiplatform.

Persistantthug4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

I'll tell you why,

Because developers like Naughty Dog have every tool, trick, technique, and the full power of Sony behind them.

Let me give you a great example of what I see happening at some point.......

Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Santa Monica, or whoever else, will push the PS3 to its full CURRENT optimization limit, and they want to squeeze even more power to do those once "inconceivable feats"...So, Naughty Dog petitions Sony for the extra code to use in their 1 game...Sony grants this request. Guess what the request was for?

The request for for the extra SPE to be unlocked for their personal use, for their UNCHARTED 3 game which enables it to run at a full detail at 1080p with 60 frames.

Crytek will never be able to outdo First Party developers on their own system....not the Sony ones.

Just sayin.

pixelsword4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

It's not fanboyish to say the majority of multiplatform games run on the 360 better, because it's true: the problem is that that seems to no longer applies to games that both run well and at high-quality.

Furthermore, it's also true that multiplatform games run better on the 360 from developers who don't know how to program for the PS3, and those who do have bigger and better-looking games on the PS3.

Next, when a multiplaform game comes out and uses the Blu-Ray to it's capacity, the games they release will be a better game compared to it's 360 counterpart; Star Ocean, GTA IV, and Final Fantasy are good examples of that.

Lastly, PS3 games that are maximized don't pull punches on physics, smoke, and particle effects: which is why although I love the Halo series, Killzone still whips on it although it came out in Early '09, more than a year later.

Therefore, it IS fanboyish to recognize one aspect of that truth without recognizing the other aspects.

Cenobia4677d ago

You'd probably just spray your tainted ejaculate all over your keyboard.

Then you'd wipe it off and troll some more. TROLL LIKE YOU'VE NEVER TROLLED BEFORE!!!

frostypants4677d ago

"If anyone really wants superior version of the game where a difference can clearly be seen then the PC is where its at. "

Well, that is ENTIRELY dependent on the PC in question, isn't it?

Darkstorn4677d ago

Let's wait until we see it before we come to conclusions. This WILL dethrone Crysis as the best-looking game ever made, on PC at least.

thewhoopimen4677d ago

It's fanboyish to talk about multiplats when practically every exclusive on either the 360 or PS3 totally destroys multiplats in terms of quality.

Death24944677d ago

Cryengine3 runs better on 360.

Just a little note. Crytek's engines typically require more from your CPU than your GPU. Oh i provided a little video for you people to prove my point. PS3 is on the left and 360 is on the right. You can notice ps3 running at a higher resolution. Don't believe me huh, then check out the video.....

JsonHenry4677d ago

If any company can max out hardware it is these guys.

But just like anything and anyone else I must see it in action to believe it. I am getting this for the PC of course, so there is no doubt in my mind I am going to get a visual feast. But I would really like for console owners to have a new bar set. Especially a multiplat game.

raztad4677d ago


You should put the emphasis in the multiplat thing. PS3 exclusive games have been setting the bar in every iteration.

I definitely doubt Crysis 2 on consoles will be a bar setting, however if it indeed is, it will be dethroned again and again in the near future. I'm pretty sure all this "reaching the ceiling" stuff is not more than solid PR BS.

raztad4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )


DOMination4677d ago

It may well be the graphical ceiling for PS3 and I'm quite sad to hear that really, but I hear it's only using about 60% of the 360s GPU so thankfully there's still quite a bit to come from one console at least.

nycredude4677d ago

Not to sound like a fanboy but I totally believe ps3 can do more than what the 360 can do in terms of graphics so the two versions of Crysis 2 better NOT be equal cause if so then this guy is full of BS!!

FragGen4677d ago

Yup sounds like PR talk. BUT I respect the devs trying to hold themselves to a high standard, though. I think Crytek consider themselves the graphics king on the PC (which is widely recognized as the most graphically intense platform) so I think they feel they have a lot to live up to and I think they'll produce a graphically amazing game on all three platforms even if it's "kingship" is debatable.

I REALLY HOPE they shoot for some EFFICIENCY in their engine, though. Consoles can't be upgraded so if some parts of the game run @ 10fps today they'll run at 10fps in that section everytime the game is played. No new drop in whizbang GPU upgrades here.

xTruthx4677d ago

Good to see no 1 has wasted time replying to t850.

Hotel_Moscow4677d ago

how come they dont talk about the 369 like it can achieve amazing fraphics are they saying its going to pale in comparison to the ps3

newflesh4677d ago

Judging from Crytek's recent comments I think that we will see
Crysis 2 becoming PS3 exclusive in recent time.

jack_burt0n4677d ago

wow hype hype hype its amazing how it doesn't work when you try and hype your own crap, gow3 only needed a trailer same with uncharted 2 the rest was pure truth, these guys go on and on and on......

beardpapa4677d ago

From the release of their games and the history Crytek has, they seem to like to push the envelope when it comes to graphic superiority. It would be a shame if they developed multiplatform Crysis to be on par for consoles and not take advantage of the resources each console has.

otherZinc4677d ago

It wont have co-op. The PS3 cant do a co-op campaign game good without it being cell shaded.

Also, Crysis must be linear or have very basic environments. Also, the physics wont be that great either.

You people can disagree all you want but show me a game on the PS3 that isn't cell shaded with co-op that looks good, where is it?
The split 256ram is going to stop it every single time!

TrailerParkSupervisr4677d ago

but I thought I read somewhere that they are developing the game specific to each platform; that the devs on the PS3 side are making it right for that console and same for 360. If that is true, then the PS3 version is NOT a port and would be most likely very, very pretty.

hash014677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

Standard practice with cross platform development tools.
Can not compete with designed for ps3 code (like UC2, KZ2, GOW3).

Make that with 'jags' and 'screen tearing', the common bug bears when recycling development from 360.

Danja4676d ago

Bet im gonna hear the same thing when KZ3 comes out ... Crysis will simply max out there engine on the PS3...

Kakkoii4676d ago


Why would they port it after all the time they spent creating a PS3 version of the CryEngine 3?

All the nay-sayers here seem to not of heard that Crytek's upcoming CryEngine 3 has been optimized for the PC/360/PS3. With the creation process allowing you to easily export to which platform you'd like. The reason normal multi-plat games don't usually look good is because the people making them aren't engine developers, their just game developers. And so they start out with the game on one platform and then port it to another. Where as Crytek has developed an engine that allows output of the original code to the 3 platforms without porting one version to another.

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coolcut1354677d ago

the odd thing is the devs have still not mentioned the xbox version of the game in terms of graphics. does this mean they r makin games different on each platform or is the xbox version goin to be on par with ps3

Darkstorn4677d ago Show
Kakkoii4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

The way the new Engine works allow for simultaneous creation on all 3 plats. (PC/360/PS3). The 360 will look good too, they already showed off videos of the PS3/360 running it. It's merely that the PS3 has some extra cores to handle a bit higher graphics. But neither can trump the PC version of course. Especially with such a small amount of RAM in the consoles.

jimmins4677d ago

The tech could theoretically make the most of PS3, X360 and PC individually - it's interesting that Crytek have a lead PS3 programmer that's allowed to talk about platform specific versions of the game...

frostypants4677d ago

They have a reputation to uphold. Perhaps they place more importance on that reputation than on playing the usual cross-platform politics. If they can't make the PS3 version look better than the 360, everyone will question their technical expertise.

waltyftm4677d ago

Killzone 3 , Uncharted 3 , Resistance 3 come out.

AKS4677d ago

I would be very surprised if Resistance 3 can top the graphics of Crysis 2 unless Insomniac adopts a longer development cycle.

ElementX4677d ago

The Resistance games have average graphics, nothing more.

AKS4677d ago

I will say that I find the Resistance games to be impressive in terms of scale. The 8-player co-op mode did feel like I was in a war with so much attacking us at once. It was pretty intense if multiple teammates croak and I was trying to survive until they could respawn. I just wish Insomniac would give a Resistance game a longer development cycle if they are going to try to include so much. Bungie (the developer behind Halo games, not the pesky internet troll) spent over 3 years making Halo 3. It seems like Insomniac is trying to make more ambitious products in a fraction of the time, and I think the quality of the game tends to suffer when you do that.

Ju4677d ago

R2 was there before KZ2 and UC2 and runs 60fps (compared to the others @30fps). That, with 64 players, massive scale (opening scene) shows the potential of their engine. Combine this with Insomniacs statement to drop future games back to 30fps, should allow them to double their bandwidth for visual fidelity. Anyhow, the particle effects and scope of the co-op has yet to be matched by any other game on the PS3. If Insomniac can focus on those goals, I can see them surpass both, KZ2 and UC2 with their next game. (/OT)

pixelsword4677d ago

R2 whips-up on games that haven't even come out yet, so either you have a SDTV or never seen it in person at all.

Pshaw, average graphics indeed.

Do a side-by side of that tame to a lot of games, and R2 wins hands down.

The Wood4677d ago

scale yes, graphics nah. I never thought resistance was a graphical beast. Not like killzone

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sid4gamerfreak4677d ago (Edited 4677d ago )

It will look like a graphical beast on the best gaming platform = PC.

Consoles, oh yeah, they have their little killzone 2 which may look better than their gimped crysis 2 version.

Oh wait, the 360 doesnt have kz2!

Edit: @below: Its true though, it is a frickin GIMPED version. You think the consoles are even able to flawlessly run cryengine 3? Are you nuts?
What about all the ps3 fanboys plaguing this website? Dont complain to them, do you? They come and bash the PC articles and being condescending too. But nooooooo that is acceptable to you right? Such a big hypocrite...