EA Dice Releasing Bad Company 2 Map Pack 2 Free To VIP Members

While the core of the dev team here at DICE as well as all the back-end teams at EA are 110% focused on stabilizing the game experience we do have some other, great news to reveal. Today we're happy to announce the release date of the second VIP map package for Battlefield: Bad Company 2! It will be made available on the 30th of March on all platforms at no extra cost to all of you who've got your VIP codes entered in the game.

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yoghurt5219d ago

Is there still problems accessing the store in-game for VIP's??

vhero5219d ago

I think they fixed it yesterday.. Been too busy playing FF XIII to check lol

Bea Arthur5219d ago

vhero...agree, I haven't played it since BC2 came out.

anzagi...the store worked for me on day 1 (360 version) so I don't know. I just hope they get these server issues resolved. Other than last Saturday I haven't actually had trouble finding a room to get in but I still occasionally get dropped in the middle of a match.

vhero5219d ago

I think the store problem was PS3 only and the server drops were 360 issues. The 360 problem was counted as more urgent so were fixed first then the PC issues. Then finally the store.. The weird thing about these 2 maps though is i'm sure I actually played them once in a map cycle..

deadreckoning6665218d ago

Forgive my stupid, but VIP codes are already in the box right? I have the PS3 version, but I haven't opened it yet.

joydestroy5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

go DICE!

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Bea Arthur5219d ago

I doubt it will be but I would love it if both maps were for rush mode.

Fishy Fingers5218d ago

I hope so, Rush is by far the better game mode, conquest is over to quickly and you struggle to get anywhere near the same point total as rush. Shame though because some of the conquest maps are great.

Bea Arthur5218d ago

I agree 100%. It also feels less organized and lacks the same level of action as Rush Mode.

CoderDunn5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

Yeah Rush mode FTW.

All of the current maps are great, can't wait for more, since the limited number of maps is my only complaint.

pimpmaster5218d ago

great, more "DLC" unlock which is already on the disk.

Fishy Fingers5218d ago

Ha, yeah sort of takes the "download" out of DLC doesnt it.

Although it was done to inspire people to pick the game up new and not used.

pimpmaster5218d ago

well no matter how you look at it everytime publishers force developers to do stuff like this its only to hurt us , the consumers. this is why i hate buying EA games.

Mo0eY5218d ago

Yes. I've been wanting Presa to go Rush mode for quite some time. I want to run across the dam that blows up! :D

KeiserSosay47885218d ago

I'm pretty sure they are downloadable variations of conquest and rush maps