Gamer Limit Review: Dante's Inferno

Gamer Limit writes "While the console version has relics to collect that alter Dante's actions, they have been stripped from the PSP version, taking away the replay value from an already short game."

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thedoctor3148d ago

Dante's Inferno sucked on the PS3, and it'll suck on the PSP.

Case closed.

thedoctor3148d ago

Dante's Inferno was awful on PS3. I honestly can't see it getting any better on PSP.

Jorrel563148d ago

I disagree. Dante's Inferno may not be innovative by any means, but damn is it fun.

darthv723148d ago

this game is decent in its own right. I was looking forward to a psp review and this review is one of many i will read. Both good and bad but ultimately I will get this game. There are dozens of games that offer nothing new as compared to others but that isnt actually a bad thing. The old adage of..."if it aint broke why fix it" comes to mind.

This game looks to take the tried and true formula of hack/slash action and keep the genre going in a good momentum.

DangerCurtis3148d ago

"Yet, one’s faith apparently can only go so far, as Dante succumbs to temptation and sin of the flesh throughout the crusade, damning Beatrice’s soul to the depths of Hell for all of eternity."

That one sentence has me sold on the game. It's kind of funny, after reading the review, I would think this is a much better game on PSP rather than the PS3, despite the differences.

JQ3148d ago

I'll give it a shot.

Yuenanimous3148d ago

This may give me an excuse to dust off the ol' PsP

StartWars3148d ago

Heavens, a new PSP game that's worthy.

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The story is too old to be commented.