Source: Gears of War 3 Releasing April 2011

Microsoft will launch Gears Of War 3 in early April 2011, a trusted US publishing source has told Edge.

The first teaser trailer for the third person shooter is expected to debut next month on April 8, exactly one year ahead of the game's pencilled in release date. A full reveal is due at E3 in June.

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TOO PAWNED3163d ago

"and wants Natal to own Christmas. " - it's nice to want things.

Cold 20003163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Sounds pretty feasible to me.

I know its not possible but it would be great if they could use another engine for Gears 3.

The Unreal engine showed its limits with Gears 2 already.

gaffyh3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Good timing imo, usually there isn't much to play in April, so this should keep us going for a while.

@cold - I think they are using Unreal 3.5, so slightly better than what we've seen so far.

MurderMyDoll3163d ago

Pleeeeeaaaase be true please please please I need more Gears! I guess we'll find out on april 8th if there is any truth to this claim.

Cold 20003163d ago

You said it yourself, "slightly better" :/.

In 2011 I dont want a "slightly better" looking Gears. I want a significantly better looking Gears.

King_of _the_Casuals3163d ago

I was expecting November 2011 but April works with me!! But I can imagine Gears working with Natal. Imagine Chainsaw action with Natal!!! SWEET!!!

StanLee3163d ago

Makes sense. Gears could own the summer. Hopefully there is a beta this time and the multiplayer sees a smooth launch.

Venatus-Deus3163d ago

Could it be a 6 month timed exclusive and a Oct release for the PS3?

Just asking, before anybody gets their knickers in a twist. And quite a reasonable one seeing with other recent news/confirmation.

jjohan353163d ago

Shows you that Epic was lying all along with their "next gears will be on the next platform".

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TOO PAWNED3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I am sure that they will first give false info that it is coming this year, but then they will delay it, typical for MS and DELAYbox. I am sure xbots will defend that move, after all they are so into casual Natal gaming, MS can do no wrong, they can delay it until 2012 on delaybox and bots would still defend them hahaha

JeffGUNZ3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

hahahahaha, you do know the PS3 is the king of delays? Wow. Your comments are slipping pal, maybe you should take a breather. GT5 says hello. From what I have heard, they just delayed the release AGAIN. But that's cool, because now you can wave your wand in the drivers seat. Def. worth the delay.

madmonkey03163d ago

@ above, you shouldnt beleive all you hear in the media, gt5 has only been delayed once, and that was in japan. the rest of the world have never had a release date.

JeffGUNZ3163d ago

Someone posted a link in a MOVE article stating GT5 is being delayed to add MOVE capability. Come on, you're going to tell me that Sony does not have a bad track history of announcing games way too early and then pushing them back? Come on, they did that since PS1!

TheXgamerLive3163d ago

sony wannabe fan girls running here to lie and whine about an Xbox 360 title, slide down this and look at all the little wannabe's here. so frickin sad. Stay and whine on your own side where your games just suck like there's no tomorrow, ok. Every time you run here posting it just goes to show your jealousy and wantimng to have an Xbox 360, and don't even reply b/c it shows it again.

seriously, leave and go play clod of war.

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madmonkey03163d ago

"Microsoft will launch Gears Of War 3 in early April 2011"

Microsoft won't be launching it, epic might do though.

Denial3163d ago

Microsoft publishes it.

madmonkey03163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

i didn't know that, i guess in that case they could have some say in when it is released. thanks.

BeaArthur3163d ago

With an extensive beta to proceed it? If ever a game needed open beta testing it is the Gears of War franchise.

Munky3163d ago

No Joke, I still have no clue how they messed up the multiplayer for GeOW2 so bad.

edhe3163d ago

I'd have to agree on this one.

BeaArthur3163d ago

Munky...they screwed it up by being patted on the back about how great they are. GoW was glitcy too but I can excuse that because it was their first attempt. Instead of trying to perfect their product they just made a sequel with new features (cough, cough, IW), because they knew everyone would buy it. They know that they can just patch issues as they come up; so why spend the extra money to test the game?

Munky3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I won't argue the fact that GeOW was a bit glitchy, but the main difference was that the mulitplayer for GeOW was crazy fun. I don't know what it was was exactly, maybe the simplicity of it all, the fact that it was all about your 4 man squad against the other team, the fact that each weapon had a clear purpose... I'm not really sure. All I know is that GeOW's mulitplayer awesomeness was totally lost for GeOW2 somehow, and I just hope they get back to that.

madmonkey03163d ago

@ bee,

reminds me of the last time i played gears, just started the game and i walked into a pile of rubble just after picking up the hammer of doom, and it spawned me back to the start of the level, it was quite funny becuase i was playing co-op and my mate had to wate for me to get back so i could kill the big thing.

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