F1 2010: Pitstop Trailer

New cam gameplay trailer of F1 2010 shows a pitstop at Monza.

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3501d ago

Wet weather video looks cool, would like to see someone decent play the game though...

Will-UK3501d ago

I want to see some more gameplay
Formula 1 championship edition had great weather and destruction effects i hope this game has realistic handling.

GodGinrai3501d ago

Thats my only concern at the moment. codemasters titles have become very arcadey this gen.i hope F1 will see them go back to focusing on handling/fun factor. i know they will want to strike a balance but they need to remeber who is gonna buy this game. As an f1 fan (die hard mclaren fan)and car lover i want this game to be as close as the real thing. And as a fan of the old colin mcrae and toca games i know cm CAN deliver the goods.

ultramoot3501d ago

That tester had no skill at all. I can drive better than that using my keyboard or gamepad.

Anyway, the game looks sweet. I just hope it's not a system killer for the PC version. I think the pitstop needs a bit more action and slightly better animations.

Uncle Rico3501d ago

Based on the EGO engine so I dont think it should be a PC killer.

PaulTomlinson3501d ago

Disappointed that the magazine have ripped from my original Youtube video of the pit stop (that I shot at the event) and re-posted it as their content.

Link to the original Youtube video (which is higher quality) is at: -

tudors3501d ago

wow thats all I can say

MaximusPrime3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

IMO this is a slight improvement from PS3's F1 game few years ago.. Nothing much.

F1 is something new to Xbox 360 audience. Enjoy the game when it comes out.

Codemasters are master at racing games. So it looks promising.

TOO PAWNED3501d ago (Edited 3501d ago )

actually 3 year old F1 game on PS3 looks better then this (judging by this vid). I am interested but only if there is substance to this game.