PCMag: Hands On With the Sony PlayStation Move

Sony on Monday provided PCMag with some hands-on play time with its wireless, motion-based controller system for the PS3, the PlayStation Move, which mimics your movements using motion sensors and a webcam.

When you move the controller(s), your moves show up on the screen. So if you're playing table tennis, you hold the controller like you would a paddle to hit the ball across the table to the opposing player. (Check out our hands-on video to see the Move in action.) The controller works with the existing Sony's PlayStation Eye camera add-on and communicates with the PS3 via Bluetooth.

The PlayStation Move controller looks a lot like the microphone you get with Rock Band; an illuminated, colored ball sits on its approximately six-inch round black plastic wand-like base. A single player can use one controller, two controllers together, or pair a controller with a sub controller (think Wii Nunchuck), which adds directional buttons to an analog stick and two shoulder buttons to navigate in-game characters in some titles.

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