PlayStation Move: Images from all Motion Controller Launch Games

The Sony launch line-up for PlayStation Move has been announced on GDC 2010 yesterday. Launch titles are: The Shoot, TV Superstars, Sports Champions, Brunswick Pro Bowling, Move Party and Motion Fighters. Videogameszone put images of all Sony launch titles in one gallery.

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King_of _the_Casuals3768d ago

I need to buy a separate wand to play a game???? So for a true fighting experience with another person I will need 4 wands??? DAMN SONY!!!! Trying to go after my pocket hard with this one! (Gulp!!)

rroded3768d ago

hoping they keep the price point down sigh

still wii eat your heart out

Shendow3768d ago

Its pretty cheap from what Sony has said, PS Eye, Playstation Move and a game. All under $100 bucks.

That is a pretty good deal when it comes with the cam and a game.