Xbox Showcase 2024: 7 Things We Want

Kevin writes: "The upcoming Xbox Showcase 2024 is going to be important for the future of Xbox consoles and Game Pass, and here's 7 things we want to see."

rlow143d ago

Perfect Dark would be cool but I’m hoping for Fable. I’m really interested where they’ve taken the game.

Tacoboto43d ago

Looking ahead now, I'd say Avowed is what I'm looking forward to most in the fall. Obsidian's been nothing but quality and consistency so I can't wait to see what they've been cooking


Perfect Dark Reboot's Stunning Gameplay Checks All The Deus Ex Boxes For Me

Perfect Dark surprises in its gameplay reveal as the creative mechanics and incredible design choices bring back the Deus Ex feel perfectly.

isarai1d ago


Maybe you got your games confused but that was nothing like deus ex besides being a fps

Sonic188122h ago

It had more of mirror edge and Dying Light than dues ex

porkChop17h ago

Idk when I watched the gameplay to me it seemed like a mix of Deus Ex: HR and Mirror's Edge.

RaidenBlack9h ago

It had a sci-fi immersive sim feel (when not parkouring) ... which is Deus Ex's territory ... hence the comparison

MrBaskerville7h ago

Did seem like it had potential imsim elements. Probably less rpg stuff than deus ex I'd wager.

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Inverno7h ago

I don't get how a scripted and edited gameplay video can have you believe this game is anything like Deus Ex. Especially without it having much context as to what the general gameplay loop will be like.

MrBaskerville7h ago

We saw some hacking, stealth, combat and such, that's where the vibe came from. Seems like you might get a wide variety of options for dealing with the levels. That's why people think of Deus Ex. It


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Lightning774d ago

Much better shape than last years show. Glad they took feedback well.


So many great games coming late this year and next year. These current gen consoles finally showing up and showing out.

SimpleSlave3d ago

I'm sure this game will be great. It's Obsidian after all. But holy molly does this looks like a PS4 game... But I do really hope it's successful for their sake. Maybe they can even buy their freedom like Toys for Bob did later down the road.

Obsidian is too good to be wasted under Microsawft.

SimpleSlave3d ago

Thank you. I tried my best 🤣🤣🤣

But even I can't save Obsidian from one flop and done under Microsawft. So good luck to them.

MontyeKristo2d ago

Unfortunately, I'm inclined to agree.. graphically, it looks dated. I'm sure it will still have the potential to be a great game, as I thoroughly enjoyed Outer Space, so time will tell.

Just graphically, it looks dated.

repsahj3d ago

I am very impressed with this game compared to perfect dark and stalker 2. If I have a series X, this will be my day 1.

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