Project Natal will get you Moving Cheaper

At GDC 2010 this week, Sony showed off the PlayStation Move, a copy cat to the Wii remote and Nunchuk for the most part, calling it the "next generation of motion gaming". The only difference really is the PSMove uses the PlayStation Eye camera and the Wii doesn't.

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Nathan Drake23965d ago

so MOVE is wii remote rip off and NATAL is not eyetoy rip off?

lokiroo4203965d ago

so its not a problem for the wii when needing four controllers just the ps3? Talk about fail, can we see more ricochet please? lol

Simon_Brezhnev3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Lol @ a 360 site just bashing the Move. Well im not surprised your going to see a 10000000 articles saying PS3 is doomed because of Move.

Yeah i agree i already got the camera i hope the Move + Ninchuck is $50 but i doubt it. The price is high i think it should no more then $70 for everything.

Godmars2903965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Actually, I have an issue with the apparent stealth requirement of an actual Move = PSeye+Move(2)+nunchuk.

I mean, where Natal wont be playable with every 360 title, while Move very may well be playable with every PS3 game, you're going to need more than the basic kit unless a nunchuk is included with the $99.99 bundle.

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hoops3965d ago

They are all ripoffs of each other. Some more then others.
They are all ripping off the Wii

van-essa3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

If Natal is an EyeToy rip off, then Move is a glowing dildo rip off.

First off, you need 2 Move controllers to play most of the sports games (and 2 more attached to your legs if you want to kick) and that's just buy your self. Then you need to buy the EyeToy, a Sub-controller and a PS3? What of if you decide to play with a friend? Well, you're phucked.

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van-essa3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Hey you probably bought your console for $599 so forking out the cash for 2 move controllers (2 more if you want to play with someone else), 1 Sub (1 more if you want to play with someone else) and an EyeToy will be nothing for you.

What if you want to kick in a game? how do you do that? Tie 2 move controllers to your feet? Awesome

Noctis Aftermath3965d ago

My only problem with the Move package is the price, sony are trying to make a profit from the package which is something they shouldn't be worrying about at launch, cause $100 for PSEye+Move+game(what game is still a mystery) and NO sub controller seems a bit excessive, if they package in the sub controller it will be a much better selling point.

nycredude3965d ago

Typical MS again. Sony markets it's product by showing the consumers games and functionality and what to expect and MS comes out and markets their product by talking about more crap about the competition than focusing on their own product. Same crap different day, and the MS brigade totally lap it up.

I watched the entire gdc and while some of the stuff wasn't my bag I saw enough to get me excited finally about the potential. I have yet to see anything from Natal that gets me excited about that. Matter of fact there are plenty of games on PSN that already uses some of that "brand new revolutionary" tech that is in Natal, and I don't have to pay to access it.

FlameBaitGod3965d ago

This is typical, the media starts making Sony doom articles then shuts up when they see the ending results. Nothing bad of Sony had come up, for a long time, now this is a thing to make up for and get hits. Then when they see its good like always, OMG SONY BREAKS THE BARRIERS AGAIN!. Journalism is just retarded

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lokiroo4203965d ago


"this is running on ps2 by the way", lmao, great vid

Aaroncls73965d ago

Hohohohohoho. Kain81 just killed u all with that link.

M$ fails hardcore. Natal IS Eyetoy or ... is Eyetoy Natal? Too similar to tell!

Seriously man, that Peter Molineux is a complete f*cktard, and also a liar. How can this tool be trusted with yet more game projects? Hell, he makes Dennis Dyack look like a badass... almost. If only he wasn't too human for this fable.


beardpapa3965d ago

It's funny how when videos of the Move surface of how it works, people quickly assume you need to purchase extra Moves for your legs to jump or kick. Did people forget the PSeye could be used to track things other than the Move, making the Move not entirely necessary for a game? At least the Move has buttons, analog, and ... vibrates.

I'd take any feedback over no feedback at all. Ever use those virtual projected keyboards ( http://www.virtual-laser-ke... or an Apple Magic Mouse? They're bad. With the virtual keyboard you don't get feedback so you don't know if you tapped the right key. There's also a bit difficulty knowing you placed your fingers on the home keys for touch typers. Also the Magic Mouse? You can't differentiate between left or right click because there's no separation between the two! It's one single piece! No feedback of any kind to tell you if your finger is at the left, right, or middle region of the mouse to register the correct click.

So how the heck are you going to tell if you're really flooring the gas or keeping it steady? Or what about if you're really gassing it or braking?

GiantEnemyCrab3965d ago

LOL at those videos. Everytime I see a Sony cheerleader post those I just wonder who's case they are trying to help.

Some guy rocking back and forth is not 3D. You guys sound as desperate and stupid as the Move haters.

You hate Natal and do the same thing you b!tch about in the Move articles and call it shoddy journalism.

The Nintendo camp must really be laughing at us 360/PS3 gamers now.

Anon19743965d ago

The PS3 is selling just fine, PS3's are actually in such high demand that consoles are scarce and Sony doesn't have an issue with sales of casual games (see SingStar, LittleBigPlanet, etc).

By contrast, 360 sales have always struggled to maintain momentum from one quarter to the next and for calendar 2009, sales fell and software revenue fell. Microsoft has to do something to spark interest in the 360 again and if Natal fails, that's all she wrote folks.

And the Wii was never meant to be a long term contender.

Move isn't going to set the gaming world on fire but that's ok. It doesn't have to.

lokiroo4203965d ago

Crab you didnt bother watching the video, as it clearly show the ps2 and its cam mapping the player in 3-d space, even more so than has been shown with natal, nice fail post bro.

ico923965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

look at this video from 6-7 years ago sony isnt copying anyone there taking a concept that they came up with 6 years ago and incorporating it into the current generation. And i love how this pro 360 fanboy website, appropiatley titled ,doesn't mention how Natal is a blatant rip of the eye toy a device that uses the same basic tech that playstation owners have had for over 6 years lol.
hypocrisy much?

CrazzyMan3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Sony popularized motion controls with Eye Toy on PS2 through camera.

Then Nintendo took this idea and popularized motion controls with help of real controls aka Wii Mote.

Now Microsoft using Eye Toy concept for their Natal.
While Sony using Real motion Control concept for their PS Move.

Only MS is ripping other`s technology. While Sony and Nintendo used the ideas of each other. =)

JasonPC360PS3Wii3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

It's funny watching PS3 fanboys cry about Natal being a rip off while pretending Sony didn't copy anyone. Whats real bad is none of them can even see the hypocrisy in at all. Pure comedy watching the desperation ooze from their post.

"Only MS is ripping other`s technology. While Sony and Nintendo used the ideas of each other. =)" <--- post of the year CrazzyMan, your name fits.

Motion control has been around long before MS, Sony, or Nintendo even thunk it. Eyetoy was a rip off of PC tech used in the 90's. The whole point of advancing technology is to take the ideas of others and make it better. It's called progress... that's the point.

Airbags in cars started out as just one airbag on the driver side. Someone else figured out it could be used on the passenger side. Now they are used all around the car and are much more reliable... that's the point.

AKNAA3965d ago

"What if you want to kick in a game? how do you do that? Tie 2 move controllers to your feet? Awesome"

LMFAO!! your funny... but seriously though, since when did gamers wanna raise their feet and "KICK" in a video game?? did I miss something over the years?!

BattleAxe3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Natal might be cheaper, but just like the PS3 is more expensive than the 360, you get what you pay for.


Xbox 360

- RRoD
- E74
- Scratched Discs
- Failed HD DVD
- IR receiver
- no WiFi included
- Arcade has no Hard Drive
- 33% failure rate (rumored by insiders to have actually been 68%)
- Hard Drives and connector cables for controllers are all proprietary
- 360 looks ugly


- only good for casual gaming
- alot of latency issues
- will have a small games library
- makes you look like a fool when using it


- Blu Ray
- Bluetooth Reciever
- Standard Hard Drive (upgradable with any 2.5" Sata Hard Drive)
- Standard WiFi
- Ground Breaking Games
- 4% failure rate
- Free Online
- free virtual world called HOME
- Six Axis Contollers
- Controllers us universal USB to Mini USB connector cables
- PS3 looks slick


- 1:1 real time movement
- has buttons so it can be used for hard core games
- has the potential to bring in the best Wii titles, making it the best Hardcore and Casual system on the market.
- chicks will love it

JasonPC360PS3Wii3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

BattleAxe that's some serious desperation dude "wired" 360 controllers are USB, in fact accept for the memory card slots the 360 is all USB. "360 is ugly" I'll give you that but at least it doesn't look like a BBQ grill. Why didn't you add mandatory installs, no headset, or HD cables for the PS3? "makes you look like a fool when using it" and "chics will love it" are you serious? HD DVD? that was Toshiba MS didn't make that or even support it.

The PS3 fanboy comments are priceless today

Natal being the cheapest and with the expected 360 price drop this year, Natal could push millions of 360's. I would bet Natal will help push 5 to 7 million 360's this holiday season.

Millah3965d ago

Kain81s videos pretty much should shut up all the Natal cheerleaders.

Once they actually TRY on and see just how incredibly clumsy it is to try and knock down items in a 3D space with NO PHYSICAL FEEDBACK whatsoever, they might realize how impractical Natal is.

And I bet these are the same MS fanboys that were ragging on the iPhone when it first came out about having no physical keyboard. Its funny how quick they change their minds about how important some kind of physical feedback is.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Millah how can Natal have physical feedback when there is no physical object to hold? Natal uses hands, face, voice, and body. The physical feedback is your body in motion. The physical feedback in a controller is simulated through rumble like when grenade goes off onscreen. In the real world when a grenade goes off you feel it in more than just your hands. Natal puts the whole body in motion exercising your body while having fun. There is nothing to hold, no limitations.

@Absolut_Turkey "Personal attacks" What personal attacks are you talking about? do you even know what a personal attack is?

Absolut_Turkey3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Jason360 that's some serious desperation there little kid. Despite a few pro-PS3 opinions, most of what he stated was actual fact. And how do you respond? By failing to counter any of his valid points and instead resort to personal attacks. Pathetic.

The Failbox fanboy comments are priceless today.

Natal is cheaper because Microsoft removed it's processor, thus forcing more work on the console's processor. Basically it's cheaper because it's gimped.

Edit: It's amazing how you know so much about something that is far from release. I know you're not a journalist, so what's the deal? Do you have a crystal ball or something? Or is the fanboy in you overriding your logic?

JeffGUNZ3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I am happy you're at 3 bubbles and hopefully soon you'll be out. You're stealth trolling days are over and everyone can see your bias it's unbelievable. Most respectable gaming sites believe the 360 has the best line-up this year in it's history and a lot of site believe the 360 line-up is more desired than the PS3 line-up. The 360 is doing very, very well and Microsoft continues to produce positive numbers. The 360 outsold the PS3 overall last year in 2009 and it's up in the air who will sell more units by the end of 2010. If Natal fails, which is rather unlikely, that will not be the end of Microsoft.

You're comments are always anti-360 and you do try to hide your bias attitudes but you don't do a good job.

Anon19743964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

I've never made it a secret my PS3 console preference. Stealth trolling? I troll right out in the open, thank you very much!

First off, show me where I saw a Natal failure will be the end of Microsoft. If Natal fails it'll be like an insect sting to a buffalo, but you can expect to see the 360 continue it's slide rather dramatically, I assure you of that.

"Most respectable gaming sites believe the 360 has the best line-up this year in it's history and a lot of site believe the 360 line-up is more desired than the PS3 line-up."

Name one.

"The 360 outsold the PS3 overall last year in 2009."
No it didn't. Check your facts. Here, let me help you.

Add them up, buddy boy. You'll see I'm right. Calendar year 2009 Microsoft say 360 sales have dropped year over year and software revenue is down (they state this themselves in the financial updates). The PS3 outsold them by over 2 million according to official sales numbers.

Stealth trolling indeed. Check your facts before you come at me, son.

aaronisbla3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

not defending darkride66 but i have never seen him hide his system of choice, he openly tells you from the get go

If you call him a sony fanboy, he'd probably agree with you, so wtf are you talking about?

Lets not pretend like you are the most unbiased gamer either ok? In quite a few of your comments, i've never seen anything positive come out from you about sony, always downplaying

blackmagic3964d ago

In reply to some comments above about who is copying who, Nintendo clearly has the drop on everyone in terms of gaming plus motion control with the powerglove which they introduced in 1989, well over twenty years ago. Electronic motion control itself was pioneered as early as 1968 with the first virtual reality head mounted device. Heck, there was an entire gaming system, the 1000CS that combined virtual reality and motion control way back in 1991. Move, Natal and wiimotes ARE ALL KNOCK-OFFS.

fr0sty3964d ago

the amount of senseless FUD articles that have popped up since move was announced is staggering. the stupidity is just indescribable.

vhero3964d ago

No official price for Natal has been released yet they think its gonna be cheaper than Move?? QUALITY!

DaTruth3964d ago

So the entire GDC went by and Natal still a no-show with games? Still a no-show with price? Still a no-show with designs? At the Developers Conference?

Natal looks promising./s

JeffGUNZ3964d ago

Where did you say if natal fails it's over for microsoft? Right here, in your post above:

"By contrast, 360 sales have always struggled to maintain momentum from one quarter to the next and for calendar 2009, sales fell and software revenue fell. Microsoft has to do something to spark interest in the 360 again and if Natal fails, that's all she wrote folks. "

I will write it again so you comprehend this; "If Natal fails, that's all she wrote folks" - Darkrider That's your words. Spin that. I am talking about Xbox 360 (software and hardware) vs. PS3 (software and hardware) in America. I believe if you combine them world-wide, including software (games), the 360 comes out on top. I read that from Major nelson months prior and from an interview over the summer, it was a podcast, don't recall the site, but if you can prove me otherwrise, I will go off that then.

Please, stop looking like an infant and telling to stop trying to come at you "son". Wow, you look like a nerd when you talk like that. Fact of the matter is, you always say things like "the 360 is great, but...." and then fill in the blank.

@ aaronisbla:

What are you talking about? I will defend the 360 in a 360 related article when PS3 users attack it for no logical reason. I don't go into PS3 sites and talk trash. Read my comment history, I always complement games like UC2, KZ2, MAG, and GoWIII. Don't mistake my comments of idiots crying when god of war gets a 9/10 must mean the reviewer is bias. I comment on those because people on this site think that if you disagree with something PS3 related, it's a bias and non-creditable site (i.e; IGN).

Anon19743964d ago

Clearly I'm not saying Microsoft is going to fail if Natal fails. Don't be an idiot. It's you who are trying to twist my words. I often find that when people don't have an argument they'll resort to personal attacks. You simply don't have a point. You might want to work on that.

Let me be very clear about this. I DO NOT think the failure of Natal will spell Microsoft's doom. Spin that, spin boy.

And I notice you didn't even attempt to try to back your statements up.

Where are the reputable sites saying the 360's lineup is the best lineup ever? Where's your evidence that the 360 outsold the PS3 last year?

Welcome to my ignore list.

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Nitrowolf23965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

here the problem that i see, how is NATAl suppose to do multiplayer-offline?
They go on saying that you need to 3 more controller for move to play multiplayer, but what about NATAL? Can it use more then 1 person on the same camera screen at the same time? i'm not sure but isn't NATAL design to be used by a single person at a time?
They are comparing a price of only one person being able to use it at a time, to a price of a family kit for move.
i might be wrong on the NATAL part
another thing is they should really wait until the price is revealed rather then just estimate

ActionBastard3965d ago

Natal is supposed to support multiplayer offline, but they've yet to show it. At least I haven't seen it. That dodge-ball game, sure, but that's it.

Nitrowolf23965d ago

the only issue with that dodge ball game is the wait for turns, One person plays at a time. The exact same thing could be done with move, you play finish your turn then pass it on. With an additional controller you don't need to wait no more for a turn. thats what i mean by offline multiplayer, cause they compare to a whole family for something that we have seen so far with offline multiplayer that requires turn taking. With move it supports more then one player at a time.

green3965d ago

Go watch the Natal e3 presentation vids on youtube, you will see a family of 4 playing scenic together and Natal recognized all of them.

Anyway, the price is my problem with the Move.I always buy 4 controllers everytime i buy a new console and buying so many extras for multiplayer gaming on the ps3 is not going to be cheap.

Wh15ky3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I can't see Natal being all that expensive. The PSeye is £25 here in the UK, I don't see Natal being much more expensive and surely not more than say £40, possibly £50-£60 if bundled with a Wii Play/ Sports type game.
The PSmove starter pack seems a bit expensive to me at $100, though.

I would like to see the PSmove + the nunchuck device to be sold together for the same price as the dualshock 3 (£35). As far as I understand the PSeye is doing most of the clever work so why would the PSmove be any more expensive than the PSeye?

ActionBastard3965d ago

Green: A presentation video is not the same as a live demo. That's why they haven't shown 4 people at once playing it...or Milo.

beardpapa3965d ago

I'd like to see a real live camera recording of anything related to these motion control toys. Anything pre-recorded isn't enough to convince me it works. They're more like just smoke screens.

aaronisbla3964d ago

Green, please tell me you didn't think that family of four was a live demo did you?

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yoghurt3965d ago

you know how it works right?

sony get hate msft get love, thats the way it is and has been since ps3 launched, problem for the media is they get proven wrong every time.

GR8 13965d ago

Sony showed off the PlayStation Move, a copy cat to the Wii remote and Nunchuk. Is this what u call INNOVATION SONY COPY CAT?

NATAL = INNOVATION and only ps3 droids would think otherwise bu bu bu but NATAL is just eyetoy rip off.......Yeah sure it is if that makes u feel better droids u lot Keep Believing that.

Your beloved company Sony has blatantly COPIED wii and have made each owner of ps3 look like a complete fool in front of the whole world.

Nitrowolf23965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

please explain to me what the difference between NATAL and eyetoy, other then its more accurate and has 3 camera, please go on and tell me.
And yes i will admit MOVE is a Wii copycat, This part is half true considering it was shown before the Wii/PS3/360 even released.

Edited: Your 30mins are up buddy

damnightmare3965d ago

I like how GR8 1 insults not only Droids but all PS3 owners when he posts.

RedDragan3964d ago

YAY! Natal is coming! Everyone practice the Secret Signal!

bobrea3965d ago

By this logic, you can just call Natal an EyeToy copycat.