8.0 Review: Metro 2033 for the Xbox 360

From Metro 2033 is far busier and far more accomplished than I expected it to be, and it's also one of the best-looking games - at least in a few very special scenes - on the Xbox 360.

Combine these technical achievements with a game that has been carefully written, and lavishly imagined, and you start to get close to a sort of negative image of BioShock. While everything in Rapture is lurid and fantastical, here there is only grit, and blood, and suffocation.

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green3136d ago

I am a broke student and only have budget for a game a month and my game of the month is FF13. But will find a way to squeeze Metro 2033 between SC:Conviction and Alan Wake. Good time to be playing games.

buckethead_9113136d ago

Its the exact same case with me too, bro.

Selma_Blair3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Why not get gamefly? I manage to rent and finish about 5 games a month for 22$

jakethemuss3136d ago

Steam Man.
May not be the exact games you want, but hey at least you get more enjoyment per dollar.

Jinxstar3136d ago

I agree with jake. I bought Bioshock 2 off steam with some friends for like 35$ and they threw in the first game free... So long as you have a good PC it's well worth it. great deals all the time too. Got psychonauts for 2$ the other day.

Syronicus3136d ago

Both are great ways to save money and play all the games you want. It's just too easy and it would be becoming of any kid going for a higher education to exercise their newly found knowledge and practice some financial smarts.

callahan093136d ago

I'm a little pissed off because I cleared out my GameFly Q and put this at the top of the list because I'm really excited to try it out, and they didn't send it to me! Every time I do that, clear out my Q and put the game I want at the top of the list BEFORE that game comes out, it gets sent to me on the day of release. It worked earlier this year with a bunch of games, huge (Final Fantasy XIII), medium (Bayonetta), and small (Last Rebellion) in terms of release popularity. But for some reason they didn't send me Metro, and now it says "Availability: Low" on my Q for that game. I hope they send it out soon, I really want to get my hands on it.

-MD-3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Yep mine says low too. I can wait though, I've barely scratched FFXIII and I have God of War coming in the mail.

Also Perfect Dark tomorrow. Great month to be a gamer.

green3136d ago

@ Selma_Blair : Dont think we have gamerfly in the UK but could rent it from Blockbuster anyway.

@ jakethemuss : I don't think my crappy ACER laptop is powerful enough to run any good PC game released in the past 4 years especially Metro 2033.Have you seen the recommended and optimized specs for the game? ANd to top it all up, i don't like gaming on a PC.

Ghostsmoker3136d ago

And really one of the best looking games on console. Not only on 360. If you don't believe it ... play it! Of course it has a few cons. I would give 8/10.

Rockox3136d ago

For me, it's all about time. And I just know I won't have time to play this game, especially between Splinter Cell and Alan Wake. Looks like it'll be a decent game, though.

Venatus-Deus3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago ) in the UK.

you can get 4 games a month, have 2 at home anytime for as long as you want and all for £10 a month. So for the cost of 4 games a year you can play everything. They even send it to you in the post.

You can even lose to odd game in the post... wink... wink.

you then only buy games you really really want. £500 hobby then only becomes £200 hobby and you get to play even more games. You’re probably wondering to yourself why you haven't done it this way before. :-)

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jakethemuss3136d ago

May not be the exact games you want, but hey at least you get more enjoyment per dollar.

Fishy Fingers3136d ago

I plan to go through Steam but my gaming rig is in pieces and already have a backlog of games to get through so I'll probably wait on the next sale and snap it up then.

jakethemuss3136d ago

I game on my laptop, not the best, well it was 2 years ago, but not now. 2.3 core 2 duo, 4 gig of ram(1 g linked to graphics), 9600gt 512mb ( overclocked to 700mb).

(OP was meant to be posted elsewhere btw, tis why it sounds a bit random.)

champ213136d ago

Steam is a great way to save money.

bought over 75games on steam now in last 2years. had i bought those on a console i would have ended up paying 1200+usd. Thats a huge saving.

kancerkid3136d ago

Seems like the guy doesn't like the type of game he was playing. He wanted a fast paced shooter and instead got a slow paced apocalytpic shooter with strategy involved.

Everyone is talking about how there are too many shooters. Well, if you still want a shooter but want something different, this is probably the game for you. Little ammunition so you have to actually aim your shots and a dense atmosphere.

Seems like the developers did everything, and more, of what they said they were going to do.

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InfiniteRetro3136d ago

cant wait for the ps3 version, and before the gimps jump on me, it was coded on the ps3 first.

ipe3136d ago

are the same guy from youtube?

Anyway not bad score,i hope it ll sell well at least on pc.ON 360 it had like 25k preorders only.

3136d ago
ArcFatalix3136d ago

god of war 3, heavy rain , FFXIII, mlb10 the show, yakuza 3 etc all in march gimme a break.

LittleBigSackBoy3136d ago

This is why people say you're a troll, ali. And before you say "bu-bu-but he started it", you should just ignore trolls...

Anyway OT...Good score, this is gonne be like Demon's Souls, sleeper hit for sure. Hopefully the dev who makes it (dunno who it is, THQ?) doesn't make the same mistake as Sony. They need to make sure they have alot of stock in.

InfiniteRetro3136d ago

LOL yeah, sucks to me be. i have no games on the ps3 to play ever (checks his 70 psn games, 110 ps3 games) yep, wow im such a waiter:( how will i live lol

yep, same asshat from youtube lol

Cold 20003136d ago

Why are you in a thread about a game on a console you dont own ?

InfiniteRetro3136d ago

well dude its called a PC, and this title is coming out on it lol

Cold 20003136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

You said you were waiting for the PS3 version.

Why wait for the PS3 version when you can get the superior PC version for cheaper and right away ?

Hurry up and come back with another spin!

edit: a disagree ? Thats all you got ?lol

nycredude3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Cold 2000

Stop being lame man. Alithebrit started this crap by saying something stupid. You've got to be dumb if you think Ps3 has no games. I've got both consoles and if Ps3 keeps releasing games the way it has this year so far, I'll probably not turn on my 360 for the rest of the year, even though I still have my ME2 in it and haven't finished.

This looks pretty cool. If I didn't have such a big backlog of games to play I would definitely check this out. Maybe when my new laptop gets here I'll pick it up on steam. My 360 is getting so damn loud it is almost unbearable when I play it.

bjornbear3136d ago

im here because I'm curious about this game and honestly awaiting the PS3 version because I loved S.T.A.L.K.E.R and this might be the closest thing I will get on my PS3 =) so now please, stop being sore

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Michael-Jackson3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

floptastic score for a flop game

sealed and conFirmed

AliTheBrit193136d ago

What are you talking about, God of War 3 got loads of 8/10's so would that make it a flop? of course not.

See, real gamers like me will be playing both Metro 2033 and God of War 3 come Friday

While fanboy trolls like you will spend the time you could of been playing an excellent game, trolling N4G.

Sooooo sad.

Michael-Jackson3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Well this looks interesting.


JasonPC360PS3Wii3136d ago

Better score than MAG and WNC :)

UnwanteDreamz3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

Jason do have any idea how sad and pathetic your comment reads?

Greywulf3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )



Lol.. what else does he have to grasp at? mag and wnc.. thats sad. Thats the ace in the hole.

soxfan20053136d ago

I guess we can add Eurogamer to the list of sites that are 100% trustworthy & unbiased in the eyes of PS3 fanboys.

Eurogamer, IGN, Destructoid, VGChartz - the list gets bigger everyday.

BreakNeckSpeed3136d ago

Nice fail MJ

Is that picture you posted in somehow trying to downplay the graphical quality of the game? Pathetic

Read the bottom of the picture

"© 2006 4A Games. All rights reserved."

Four years ago now LOL. Wasn't that the year when the PS3 was released. They scrapped making a PS3 version and made it 360/PC exclusive. Thank god or else it would of ended up looking like that as a crappy PS3 launch title.

Nice try and Thanks for playing!

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AliTheBrit193136d ago

Awesome, the embargo lifts today so there should be loads more reviews :D