Perfect Dark Reboot's Stunning Gameplay Checks All The Deus Ex Boxes For Me

Perfect Dark surprises in its gameplay reveal as the creative mechanics and incredible design choices bring back the Deus Ex feel perfectly.

isarai39d ago


Maybe you got your games confused but that was nothing like deus ex besides being a fps

Sonic188139d ago

It had more of mirror edge and Dying Light than dues ex

AsimLionheart38d ago

I don't get it. I watched the trailer and saw nothing mind-blowing. Why are articles trying to hype up a heavily scripted and edited supposed gameplay segment from a game stuck in development since founding of the Initiative studio in 2018? It wasn't even an actual live gameplay or a handson preview. Remember the early Crackdown 3 gameplay trailers and how the actual game looked and played?

Gameplay videos mean nothing without actual handson gameplay. This game has been in development hell for nearly 6 years with still no release date in sight. Games stuck in development hell almost never turn out to be good. People are only setting themselves up for disappointment by hyping this game up.

porkChop39d ago

Idk when I watched the gameplay to me it seemed like a mix of Deus Ex: HR and Mirror's Edge.

RaidenBlack39d ago

It had a sci-fi immersive sim feel (when not parkouring) ... which is Deus Ex's territory ... hence the comparison

MrBaskerville39d ago

Did seem like it had potential imsim elements. Probably less rpg stuff than deus ex I'd wager.

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Inverno39d ago

I don't get how a scripted and edited gameplay video can have you believe this game is anything like Deus Ex. Especially without it having much context as to what the general gameplay loop will be like.

MrBaskerville39d ago

We saw some hacking, stealth, combat and such, that's where the vibe came from. Seems like you might get a wide variety of options for dealing with the levels. That's why people think of Deus Ex. It

Inverno38d ago

Yes but how many games have we've seen that have shown off mechanics that give the impression that it'll be one way and then turns out there isn't really much depth to those gameplay mechanics other than just being extra padding? Can't trust gameplay videos these days, half of it is deceitful marketing.

aaronaton38d ago

Same, I thought the animation quality was subpar. I don't understand what people are seeing that I'm not!?

Crows9038d ago

You're correct. Xbox fans have been not getting anything "exclusive" for so long that they don't know how to control themselves when after mostly 2 entire generations they've gotten close to nothing.

They lack the ability to look at things critically.

Crows9038d ago

Oh geez. People have really gotten drunk on the MS show Koolaid.

They didn't show what the game will be or play like at all.
If anything it seems to try to take the cyberpunk approach. So I'm actually really concerned for it since they didn't show anything specific or any long period of gameplay segments. It didn't show what the world would be like and how you fit in that world either


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helicoptergirl76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

The hits just keep on coming. Will not be surprised if this gets canned. It already got rebooted and they had to bring on an outside studio to try and help developement. Some of the original creatives have left the project.

But I will say, just wait until the MS showcase. If you don't see it there, then alarm bells should start ringing.

RaidenBlack39d ago

looks like we don't need those alarm bells anymore

343_Guilty_Spark38d ago

Looking like a very dumb comment now

helicoptergirl35d ago

"But I will say, just wait until the MS showcase. If you don't see it there, then alarm bells should start ringing."

Are you stupid or something? Just asking. Because I clearly said, regardless of the infomation, I told people to "WAIT until the Xbox Showcase".

Snookies1276d ago

God, please don't screw this one up Microsoft! I am keeping my expectations super low, but Perfect Dark (the original) holds such a special place in my childhood. I want this to turn out well SO bad.

helicoptergirl76d ago

Are you expecting the game to be shown at the upcoming Xbox Showcase?

neutralgamer199276d ago

Just cancel it because we know you won’t be happy with its sales performance while giving it away on GP day one. GP is the biggest issue for developers and that affects the sales. No one can deny that now. GP equals to good deal for gamers and bad deals for AAA development. Take two CEO said it and he was 100% right. There are certain games that make sense on GP but not every game. 20 million gamers playing a game on GP doesn’t mean much to MS it seems because they still want sales. Just please start releasing all games on other platforms otherwise Phil is next now. You can’t spend 80 billion and be this bad

Inverno76d ago

The studio was founded in 2018. It's still not adding up in my head how it can take 6 years to develop a game, with a whole dev studio working on it.

jjb198175d ago

This is the only upcoming MS game I'm looking forward to. I hope it doesn't get canceled.


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rlow182d ago

Perfect Dark would be cool but I’m hoping for Fable. I’m really interested where they’ve taken the game.

Tacoboto82d ago

Looking ahead now, I'd say Avowed is what I'm looking forward to most in the fall. Obsidian's been nothing but quality and consistency so I can't wait to see what they've been cooking