ModNation Racers Has Four-Player Splitscreen Possibly Thanks To You

Kotaku writes: "What's the point of a beta test for a video game these days, other than to drum up publicity? The makers of upcoming PlayStation 3 game ModNation Racers say it got them to add a feature.

ModNation Racers Has Four-Player Splitscreen Possibly Thanks To YouDuring the Game Developers Conference earlier this month, game producer Dan Sochan told Kotaku that the public beta tests of ModNation Racers gave the game's developers 1,000 bugs to squash. And it gave them the nudge they needed to add four-player splitscreen multiplayer to the game."

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Nitrowolf23493d ago

this is cool
but can i play online with them?
thats whta i liked about warhawk
you play online with allot of people and could have your buds also
i think more games need to do that

MajestieBeast3493d ago

2player splitscreen online and 4 player splitscreen offline pretty neat really hope they fixed the steering a bit.

sikbeta3493d ago

Awesome, I'll never go back to Mario-kart again, I have all I need, this Game will be a blast with the Pals...

WildArmed3493d ago

I'm not sold on this yet, but it's getting there!

green-cigarettes 3493d ago

Great news. I really think racing games should have split-screen everytime. But, like said above...they need to fix the steering.Other than that, cant wait :)

dkgshiz3493d ago

I haven't seen that feature since last gen! I think there is maybe 4-8 games this generation that actually have split-screen. Most developers this generation usually assume anyone who plays video games doesn't have any real friends. So its either online or nothing.