Did Sony Really Need the Sub-Controller? writes:

Sony's primary move controller is as simple as it can get, with few buttons which emphasize motion based game control rather than button-mashing action. But there are some things that you cannot do with so few buttons in hardcore games, and moving in vast virtual spaces requires extra input. Enter the sub-controller, with an analogue stick and two extra "shoulder" buttons.

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harrisk9543491d ago

Anyone that has been following all of the rumors and speculation around the web for the past 6 months knows that the biggest "wish" was that the motion controller needed to have an analog stick... when the footage of Resident Evil was shown using the Motion Controller and a dual shock controller in conjunction with each other, it was complained about that it "looked awkward"... so, Sony fixed the problem! The subcontroller is merely half of a dual shock, making it less awkward to use!

sinncross3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Quick answer: Yes
Long answer: Yes.

I get what the author is saying but what purpose would 2 analogues be?

The subcontroller uses it for movement whereas the PS Move is for aiming... a second analogue just not required.
Likewise the subcontoller has 4 directional inputs and 2 buttons on the top whereas the authors idea only makes way for 4.
6 seems like a better offering then 4 and can give the devs some leeway.

As I said I understand what the author is trying to say but I dont think its the best idea.

Blaster_Master3491d ago

I was assuming Sony lost their mind when it came to motion control without a nunchuk. Thank god they added it, I was beginning to wonder if Sony PR and R & D were retarded, but in the end they just proved to be geniuses again. I will never doubt you again sony.

sikbeta3491d ago

Of course, now they need to make the Sub-controller with the same motion-tech/whatever cuz I'm not going to Pay for anther "Move" controller

Forbidden_Darkness3491d ago

@1.3: The Sub controller is seperate from the Move controller, its optional and probaly wont be included with any bundles, so you might as well just buy another Move controller, unless you buy games like Socom which work better with that than holding a Dualshock in your other hand

sikbeta3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )


I know that I'll buy it separately, but Is not better to have The sub-controller + motion-tech in order to play all kind of games?, for example for the Archery Game, you need 2 PS-Move controllers and for SOCCOM4 you need the PS-Move + the Sub-controller (3 controllers in order to play the 2 games), so if SONY make the sub-controller + motion-tech, you'll Only need the PS-Move + sub-controller for All Games, get my point?

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1233603491d ago

i like the way sony set it up,the sub controller and the motion controller feel like one dual shock thats split into two,its been made to play all genres.there idea is okay for less hardcore games put some games required more configurations in the button or trigger this is spot on.

Forbidden_Darkness3491d ago

I dont think th author ever thought about this, but it would feel very akward moving the analog stick on the same controller you Move around to do things with.

And also, what about the D-pad and other buttons on the Sub controller? Some developers will need those, especially for like RPGs and such.

Forbidden_Darkness3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

Playstation Move

It Moves you!

CJJA3491d ago

i think they do need a sub controler. I imagine it being wierd using a analog WHILE moving ur arm around, itd get confusing

Forbidden_Darkness3491d ago

Exactly what i was saying lol

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