Trophy glitch found in God of War III

A glitch found in God of War III lets you acquire the "Maxed Out!" trophy without meeting the requirements of upgrading all your weapons in the story mode.

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Aphe3494d ago

Cool, I haven't played it yet, but when I do I'll be using this glitch.

Nah, not really. People who do are glitch game playing scum. No one should play games relying on a games big glitches to better themselves.

Damn glitches.

blind-reaper3494d ago

yeah I know what is the point of a trophy if you cheat, But whatever people do this to compensate what they don't have in real life.

Aphe3494d ago

I just don't see the point myself, trophies are there to achieve for yourself. They aren't olympic medals but it's something you can try to obtain. I like them, apart from anything they prolong the life of games.

You might be able to finish a game but are you good enough to get that trophy that requires you to beat the game on a hard difficulty?

It's like people that use wallhacks in CS. Excellent, you know where everyone is. But you couldn't beat them fairly.

gta28003493d ago

I wouldn't mind a glitch for the 1,000 hit combo trophy :P

ShadowRyuX3493d ago

Well exploiting a glitch that gives you infinite red orbs like in God of War and others like it are okay. But glitching for a trophy is kind of sad (depending on if getting the trophy just happens to be an added affect of the glitch or the sole purpose of it) and glitching in competitive makes you a straight up loser.

jjacinto233493d ago

I already have platinum in both Gow1 and gow2...........

HBK6193493d ago

I don't think there'd be any need for this glitch TBCH.

I'm about 8 and a half hours through GoW3 now and probably closing in on the end and have maxed out all but about 3 weapons of which I'm only 1 block away from doing so. It really wouldn't/shouldn't be that hard to do in 1 run-through as long as you get as many of the red orbs as possible.

Max Power3493d ago

and I only need 7238 orbs to max out my last weapon, and if it doesn't occur in this play through then it will be my second when I go for the other trophies I didn't get after the first play through.

mugoldeneagle033493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Unless you run through areas not killing enemies you pretty much max out everything before the final boss fight

Want to know what I just found out that's even more sad? Supposedly if you import the same game from different regions you can earn multiple Platinum trophies. So for instance there would be 3-4 GOW3 Platinum's. THAT'S sad!

N4Flamers3493d ago

This glitch can let you start the game with all the weapons in the game too.

I maxed out the weapons on titan mode. It's only hard to max out if you miss many of the chests.

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thor3494d ago

By playing on easy you'll get this trophy automatically during your playthough. Most of the GoW3 trophies are pretty easy to be honest - you could get the platinum over a weekend.

JL3493d ago

I know right? I played it again on easy just to do a real quick run through and use all those treasures and just to enjoy the story again. I ended up maxing absolutely everything out by time i was no more than 3/4 of the way through the game. Why would you need a glitch for something this easy?

GR8 13494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Well what u all waiting for go for it even though i condone cheating this is a ps3 game so it's all fine no harm done go ahead.

By the way has GOW3 in sales reached a million......just asking.

tinybigman3494d ago

i just finished the game earlier today and omg is it epic from beginninng to end. the ending was outstanding to me. i didnt even get to max out my everything.

missed 6 chests to max out heatlh
missed 3 chests to max out items
only magic got maxed
all weapons maxed except for cestus and the lighting whip.

from the games ive played so far this year my top 3 are in this order

1 god of war 3
2 heavy rain
3 mass effect 2

kenpachi3494d ago

you need to get out of your house once in a while because its just sad now

xbotpleasefixme3493d ago

don't pay any attention to them Great one. They wish they had the balls to tell the truth like you. Not me though I say GREAT ONE FOR PRESIDENT!

Darkfocus3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

thats good for me cause I already beat the game on god and I didn't max out everything so I started a new game on spartan (easy) just get that trophy but it's way too easy and you can basically button mash, so that means I can continue my chaos play through which I,m loving so far because even the first boss can one shot you.

ablecain3494d ago

Much respect to you for playing on Chaos mode. I'm not even gonna attempt that... Seems too brutal, haha.

mt3494d ago

you just spend some time looking for hidden boxes that gives you red orbs . that is all

firelogic3494d ago

Wasn't easy for me. I missed out on the trophy by 2300 orbs.

ThaGeNeCySt3494d ago

or you you could horde orbs while fighting Cronus

Kratos Spartan3493d ago

it seems there are more red orb boxes in this one than the previous. You had to really work to get all weapons maxed in the first two.

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