God of War 3 DLC features multiplayer fighting game

According to the scan from PlayStation magazine, the next DLC of God of War 3 is a multiplayer fighting game?


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Fishy Fingers5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

Better not be a damn April fools (early I know) because this would be great, I was hoping for some co-op action but this would be brilliant too. Wonder if online would be supported.

Need better scan to translate text.

Again, April fools and I wont be happy.

graciousd5139d ago

It could be an April fools.. but more likely a real thing as it's on French PS magazine.

DeforMAKulizer5139d ago

But do april fools fake announcements include those done in a magazine?!
Thats whats making me slightly believe it... I hope!

blusoops5139d ago

Nogolis said a while back that GOW3 would b getting some sort of dlc and it would b like a gladiator arena or something of the sorts. I can never tell if that guy makes stuff up or if he really is an industry insider... Oh well this would b fantastic news if true.

deadreckoning6665139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

WOW, thank God I saw this today! I was gunna sell GOW3 2morrow.

@ToastMan- Oh srry, I said sell but I meant trade. I already beat the game twice so I'm trading it in for a used copy of Yakuza 3 or Just Cause 2. By trading u don't technically lose any money, its just that u get a new game for the money u already spent. 2 SP experiences for the price of one =D

ToastyMcNibbles5139d ago

if true that would be amazing and i do hope theres online support as well if not its okay but i can definitely see this happening.. the beginning fight sequence with zeus shows that they can pull off something like this whether its on a 2d plane or hell even full 3d.. very excited about this

WildArmed5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )



Can't wait.

exactly my thoughts.. you coulda just rented it -.-

ToastyMcNibbles5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

@deadreckoning i could understand wanting to sell certain games back that only have a single player to it but why would you buy it in the first place knowing you would sell it later?

Therealspy17765139d ago

can't wait for multiplayer battles consisting of 2 people spamming L1+Square.

blu_yu_away5139d ago

I smell an April fools photoshop.

EvilBlackCat5139d ago

is it real? or Aprils Fool?

Anyway that will be sweet!

bjornbear5139d ago

you want to sell GOWIII i can understand if it isn't your cup of tea with two cubes and a drop of milk

but some games are just keepers

GT3 for me for example, I am the biggest racing car noob, but that game is just something =) i get bored of it after a couple of hours but i always come back for some =)

GOWIII just has that *awesome* thing to it =D i mean, just keep it for sex scene alone xD jk

oh well, enjoy Just Cause 2 =) im sure who ever gets your GOWIII will make better use of it

beardpapa5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

I always thought the Zeus fight would've made an excellent looking fighter. The graphics in that part of the game were mind blowing. Imagine a multiplayer GoW "2D/3D" fighter like SF4 with the characters being the gods, perseus, hercules, and whoever gow 'mortal' characters I left out.

ZombieNinjaPanda5139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )


Deadreakoning is probably just saying this to piss people off.


Beardpapa spoilers please.

Boody-Bandit5139d ago

I have a bad feeling it's going to turn out as a lame April Fool's joke.

Maybe SM should consider a GOW fighting game. How awesome would that be to play as the cast from the GOW series in a well made fighting game?

UnSelf5139d ago

why would i want top play co-op in GOW3?

i havent come across one person on this site that has beaten it on chaos besides me


Klipz-Wish5139d ago

I remember hiphopgamer was talking to stig about this in an interview

fusionboxer5139d ago

Like everyone else suspects it's an aprils fools joke. The first image is from the fight scene towards the end against Zeus and the second image is taken from the battle with Hercules.

The images were obviously shopped to add a long life bar and rage of the titans meter/symbol symmetrically on the image.

So don't worry people. Like Santa Monica has already stated the real DLC will be something far more exciting.

supahbad5139d ago

if its an april fools joke then thats pretty lame, but if its tru then i called a gow fighring gamemonths ago and it would be awesome

Danteh5138d ago

holy sh!t if this is true it would be awesome... maybe it's like the fight in The Challenges of Exile "Defeat Fear itself!", it was quite tricky actually to beat that Kratos :D

ABizzel15138d ago

This better not be true, I had a game idea and one of the DLC's was going to be a fighting game.

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Galvanise5139d ago

One of the boss fights in particular reminded me a lot of Mortal Kombat (Scorpion VS Raiden). If they could throw in characters from GOWIII as well as past characters I'd love it.

WildArmed5139d ago

the zeus fight was 2D (some of it) so i can see this working out..
but they'll need to tweak alot of the gameplay for it.

deadreckoning6665139d ago (Edited 5139d ago )

@Bjornbear- Yeah man. To each his own I guess. I don't think its a bad game at all. IMO its the best in the series and its the most technically impressive I've game ever played. I feel GOW3 is something that should be tried by action gamer who owns a PS3, but its not something I c myself going back to.

Believe it or not, I'm getting more enjoyment from BC2 than I am from GOW3. In light of this news, I think ill just lend GOW3 to a friend for a while and take it back when this DLC comes out.

Redrum0595139d ago

look at one of the comments on that GTpage.

... well i thought it was funny...

(back on topic) could be fake, could be real, not realy interested though, big GOW3 fan but if its real, then the price will convince me if i should buy or not.