BFBC2 R9 Server Update to Improve Autobalance and More

The R9 server update will bring a number of notable fixes to the game including the a long sought solution to the autobalance problems that have been plaguing the game since launch.

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Rucury4211d ago

Aww darn. It's for PC, right? I was hoping it would fix my constant "Disconnected From Game" problem on my PS3.

Oh well, hopefully it'll come eventually.

I Play Games4211d ago

X360 is pretty good right now. Occasionally I get kicked, but a hundred times better than when it launched.

mrv3214211d ago

Just wish they'd fix a couple minor problems like the smoke, seriously there's NO POINT IN IT!

Rucury4211d ago

We have smoke launchers?


mrv3214211d ago

Yeah, for the assault rifle. They litrally go away in 2 seconds and as pount as large a the bradley, ineffective at the best of times. USELESS ALL the time.

SixZeroFour4211d ago

the smoke grenades are useful when charging or disarming an mcomm so the snipers protecting it cant pick you or your teammates off as well as they normally can, also, its good if you plan to run to another area and you have to cross a big open field

smoke for the vehicles prevent mortar lock on as well as tracer lock ons

so yea, the smoke grenades are useful a bit...but i still dont use it (maybe only when i try for the all bronze insignia)

TheIneffableBob4211d ago


Smoke grenades are awesome! They're extremely useful when trying to set the charge and I've gotten tons of kills with smokes.

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susanto12284211d ago

I want to see a nerf to the M60 which is OP like crazy... and if you guys think there is some nube tubing in MW2 you haven't seen noob tubing until you've been blasted by a Gustav in BBC2 from yards yards away.....Autobalance fix would be nice... also add this...

1. STOP HACKERS...ruining the game
2. Protect the main bases

TheBand1t4211d ago

Gustav sucks for anything but killing infantry, helis and jeeps. It's garbo against tanks.

mrv3214211d ago

The M60 is fairly overpowered, early today I jumped behind 4 guys with a simple spray I killed all 4 of them.

The Gustav isn't as much of a problem.

Rucury4211d ago

I can third the M60 as overpowered.

I unlocked it a couple of hours ago and have never been better score-wise and kill-wise. Use it with the Light Machine Gun Marksman specialty and 4x Scopes (ACOG) and you can freaking snipe.

In all fairness, I wouldn't use it under normal circumstances, but I was once that recon solider looking through his scopes... and then I fell as an M60 sprayed me from across the map.

Pay back time.

FragGen4210d ago

The M60 must be a PC thing. I see no problem with it on the PS3. I don't use it but I don't get killed by it a lot either so it's not OP like the MAG LMGs or anything.

The Gustav is an anti-infantry device, IIRC, so it makes sense that you can kill people with it and it's not fantastic against armor. Again, I don't see a zillion people running around noob tubing with the Gustav on the PS3.

I still find snipers to be the most annoying thing in the game. Which is sort of the way it should be. Snipers are a PITA in real military ops.

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Gish4211d ago

It's funny, when I first started playing the game I felt like the knife melee was slow, then I realized that I was just used to the hyper speed of MW2 knifing.

Pandamobile4211d ago

I hate the COD-style melee attacks.

I wish you had to equip your knife before using it (ala BF 1942-2142).

mrv3214211d ago

That was true in Bad-Company 1 and it doesn't feel quite so satisfying as it does now.

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