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Eurogamer writes:

Of all the things I wasn't expecting to stumble across in the XBLA remake of Perfect Dark, Peter Molyneux was quite high on the list. But there he is, the founder of Lionhead, a key creative force behind Populous, Theme Park, and the Syndicate series, waiting patiently in a dataDyne elevator so that Joanna can pop out from a nearby grating and kick him in the head.

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-MD-4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

Boooo! 10/10.

Good review though clearly this game is still fun to many people.

The BS Police4764d ago

His biggest complaint is how the game developers were not holding his hand when he got lost in the first stage which really isn't difficult to navigate at all.

bioshock12214764d ago

Seriously but 8 is still a good score definitely gonna get this

Cueil4764d ago

for a game as old as dirt... and older than some of the posters haha

kwicksandz4764d ago

im not one to complain about review scores. but if any game has ever deserved a 10 it is this one. FPS today still havent caught up to its featureset

ape0074764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

an 8 (which is a good score) because its an old game and under the xbo xlive arcade name

but in reality this game is a perfect 10 out of 10, I've never played or seen anything like it. period

@BS police, Eurogamer you are a fuking joke,that complain they issued in their so called Review is what make this game so legendary

one of the secrets that made perfect dark so amazing was exploring levels, search for objectives, I guess the reviewer is a lazy @ss modern shooter fan that wants straight lines with checkpoints, moving forward from point A to point B Or arrow guides, the game design is genius, it's wonderful to explore

Perjoss4764d ago

an 8, same score they gave Metal Gear Solid 4, this must be really good then.

y0haN4764d ago

Eurogamer gave MGS4 an 8? Wow, idiots.

edgeofblade4764d ago

8/10 for a 10 year old game with an HD facelift? I'd say that's pretty good.

RockmanII74764d ago

Because one reviewer has a different opinion than you, that makes everyone associated with him an idiot.

Claudinho694764d ago

^^ no it just clearly shows thats a idiot move

jessupj4764d ago

To be fair, God of War: Collection got pretty good scores.

But this was the funnest game playing with 4 friends on the N64. Love sticking laptop guns just above a door :D I was a sneaky bastard.

RockmanII74763d ago

Every game gets reviews that aren't 10's and 9's, nothing to complain about. And my point was that that was one reviewer. How can you say everyone that reviews for that site is an idiot because one reviewer gave a game from 2007 an 8.

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Natsu X FairyTail4764d ago

8 IS a Good score for a XBLA title. If you're a fan of GOlden Eye and stuff this is a Good purchase.

Mo0eY4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

But but but Perfect Dark is suppose to be one of the best games for Xbox 360 this year!

Sorry bots, it was good 15 years ago when I played it on my N64. Let's hope Jason 360's big game, Metro 2033, proves to be worthwhile, LOL.

P.S. Murderdolls, give up, man. Rare ain't what they use to be - how many times have I told you that? Just look at Nuts and Bolts - that was by far one of the most highly anticipated games, and it turned out to be such a letdown that I lost all faith in Rare.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4764d ago

I know an 8 that sucks right, looks like it will only be Frozen Rain good but at least better than MAG and WKC :)

PopEmUp4764d ago

just lol, you seem to act like some angel, well you're not. When a game on ps3 got an 8, you sound like some stupid kid ranting and think it like the worses games ever made, but when it come to your belove console games you act like some 40 years old virgin. Get a life dude

plb4764d ago

I don't ever recall anyone saying Perfect Dark going to be the best game of the year. The game has been out for 10 years now this is just a HD remake for XBLA. You sound like an idiot btw

2FootYard4764d ago

Mooey, I'm come to expect better trolling from you. You done gone and let me down boy.

Droid Smasha4764d ago

hes resorted to trolling xbla games hahahaha

-MD-4764d ago

Nuts and Bolts was awesome you clearly didn't play it.

mcnablejr4764d ago

He pmed me a few times thinking that i didnt have a ps3.
i Do have one, Brilliant movie player.

snesfangirl4764d ago

SONY aren't what they used to be. have fun with your hundred dollar wii-mote ripoff from sony. i'd rather have a wii than that thing, especially since now i have a broken bone in my shoulder.

just love how droids say such and such aren't the same anymore, look at the copy cats, aka sony now, then tell me who isn't who anymore. RETARDED DROID.

edgeofblade4764d ago

Rare isn't what it used to be. Totally granted. One of Microsoft's worst business decisions of all time.

However, PD is the cream of the crop of classic Rare. It's great that they resurrected this dinosaur.

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Nicholas Cage4764d ago

i guess i wont be getting this game then, i was looking forward to it.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4764d ago

You wont be getting this anyway because you don't have a 360.

ape0074764d ago

your comment make me laugh

peeps4764d ago

you wont be getting it because it got an 8/10... haha ok then

unknownhero11234764d ago

who are you kidding? I bet you don't even have a 360. everyone knows that perfect dark was the Sh*t back in the day. enjoy your console bias while I play PD next week.

OT: so the reviewer gave it an 8? it's more like a 10 in my book, it's that good. I had fun with the mutiplayer, used to make some nice senarios like alien outbreak, hunting the jedi, fight club, really fun times.

btw, does anyone know the download size?

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Legionaire20054764d ago

This review failed thumbs down lol!!!!

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