Five Big Games Still Lingering Somewhere in Development Hell

This year promises to be a big year for gaming, and it will definitely be one of the greatest if any of these big MIA projects finally made it into gamers' hands.

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Inverno133d ago

Pretty sure Silk Song and Dragon Age are going smoothly. The other 2 can be assumed to be quietly cancelled knowing their publishers and Metroid will most likely be shown off this year.

Michiel1989132d ago

Dragon Age going smoothly??? Directors leaving, people leaving in general, terrible working conditions....not sure how you define smoothly.

VincentVanBro34d ago

lol Dragon Age development has been anything but smooth

Chocoburger133d ago

I remember in 2017 when Nintendo showed off the Metroid Prime 4 logo, and some Nintendo defenders claimed "Just because they only showed a logo, doesn't mean that's all they've worked on for the game."

As history has proven, they were wrong. Nintendo showed off a logo back in 2017 because that's literally all they had.

-Foxtrot133d ago

I think Beyond Good and Evil 2 can stay there unless they are going to just rename it to a new IP

DOMination-132d ago

Pretty sure BG&E2 is dead at this point - along with the other game Ancel was working on before he left - I think it was called WILD. Anyone remember that from a PS conference years ago?

Dreadwolf isn't in development hell anymore and is finally getting its reveal in the summer - since 2016 the game has been scrapped and restarted three times but its been going pretty well since the last reboot when EA finally allowed BioWare to just get on with making a single player game.

I'm not sure Perfect Dark is in development hell either - like it could be but we haven't really heard much to suggest either way - imo they just showed the trailer off when the game was still in pre-production. Xbox were desperate for anything and this is all they had at the time. And the reason we haven't heard anything since is just because it's in normal development and games take 5 years to make. The help from a support studio was typically overblown on N4G because nearly every game has this.

ModsDoBetter132d ago

I just need...Deep Down.
Please, it's been years!

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thorstein7d ago

Nothing can compete with Origins. Inquisition wasn't bad but the decisions I made didn't really seem to make an impact since I sided with the mages. I didn't get to wipe out the religious zealots.

It just seems they're sticking with the IP in name only.

I hope I'm wrong.

Michiel19896d ago

A lot of the talent that made Origins as great as it was, has also left at this point so yeah it will probably be Dragon Age in name only.

I hope I'm wrong as well because the franchise definitely has a lot of potential.

Psychonaut856d ago

I would say anyone who’s been paying any sort of attention for the last 5 years has extremely low expectations of this game.

JackBNimble6d ago

Well it's EA, what does anyone expect. It's probably going to MT'ed to death

Skuletor6d ago

It's EA, at this point I wouldn't be surprised if you could find a McDonald's in the game world, as part of their in-game advertisements they were considering.

Wait, I already remember seeing Burger King billboards in at least one Need for Speed on the PS2, now that I think about it.

Armaggedon6d ago

Bioware unfortunately have buckled under the weight of mismanagement and EA mandates. Apparently, EA has backed off with their live service mandates, so hopefully they had enough time to separate the live service aspect from the game. I just need Bioware to cough up one more legendary title before their run is over. However, due to the immense amount of talent they have hemorrhaged over the years, I think Inquisition was the end of the line. But hey, maybe the new Bioware will surpass the one that came before. Time will tell.

shadowknight2035d ago

Highly unlikely to hope for such a thing

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