Lair: New Images

Sony have released these images of the upcoming dragon-shooter Lair, also announcing a new release date for the US - 14th of August.

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Shadow Flare4220d ago

has bar none THE best water effect i've ever seen. Check out this video for the full effect:
(At the bottom of the page, video #5)

And i also love the bit with the sea snake at the end of video #2

Worth checking out

TheMART4220d ago (Edited 4219d ago )

Yeah the small cutscenes, in the video's that are in the link you just gave, between the gameplay, where they try to integrate flawlessly look great, but then you get into the real gameplay and...

Well it just looks about average then. And the groundtextures... Some are really awfull.

By the way, its about Warhawk and the planes are replaced by dragons, but really gameplay looks boring at this point.

Last point and true: this ain't a system seller and some of the splashing watereffects aren't so great, even looking last gen. Actually after these video's I am underwhelmed about this game, it seems the CG stuff just before or after gameplay looks like the stuff Sony promised, but the rest is just a bit meh. Not bad, but not great either

@ All those below me...

Ah Sony droids again. Shouting, name calling, it's common stuff isn't it?

a lot of ignores, a lot of trackers... That's when you speak out. One part hates you, the other likes you. People that don't speak out have no ignores, no trackers, keep 5 bubbles.

I go up and down, from 5 to 1, to 6 to 3. I don't mind actually. I never change my name. And anyone long enough on this website can verify that. I don't mind about bubbles.

I can see you're weak Sony droids. I was just stating some stuff seen in the video, what is correct and the truth. Only thing you can do to show your weakness is name calling, bbad mouth, trying to insult... Which won't work. I'm like fire. Don't play with it, it'll keep coming back.

Thus: I like all your comments, right on subject NOT
Guys like Installshield... If you ignore, don't react. You're one of the biggest loosers yourself saying that actually, although you'll not read it others will.

Count my words: Lair will be dissapointing for you Sony fanboys really. There are much, much better games for the PS3 coming then this

Whoooop4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

you just hate this game just for the fun of it... If it was coming to the 360 you would be exited that's a fact.

It won't come to the 360 nor games like this cause the 360 simply ain't got that kind of variety that's just the way it is and the way MS works..

The game is far from what you say it is.. Graphics look amazing, the water looks even more amazing ( and a whole lot of fuk*ng water we're talking about here, a whole ocean and it still looks beautiful).

the environments look great and are HUGH, you can see action very far in the horizon, a lot of things happening at once, LIGHTING FUK*NG IMPRESSIVE..

This game is really coming up good.. who cares if its a system seller really?? you're the only one with that obsession.. some of us really want games so we can enjoy them not everybody is thinking about how many consoles the game is going to sell..

so just move on with LAIR and give it a rest cause this game is just amazing from what we've seen, the only thing we have to wait is gameplay..

and in my opinion, the gameplay i've seen is more than enough to get me this exited..

kurac4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Oh shut up you IDIOT! Like anyone cares about your "opinions". We all know that you don't base your opinions on logic and truth but on whether it's an Xbox or a PS3 game. Every PS3 game will always be inferior to any Xbox game according to your opinions. So please shut up and go kill yourself, you must be very fat and ugly with noone to love you or even blow you, I pity you.

Once again, spare us of your opinions once and for all.

nextgengaming184220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

That is amazing, I think you have the most ignores out of every person on this board, by at least 10. Also, who agreed with themart here?

kurac4220d ago

What worries me the most is this: " Tracked by: 44 users"
Why would anyone track him?
And how did he get all those bubbles? Changing his IP and clicking his own "pos feedback" for several days?

Kleptic4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Yeah he is one of the only clowns I ignore on this site...Not sure what he said, because I am ignoring him obviously...but he is the biggest idiot on here by far...

he calls people fanboys...yet is the exact definition of what one is...he gets annoyed when people troll at 360 sections...yet is constantly doing exactly that over here...He is inferior to nearly every person alive on several levels...I have a basketball laying in my closet that has more logic than him...he accepts anything that MS does as brilliant...and anything Sony does as not good enough...He is the exact type of gamer that as soon as he picked up his 360, despised the competetion and their accomplishments because of that alone...nothing, aside from MS, will ever be good enough for him...because he is a extremely stupid human being, and shouldn't be this worried about Sony or gaming anyway...

theMart...we do not like are an idiot...please stay away from any news that isn't exactly related to your beloved 360....I ignore what you say...but you still added about 5 extra posts to a comment that you made...that most likely was not needed at all...go away...

ER1X4219d ago

What I really want to know is how many of those trackers are just him making another account. :P

MaximusPrime4219d ago

i've played Lair demo last year before PS3 was launch.

I was really impressed with the game and the effect. From what i see is that it has improved. The water effect is amazing and the landscape as a whole.

What even best about Lair is that you can use an optional SIXAXIS tilt control to control the dragon.

Lair was my first tryout of tilt control and i was very impressed.

Yep, you are envious that Xbox360 doesn't have the tilt controller......yet.

jaaz4219d ago


My friend, perhaps the reason you have some many ignores, loose your bubbles, get so many disagrees, etc. is not because you speak your mind, but rather the fact that you always seem to post negatively in pro-PS3 news and the way you talk to people who dare to disagree with you.

Most have seen your posts. It is clear that you like to post in pro-Sony news and "speak your mind", which usually means saying something derogatory about the PS3. When people who disagree with you dare to make a post disagreeing with you, you call them "weak Sony droids", "Sony fanboys" or some other derogatory term. Predictably, the flames, ignores, "disagrees" follow.

You can't hold the moral high-ground as it is. Saying SOMETHING positive about the PS3 once in a while and stopping the name calling would go a long way towards changing people's attitudes about you on this site.

Just a thought.

TheMART4219d ago

@ Jaaz...

I just did say something positive actually about the PS3:

"Count my words: Lair will be dissapointing for you Sony fanboys really. There are much, much better games for the PS3 coming then this"

But overall, PS3 is just negative spiral. That's not only my opinion, that's also in sales, selling below 100k for a couple of months in USA/NA says enough.

If KZ2 surprises me on E3 you'll hear it. If it blows you'll hear it. Gave props to God of War 2 and the PS2. You might have missed it. Don't really care also. I post the way I want to post. If one can't handle it, ignore me, don't read it. Still Sony fandroids can only shout, cry, kick and not argue on stuff. Period

Tabasco4219d ago

Have you ever had any friends. No? thats what I thought. try being nice and looking at both sides of a situation or problem. The maybe you won't have to use the old Cartman saying for an excuse, "Whatever, I do what I want!"

cartman3134219d ago

I can see him saying this. *Cartman voice* "Well screw you guys, I'm going home."

redmamoth4219d ago

... looks like themart talking complete sh1te again!! Can't wait to hear what he has to say about Killzone 2 after E3!! I'd ignore him but I do enjoy laughing at those not as fortunate as myself...

All, please feel free to copy and use my Avatar if you wish, I feel it makes quite a nice statement that perhaps taking bubbles and ignoring doesn't....

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MK_Red4220d ago

The textures have seriously improved. Cant wait to play this game. Factor 5 FTW.

Dlacy13g4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Yes these CG/Cut scenes look great. But please dont post how the textures have improved etc, when we are looking at screen shots of the CGI / cutscene images. I would expect these to look great. If they didnt' look great then I would seriously be worried. Show me screen shots of actual game play with high level of detail and I will get more excited. And before flaming...yes I do know the actual gameplay does show off some impressive detail, but it is not on the same level with the screen shots shown above.

...and I still question how good the gameplay is gonna be.

novaIS3504220d ago

So says the guy who has never played the game.

Violater4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

Aren't the screens shown above from actual game play??

Edit: I was being coy, but yes these are from game play.
Have you seen the latest videos in HD, I think you should then come back and admit you were wrong.

Ps. for the little troll that goes around and disagrees with anything Pro PS3 eat SH!t and DIE

MK_Red4220d ago

Are you sure they are CG and not real time?

Dlacy13g4220d ago

If I am wrong I will gladly be the first to admit it. But that said, anytime I have seen actual gameplay video feed there has been a minimal HUD seen in the picutres. None of these have that which leads me to believe these are all taken from the cutscenes in game. I will freely admit those cutscenes are very well done and give a sense of a nice story to go with the game...but I dont think its a fair representation of the gameplay. It's the same with all games as they hype them up...the shower you with cutscenes and a smidge of ingame play.

Dlacy13g4220d ago

No, no you are correct probably not CGI...and most likely ingame assets cutscenes...but they are cutscenes none the less ...and those always have a better quality to them than the actual play. Just think back to the Gears of War commercial. It was rendered with realtime assets but was not game play. Gameplay looked great...but it was not on the same level as the realtime assets commercial.

novaIS3504220d ago

I can attest that more than half of those images above are from game play. I have played the game first hand and recall those very same levels and camera angles. The in game cut scene uses the game engine, very rarely does Lair use complete CG based cut scenes. Although their new trailers are complete CGI, which looks different than the game play

Whoooop4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

just check the site that SHADOW FLARE posted..

Those videos (don't miss video #5) show that all those screens can and probably are GAMEPLAY

and if they're not, the gameplay on some of those videos look even more impressive than the screens..

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TruthHurts4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

looking good Lair.
i might have to BUY this one.


Ok i won`t buy it. thanks?

xRiotmanx4220d ago

This game is going to be da shiz you should buy this game its made for ps3 a great exlusive look at the graphics water looks real keep them coming sony

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