Pillars of Eternity Lore to Know Before Playing Avowed Later This Year

Avowed is set to continue the legacy of Obsidian's Pillars of Eternity RPGs, and the world of Eora is filled with complex fantasy concepts.

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Avowed To Also Feature "Darker, Scarier" Places And A Lot Of "Tonal Variety"

Directors Carrie Patel and Gabriel Paramo confirmed that Avowed will also feature "darker, scarier" areas instead of only colorful places.

TheNamelessOne12d ago

Easily my most anticipated game of the year.


Avowed Dev Once Again Asked About Skyrim Comparison, Points to The Outer Worlds

IGN : Fallout New Vegas, Grounded, and Pentiment developer Obsidian has responded to a question about the ongoing comparisons between its next game, Avowed, and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim by pointing to another of its previous games: The Outer Worlds.


Avowed: Deep-Diving into Quests, Skills, Party Members and More on the Official Xbox Podcast

Xbox Wire : Dive deeper into the gameplay for Avowed with Game Director Carrie Patel, who joined a special episode of the Official Xbox Podcast

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Lightning7731d ago

Much better shape than last years show. Glad they took feedback well.


So many great games coming late this year and next year. These current gen consoles finally showing up and showing out.

SimpleSlave30d ago

I'm sure this game will be great. It's Obsidian after all. But holy molly does this looks like a PS4 game... But I do really hope it's successful for their sake. Maybe they can even buy their freedom like Toys for Bob did later down the road.

Obsidian is too good to be wasted under Microsawft.

SimpleSlave29d ago

Thank you. I tried my best 🤣🤣🤣

But even I can't save Obsidian from one flop and done under Microsawft. So good luck to them.

MontyeKristo28d ago

Unfortunately, I'm inclined to agree.. graphically, it looks dated. I'm sure it will still have the potential to be a great game, as I thoroughly enjoyed Outer Space, so time will tell.

Just graphically, it looks dated.

repsahj30d ago

I am very impressed with this game compared to perfect dark and stalker 2. If I have a series X, this will be my day 1.

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