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Eric Bateman of NGG writes, "God of War III is unmistakeably a God of War game that does almost everything right. If you are a God of War fan stop reading this review and go buy the game. If you are still undecided about the game, or don't really know anything about the franchise, read on."

NextGEN Gamers4946d ago

Thanks for the comment, and glad you enjoyed the review.


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God of War 3 Remaster has sold 4 million copies since its inception, making the franchise PlayStation's most profitable gamer merch brand.

purple101125d ago

Haha I still remember my brother playing the opening scene on ps3!!!

Yeh he had to put the controller down his heart was beating too fast trying to get past first 10 minutes. He said "it's too much". Best thing I've ever seen in gaming. Haha

robtion124d ago

A great game from an era before things went politically correct and gaming turned serious/'mature'.

It certainly wasn't concerned about upsetting or offending anyone and was more fun because of it.

The boss battles and set pieces still top most games released today.

SullysCigar124d ago

This game was absurdly good for it's time. The very definition of 'epic'.

robtion124d ago

Yes. The graphics were just ridiculous compared to most other games on the market at the time.

masterfox124d ago

I wished Ascension had the same treatment.

Heavenly King124d ago

Ascension SP had some things better than GOW3, and also some things worst than GOW3. But in general it was a really good game, for me it also deserves a REMASTER. The problem per se with the game is that most people were satisfied on how GOWIII ended, so Kratos got his revenge, so in order to rise the interest in the game how have to make it MORE EPIC is that the game did not had the epicness of fighting huge bosses (I guess due to technical difficulties,the game had actually a lot more colors (because the world is not dying like in GOWIII) so it is graphically more demanding that is my guess), but it compensated with having in general a more complex combat system, and an amazing soundtrack. but in general the game needed to be more epic than GOWIII somehow, and that did not happened, after GOWIII people had expectations through the roof. They should have waited and release it for PS4 so the vision of the game is not compromised.

My list of good and bad compared to GOWIII

The combat was more elaborated, which allows you to be more immersed in the fights. Also every enemy was more resistant, even those that you could usually kill in 2-3 attacks in previous games. THE LAST BOSS is so damn epic!!!, but there is only one moment like this in the whole game.

I love the fact that "cicle" in the new enemies (killing animations) are not QTEs, in Ascension they are mini-games on their own, depending on the enemy, making it more engaging. You had to dodge and hit when the window was open in order to eventually do the killing blow.

GOOD: The Soundtrack
it has the orginal trilogy musics, but with a new perspective since the game had a new composer. The ST was amazing also the new music written specifically for this game were badass

GOOD: The puzzles actually require you to think.

BAD: There are bad camera angles during the game, like zooming way too out of vista, and then swarming you with "light units" that like I said before had better AI and did not die of 2 attacks. those parts a few, but are a mess.

Other thing that really annoyed me is that when you fight a sub-boss/heavy unit in a big arena; that ARENA WAS EMPTY, it was just you and against the medusa, or against the manticore. They should have zoom in into the action to avoid noticing the void scenario. I guess emptiness was because of the game having a lot more colors (because the world is not dying like in GOWIII) so it is graphically more demanding. My guess is that it was not possible technically, since in most of those cases you had huge vistas or intricate scenarios that needed to be rendered. The fact that the cerberus is smaller in this game disappointed me.

BAD: Only one BADASS EPIC moment, the others moments of the game were great but, they needed to set the bar even higher than GOWIII and they failed miserably.

BAD: The graphics did not improved much. I was GOWIII with more colors, and that's it.

So 4 good things against 4 bad ones. The problem is those 2 last BAD aspects are actually why the game was received so poorly. Everyone expects the next game to have a really BIG improvement in all aspects in contrast to the previous one, and that was not the case in ascension. And also GOW is the definition of EPIC, and that was not there neither. The jump on every aspect from GOWI to GOWII was huge being on the same console, and the jump from GOWII to GOWIII was humongous (obviously because a more powerful console). While the jump from GOWIII to Ascension is too little, and people expected more.

On it's own is a good game; but is not sufficient when GOWIII was released before it.

CrimsonWing69124d ago

I know this is unpopular opinion, but I prefer these over the new ones. I’m not saying the new ones are bad or anything, but they sort of get boring to me, whereas the older games were like non-stop roller coaster rides.

ChiefofLoliPolice124d ago

I love the new ones but I understand what you mean. The older ones had more action and was more arcady like.

MIDGETonSTILTS17124d ago

Ragnarok was not BIG at all… GoW1 had larger set pieces, and it was on ps2.

GoW 2018 had big moments in its own way…. Ragnarok abandoned these aspects though

robtion124d ago

I agree. It was just less serious and more fun.

victorMaje124d ago

One of my all time favourites.

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God of War III - A Turning Point for the Franchise

God of War III made its debut more than 10 years ago, and lives as the last title in the original lineage before 2018's soft-reboot.

FallenAngel1984320d ago

Last game as in chronologically or last game to be released before God of War 4?

chicken_in_the_corn320d ago

Chronologically. A prequel followed it in 2013.

chicken_in_the_corn320d ago

Still the best game in the series imo

Fishy Fingers320d ago

Arrived late to the party and GOW3 was the first I played. Went back and have now played them all. Still, 3 is my favourite largely thanks to the scale and boss fights.

jBlakeeper320d ago

GOW 3 is still the peak of GOW boss battles.

Dawknight316319d ago

2 and 3 are still the best. Ragnarok was competing with them at one point but there is an element that kind of ruins it for me without spoiling it. Still a solid game.


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