The Top Five Racing Sims

Drew Pontikis gives his top 5 racing sims, and makes the case why Forza 5 belongs right at the very top

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cfc783303d ago (Edited 3303d ago )

I think Forza 5 deservedly should be top of racing sim's at this time it delivers a great all round experience(what's available in the game)though it's lacking the content that Forza 4 had and day/night/weather which i'd love to see in a later Forza title i think turn 10 delivered the closest driving simulator so far that i've played and did an especially great job with the car/track physics.

cfc783303d ago

It's a simulation racer though not as hardcore as the 1's you've listed.

Si-Fly3303d ago

Maybe it's changed since I last played it, the last version I played was Forza 3 and It never felt like real racing as the races were between 3-5 laps, no qualifying, no cautions or safety cars, and a load of areas on tracks people used to be able to cut without any slow down penalties or disqualification... Driving physics were okay but the actual racing experience was poor.

cfc783303d ago

The physics have gotten a lot better over the whole game since 3 but yes a lot of the things you mentioned are missing still i'd stick to pc it sounds like you need a much more life like racer than what Forza 5 delivers or maybe go to a track day and experience the real thing.

Si-Fly3303d ago


Top 5 'Sims' in no particular order :

Grand Prix Legends
Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix
Indianapolis 500

scotmacb3303d ago

This guy has it spot on forza 5 just gets better everytime i play it amazing game looks awesome to but 2nd place goes to forza 4 then toca 3 3rd on xbox gran tourismo 2 set a standard but not in the same league as the games i have named