Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Servers Shutting Down Friday Night for Upgrades

EA is shutting down the BFBC2 master servers starting Friday night for much needed upgrades. This means no MP for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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electricshadow5187d ago

If it means they get the multiplayer working properly, do what you gotta do.

ASSASSYN 36o5187d ago

Agreed but on a Friday at high activity gaming hours?

electricshadow5187d ago

I scratched my head at that too, but oh well. I have Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain to keep me busy. I'll be ok not being able to play BC2 for a little bit. I just want EA to fix the server problems they've been having.

joystick5555185d ago

its ok i'll be masterbating that night

Christopher5185d ago

As someone who develops online mass-user applications, Friday night is never a good time to do planned upgrades that require you taking down the service.

xabmol5185d ago

Don't forget that there is also a pretty sweet offline campaign on that BFBC2 multiplayer disk.

I almost didn't even notice it at first, but it is there, lol. And it's frikin good too!

xabmol5185d ago

Disagrees? o_O

*scratches head*

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Dark_Vendetta5185d ago

Wait it's Sunday for me already, so does it mean this news is late, or are they shutting them down again in a week?

zme-ul5185d ago

they've already performed the maintenance

OhReginald5185d ago

friday is my birthday, and i will be having huge titties in my face the whole night. W00T i love strippers!!!

dirthurts5185d ago

Are well needed and welcomed. Can't wait.

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20 Amazing Games That Have Completely Disappeared From Storefronts

Cultured Vultures: In the spirit of preserving some kind of history of this industry, we’ve decided to list some of the best games that you just simply can’t get hold of digitally at the minute.

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TheEnigma31391d ago

I just started playing Spec op. I've had it for years on steam and forgot about it. Such a good game.

EvertonFC91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Fantastic game,.so underated

Cacabunga91d ago

Yes great game spec ops! Since the time we’ve been asking sony to make one:/

Auto Modelista.. a PS2 capcom racer!! A blast to play and great graphics!
Rival Schools!

LordoftheCritics91d ago

Spec Ops: The Line was super dark.

Incredible story.

SheenuTheLegend91d ago

all the games in the above list are bang on. this is the only reason we need backwards compatibility and physical presense of games for the upcoming future, no matter what.

Yi-Long91d ago

Honorable mention to the excellent Driveclub, one of the best racing games of all-time and one of my favourite games ever.

melons91d ago

yes! incredible rain effects; so good to drive along in rain with your Spotify playlist blaring

Skuletor91d ago

I really wanted a MotorStorm using the same engine, Driveclub is easily one of the best looking games on PS4 and I'm surprised they didn't even give it a PS4 Pro patch.

ravens5291d ago

Yes indeed. May just install it on my PS5. You know, physical copy and all.

monkey60291d ago

I adored Driveclub and the Bike expansion. I also loved Motorstorm. Evolution shutting down was a crime

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darthv7291d ago

Outrun Online Arcade, Sega Rally Online Arcade, After Burner Climax... all good stuff. I keep my 360 hooked up to play these as well as the TMNT games that were also delisted.