Gears of War 3 Tech Demo

TMC: Gears of War creators showed their latest upgraded to their Unreal game engine at GDC. Take a look at some footage featuring a brumak famous from the Gears of War series.

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Raf1k13142d ago

Nice water effects on the Brumak. Looks really cool.

socomnick3142d ago

I would love it if they did more with the cool destruction they showed off at GDC in 2008. That destruction on that tech demo was more impressive than that on BC2.

Chubear3142d ago

... you guys remember the uber Gears2 tech demo?.. then the final game came out looking like a spit shine version of Gears 1? .. uhm, yeah >.>

fr0sty3142d ago

there's only one issue I have with this demo... there's is hardly any light, and little to no color. such conditions could easily hide poor resolution textures, aliasing (not as many objects visible), etc.

It had some good looking vegetation, but we've seen as good in plenty of games by now, and it definitely wasn't on the level of Uncharted.

jwatt3142d ago

After seeing GOW3 and Alan Wake this demo didn't wow me but it looks very promising though. I just can't wait to see the game as a whole at E3.

Reibooi3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Personally I don't think this looks all that great. Still has the plastic like look the unreal engine made famous.

There are MUCH better looking games out there both on 360 and PS3. I really don't get the fuss over the Unreal Engine. It's really showing it's age yet alot of people used it and before it was old alot of people still used it despite the fact that it was a buggy mess. I mean there was a reason gears of war online gained the nick name Glitches of War.

Harry_Manback3142d ago

I actually like the style. They need to do something different, especially after Gears 2.

Anon19743142d ago

I've always been a huge fan of the Gears series. If they can pull of this kind of thing with the in-game engine, that'd be outstanding.

captain-obvious3142d ago

low quality video
we cant judge anything with this

Lord Vader3142d ago


vhero3142d ago

Tech demo.... Well okay.. no doubt 360 fanboys will get wet over this thinking end product can be anything like this which if they do they will be lying to themselves. No console can probably do anything like that right now. Pc could probably manage it.. They used Gears so what?? This was probably running on PC.

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Hoggy19833142d ago

are here to slate another great 360 game. I would take their opnions seriously if they ever said anything positive.

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N4Flamers3141d ago

it didnt look bad, but i kept thinking it was going to be a tech demo. I was waiting for the brumak to knock down a tree or something and have it splinter. Oh well, guess I have to wait for the hd video.

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iMad3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Hey Sonydroids you think if you report this story the WORLD will not know about new UNREAL ENGINE updare for Gears of War 3?

you are so desperade...:)

and yeah..keep dreaming it can be possible realtime on PS3...

mrv3213142d ago

A new unreal engine wouldn't upset PS3 fanboys BECAUSE Unreal Engine is ALSO on PS3 :P

You fail.

carreirabr3142d ago

Yes, PS3 owners have the unrealist static lighting, all the (way way too) shinning surfaces, crap jumping in your face texture loading, block models and crap animations too.

TROLL EATER3142d ago

unreal engine is on ps3 too but not the new gears 3 wen its announced xclusive to 360!!!!!!!

cyborg69713142d ago

Does this new tech include online host advantage? If so I'm not interested. For a online community that touts its supposed superiority I find it funny that there is such a thing as host advantage.

Chubear3142d ago

Wow, after 2 sequels and five year span... still looks the same lol

SonySoldiers3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )



NateNater3142d ago

So everything you see every single day is just....gray? That's you're perspective of real life? Man you should see a doctor about that.

iMad3142d ago Show
cyborg69713142d ago

Imad, I would love to live in the fantasy world your currently in. Answer me this. If the 360 that has been out a year longer than the ps3, why have they been holding back these supposed great graphics? I have the answer, it's because they can't produce them. Otherwise we would have seen them already.

Natal is a bust just like the move. Waggle is for old folks and noobs. So that's not gonna move systems.

A slim 360 obviously would be a mistake, I mean if anything they should make a bigger model with fans and make it liquid cooled so that's not gonna happen.

A new driving sim with day night driving and weather better than gt5. Once again gt5 has that. Not a biggie.

Halo best open world graphics. I doubt it. It'll be with fog all night maps and flashlights to hide the lack of good graphics like alan wake.

360 dev community pull the trigger. What 360 dev community? What do they have like 2 1st party devs. You made me LOL with that one.

Greenburg playing all of his cards. I think he's played them all back in 07. The only thing he can do now is bluff, or fluff which he is better at anyway.

avengers19783142d ago

While the video is impressive you must realize that this is cgi and not game play footage, Gears 3 probably won't be out until 2011, and I'll wait until they show gameplay footage. Standard DVD will most likely limit the game. Gears 1 was far better then Gears 2, If this video is showing gameplay then what would you expect but an hour long game, and gimped multiplayer.

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SOAD3142d ago

This looks impressive. I wonder if Gears of War 3 will be on 360. Amidst the quotes,there is a confusion about whether it will be on this gen of consoles or next generation.

SOAD3142d ago

I have one of those faces.

tripewire3142d ago

Saw him solo a few years ago.

SOAD is better....